This is a listing of the comments sent to COMMUNIT-E by residents of Friendship Heights and Tenleytown/AU Park about service providers with whom they've had personal experience. The resident's contact information is shown at the end their comments. It's organized alphabetically by category of service. Below is an index of the categories and the pages on which the entries for each category begin. Suggestions of how the list can be made more useful are welcomed.

Please note that inclusion in this list is no guarantee that a vendor will perform well for you, nor that there's anything wrong with a vendor that is not listed.


Accountants - 2

Appliance Repairs - 2

Architects - 2

Auto Body Repair - 3

Auto Dealers - 3

Auto Mechanics - 3

Babysitters/Nannies - 4

Bicycle Repair - 7

Book Donations - 8

Cabinet Makers - 9

Carpenters - 9

Carpet/Rug Cleaners & Installers - 10

Caterers - 10

Ceramics Repair - 10

Childbirth Classes - 11

Chimney Sweeps & Duct Cleaning - 11

Computer Repairs & Help - 12

Concierge Services - 14

Concrete/Paving - 14

Construction - 14

Dentists - 17

Doctors - 18

Doors -19

Driving Instructors- 19

Drycleaners - 19

Elder & Nursing Services - 20

Electricians - 21

Electronics' Recycling - 22

Electronics' Services - 22

Fences - 22

Financial Advisors - 23

Firewood - 23

Floor Refinishers - 23

Furniture Repair/Refinish - 24

Garage Door Repair - 24

Graphic Designers - 25

Gutter Cleaning/Repair - 25

Handymen - 26

Heating & A/C - 29

Home Inspectors - 31

Housekeepers - 31

Insulation Contractors - 34

Interior Designers & Decorators - 35

Ironworking - 35

Jewelry Appraisers/Designers - 35

Jewelry, Watch, & Clock Repair - 36

Junk Haulers - 37

Kitchen Remodeling - 37

Knife & Tool Sharpeners - 38

Lawn & Yard Services - 38

Lawyers - 41

Locksmiths - 42

Masons - 43

Massage Therapists - 44

Movers/Haulers - 45

Music Teachers - 46

Painters - 46

Pest Control Services - 49

Pet Services - 51

Piano Teachers & Tuners - 52

Picture Framers - 52

Plumbers - 53

Power Wash./Deck Clean. - 55

Referral Services - 55

Roofers - 56

Security Services - 59

Siding - 59

Snow Shoveling - 59

Solar Panels - 59

Tailors & Seamstresses - 61

Tax Preparers - 62

Tile Work - 62

Travel Agents - 62

Tree Services - 62

Tutors - 64

Upholsters - 64

Wet Basements - 65

Window Repair/Replace - 65

Window Washers - 67


I highly recommend Bradley Ralph. He's excellent! You can reach him at 301/980-2852. Bari Biern Sedar biernmail@aol.com September 2007


We have the best person in the world work on our 1945 stove, our ancient washer and our pre-stone age dryer: Alco Appliance, John 301-937-6996. Richard Clark biking2@yahoo.com March 2007

I've used Alco Appliance - I know John - and agree wholeheartedly with your endorsement. Even though they sell dishwashers, they talked me OUT of buying one from them, saying they could fix the old one instead - which they did. Jo March Redrufus818@yahoo.com March 2007

I want to recommend the employees of Brothers Sew-Vac Center at 3317 Connecticut Ave. (On the south end of the Cleveland Park strip). Not only have they repeatedly and reliably fixed my old Electrolux, they have also refurbished two elderly, 'period' fans - not valuable but irreplaceable - for only a small fee. A young man named Asan did the good work on the fans, and Jose Ventura is the affable manager who worked on the vacuum machine. They are a pleasure to deal with and I feel that they give good value. Alice Thurston alice.thurston@usdoj.gov May 2007

Alco Appliance sells & repairs most appliances. They are dependable, honest, & nice. I think they work in VA, as well as DC & MD 301-937-6996 salem27104@starpower.net November 2007

All of my experiences with Alco - 301 937-6996 - have been honest, reliable, & reasonably priced. John is one of the few repairmen I have ever encountered with clear integrity - any of his employees will get the job done, or make honest suggestions. They also sell appliances. - Ann salem27104@starpower.net May 2008

I will second Alco and John. You can trust them completely. They've worked on a 1945 Hotpoint Stove and keep it running. A washer and dryer. Probably the most honest man I have ever with, with the exception of Golden Gear Auto Repair out in Rockville MD. Biking2@yahoo.com May 2008

I agree with the recommendation (i.e. Alco). Top Notch. Washers and Dryers are other items that they specialize. Thomas Whitehead Thomas.whitehead@verizon.net May 2008

Not only are John and his company Alco all those wonderful things: honest, trustworthy, etc., he is also a very pleasant person, a reliable businessman, and he is most knowledgeable about these appliances, has intelligent, informed advice He quickly and efficiently repaired two old appliances -- my dishwasher and washing machine -- both of which I thought I'd have to replace. In addition, Alco is top-rated by Checkbook magazine for both quality of work and price. Elaine Greenstone ehgreenstone@aol.com May 2008

I use Samir and Admirals Appliances. He has never let me down! He can be reached at 301.495.0734. Happy New Year, Christine phen_d@hotmail.com December 2009


AU Park has two superb architects, and I know them both personally and by professional reputation. Either one could do wonderful work for you. They are: Brenda Pfeiffer 202-363-9217 and Bill Feeney 202-537-0397.

John Mahaffie jbmahaffie@starpower.net - August 2004

I would highly recommend Bill Feeney - an AU Park resident (45th & Chesapeake Streets) and fabulous guy! I have used him for two projects (one really major one) and he is great to work with. I have also recommended him to many other people in the area. He can be reached at 202-537-0397. Bkravetz@aol.com 2003


Kevin Lee was one of the Managers of Randolph Auto Body & Paint, 5411 Randolph Rd, Rockville, MD 20852, who did a superior job repairing my Volks Jetta when I was rear-ended on the way home from work sitting at a stop sign at the intersection of 37th and Tunlaw; there is an EZ Car Rental establishment on the same premises (Jung Ju, 301-230-1870) with low and reasonable rates and even free pick-up (like Enterprise), which made it very convenient; and those of you out there who panic at going " way out to the suburbs" his directions were concise and flawless! Email address: randolphautobody@yahoo.com Paul Sargent ptsargent1@verizon.net April 2005

Frank Allen, Bethesda Chevy Chase Auto Body and Paint, delivers what you seek at a fair price. Free estimates, of course. Location: 5200 River Road #7 -- in the front of the group of small shops just behind Marten's Volvo, with free parking in front of the door. Tel: 301-657-2277. Ron Springwater rkspringwater@starpower.net February 2009

I love White Flint Auto Repair on Nebel Road. They do great work for very reasonable rates and, best of all, they're in the same little complex with a consignment shop and a bead store! Who could ask for anything more? Bari Sedar biernmail@aol.com February 2009

BCC Auto repair in Bethesda. 301-986-0003. We have gone to Mike for years and send all of our friends. He always charges hundreds less than what any dealer estimates. Nice, honest guy and never does more than needs to done. Elizabeth Daerr egdaerr@starpower.net February 2009


If you are considering purchasing a Prius, I recommend Mr. Tony Carr (yes, his real name!) at Darcars Toyota, 12210 Cherry Hill Road in Silver Spring. Our friends bought 2 Prius from him and we purchased ours in July. He is a friendly and accommodating and there was no "additional dealer markup". They had several Prius on the lot (all with the most expensive features). He will order the car to your specifications if you do not want the extra bells & whistles. On our first tank of gas, we averaged 45 miles per gallon. That included driving around town and a trip to Richmond. The car is amazingly roomy and very easy to drive. Kathryn Ray & Dennis Beaufort kcrdlb@verizon.net August 2005


I can highly recommend an auto repair shop close by, which is also recommended by Washington Checkbook: Bethesda Imports - off River Rd, just past Little Falls Parkway, on the left; 301- 656-0056. They are very honest & reliable. Mike Cunningham is the owner, & Wayne also makes appointments & answers questions. They are equipped to work on Volvos & Toyotas, mostly, with Volvos being their specialty. Salem27104@starpower.net October 2006

I heartily second this recommendation (Bethesda Imports). I've been a customer for about 15 years and have referred dozens of people to Mike, all of whom have been satisfied customers. He runs a super honest and reliable shop. He also sells used Volvos and offers roundtrip service to and from the subway. Anna Cirino acirino@nacubo.org October 2006

If you drive a non-hybrid Toyota, we recommend having it serviced at Charles Toyota. It's near a metro & we always received excellent service. Kathryn Ray & Dennis Beaufort kcrdlb@verizon.net August 2005

I use the Getty station on River Road - Manager is Bob. I take my car there and have always been satisfied. Mention my name. Joe Corvelli, American Valet, 4519 Wisconsin Ave. scorvelli@msn.com October 2006

I've always used "Golden Gears" out in Rockville. The owner "Sam" has been extremely honest with me. They have pick-up service at the White Flint Metro Stop. Richard Clark biking2@yahoo.com October 2006

And last, but by no means least, an excellent auto mechanic [Gtn. Exxon, 1601 Wisconsin Ave, NW (corner of Wisconsin and Q Street)] named Tom who is a great 'diagnoser'; Manager: Mo; Counterman: Mohammed; a little pricey, but well worth it in the long run. Paull Sargent ptsargent1@verizon.net April 2005

I have found the guys (particularly Steve, who is now the manager) at the Spring Valley Exxon to be very good, reasonably priced and honest. And, very convenient! Can't ask for more! Bkravetz@AOL.COM 2003

I highly recommend the guys at Spring Valley Exxon. They are all terrific - Steve and Eddie are the ones that do a lot of the major stuff - and I think their prices are fair. I have taken all three of my cars (1985 Toyota Celica (my baby), 1995 Geo and 1999 Audi) and get excellent service on all. Beth Kravetz bk@bethlaw.com October 2006

I've had very good experiences with the guys at Spring Valley Exxon. Fred Vinson fvinson@flash.net July 2008

Spring Valley Exxon - all the guys there are great - Steve, Paul, Eddie. I have taken all my cars (American, Japanese, German) for the past 15 years and they have fixed them all and at fair prices. I would go nowhere else. Beth Kravetz bk@bethlaw.com October 2008

You might call River Road Auto Haus at the corner of Little Falls Parkway and River Road (301) 652.3787. We have had our car serviced there and are impressed with the results. Glenn Williamson amberreal@aol.com October 2008

After two poor experiences recently with Auto shops, I dropped off our Prius at Beahm's, which my father has been swearing by for years. Within a couple of hours, they performed a routine service, changed two tires, dealt w/ a check engine light. I hadn't asked, but they even tightened the emergency brake. I couldn't have been more pleased. They're old-fashioned mechanics and charge very fair rates. A little out of the way, but well worth it. Beahm's Auto Service, 944 Sligo Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910, 301.587.0727.

gcrist@hotmail.com November 2008

For our Toyota and Honda, we've long used Ernie's Automotive Service, 5200 River Rd., Bethesda, 301-656-1246. Reliable service reasonably priced. Another good place: BCC Automotive, 4912 St. Elmo Ave., Bethesda. 301-986-0003. Aaron Epstein aajacks@starpower.net April 2009

I have a Toyota Matrix and I've been very happy with White Flint Auto Repair. The service is excellent and very reasonably priced. They'll also give you a lift to the Metro and pick you up when your car is ready. White Flint Auto Repair Inc., 12128 Nebel St Rockville, MD 20852 - (301) 984-3902.

Bari Sedar biernmail@aol.com April 2009


Sonia Alvarez, our lovely, lovely nanny and housekeeper of 8 years is now available since we moved to India recently. She has taken care of both of our boys since their births (they are now 8 and 4), she ensured them a far healthier diet than we would, allowed them far less TV than we would, and organized play groups, bike rides, playground visits and so forth. She is a warm, loving and intelligent woman who worked as a nurse in Nicaragua before she came to the US. In addition, she kept our house immaculate. Her spoken English is limited but as a result my kids are fluent Spanish speakers and she does not drive. She is reachable on 301-567-4870 (home); 240-432-1411 (cell). We and our kids miss her terribly! Please feel free to email me for references MMalhotra1@worldbank.org, or you can call me in Delhi (10.5 hours ahead) at 91-98991-02067. Mohini Malhotra January 2006

I would like to highly recommend Josephina Lorenzo for childcare or eldercare. She has been a companion and aid to my elderly, disabled mother for two years and she is wonderfully compassionate, kind and devoted. She has also worked in a pre-school and has a certificate in child development. As my mother's constant companion, she drove, helped with shopping, ran errands, did the laundry, light cooking oversaw medications and did whatever it took to keep my mother safe and satisfied (and it took a lot). She speaks English well and is legal. She can be reached at 301-466-4362. I will gladly provide references if you contact me by email at marla.mitnick@verizon.net. Marla Mitnick marla.mitnick@verizon.net February 2006

Narti Suwadi, who I consider part of my family, is seeking a full time job as a nanny. Over the past ten years she has worked for my family as a nanny, then kid sitter, and then provided eldercare as our needs changed. She is one of those elite nannies who have worked for several prominent Washington families (and for a few of us who are not so prominent). It's hard to put into words how good she really is. She has a gift with children, excellent judgment and is driven to make her families completely happy. I could go on and on, and will gladly do so if you would like to contact me for a reference. Narti can be reached at 301-681-6486 or 301-792-0572. The other thing I should add is that with Narti you get what you pay for and she commands a top salary. Marla Mitnick marla.mitnick@verizon.net March 2006

My neighbor's fill-in-nanny (their regular nanny had a baby and will return soon) is looking for a long-term, part-time position (Monday-Friday). Her name is Rosaria, and here is how she describes herself: experience with newborns to 5-year-olds; prior experience in daycare center; bilingual (English/Spanish); credential CDA; first aid and CPR; excellent driving record; fun, loving and energetic. I came to see her work as I am staying home with my own kids, liked a lot what I saw and therefore can warmly recommend her. You can reach her at 240-449-9990 (cell phone). Nicole Guenther Nicole_guenther@yahoo.de April 2008

Our former nanny is returning to the DC area this month and is looking for a permanent position beginning in mid-June. Veronica is the best: smart, energetic, loving (but firm when necessary), creative, and a person of the utmost integrity. She is also a U.S. citizen, native English speaker (but also fluent in Spanish), an excellent driver (she has her own car), and trained in CPR. Veronica worked full-time for us for 3 ½ years, starting when our son was 2 and our daughter was a newborn, and our children adore her, as do we. She is wonderful with children of all ages, but she would prefer to care for a newborn. If you are interested, please call us at (202) 248-2223 (home), or call Veronica directly at (580) 678-8867. Julie Katzman jkatzman@starpower.net

We have been living in Washington DC for 3 years. As we are scheduled to leave the city next summer to return to France, our wonderful nanny Eva will be available at the end of July. Eva has been with us for two years and she is terrific. She is really reliable and kind with infants and toddlers (we have two sons - 2 years and 4 years old). She speaks French and English. For the moment she does not drive so she would like to find a family in Maryland or in Washington DC NW on the Metro RED LINE. She is allergic to cats. Please feel free to contact me by Email (efpoulain@verizon.net) or by phone (202 686 6982). You can also call Eva on her cell phone (240 441 1637). Florence Poulain efpoulain@verizon.net May 2008

Meena Thapa is the Mary Poppins of Nannies. She is professional, caring, creative, fun, totally reliable and responsible, both a teacher and an entertainer, a great psychologist, well disciplined, relentlessly hard-working, energetic, supportive of family, alert, smart, an excellent role model, and also a good driver. We could not

have dreamed of having happier children. Being with Meena has been one long play-date. Meena has taken care of our eldest for almost four years. Her younger brother starts school soon. So she is looking for a new family to employ her full-time from early morning until 6pm, starting mid-July. You can call her directly on her cell phone (202) 957-0828 or you can call us (Mark 202-744-5113 or Melinda 202-498-5313). Mmcdonald97@yahoo.com June 2008

Our beloved nanny of four years, Gracia Maria, will become available in August for employment. Our three children will be in school full time this fall, so we have made the difficult decision to let her go. Gracia has been caring, fair, loving and kind to our children. She has exercised sound judgment and been extremely reliable (always arriving to work on time, picking up the children on time, and never missing a day of work). Throughout the years she has willingly taken on more responsibilities as the youngest has been in part time pre-school including laundry, light house cleaning, errands, putting away delivered groceries, etc. Gracia is also an excellent cook and has enjoyed cooking for our family several nights a week. Gracia's English is excellent and she took classes several years ago to improve her abilities. She is also a licensed driver and owns a car.

While in our employment, we have allowed her to drive our children in our mini-van and have added her to our insurance as a driver. Gracia's mother, aunt, sister and cousin are all nannies in the NW DC. On occasion, they get the children together at each other's homes and nearby playgrounds. The children have thoroughly enjoyed that. With this network of family, there is always a backup readily available when the need arose for Gracia to go to doctor and dentist appointments. For more information, please contact Elizabeth Snee at

snee_elizabeth@bah.com, 202-879-8722 (w) or 202-237-7653 (h). Elizabeth Cunniff Snee snee_elizabeth@bah.com June 2008

Our nanny, Belinda Ramirez, is available for part-time childcare on Wednesdays and Fridays between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. She has worked for us for almost a year caring for our 21 month old daughter, and has worked

with babies and older kids in the past. She is legal, speaks English, drives. She is a mother of four herself and very professional yet loving, warm and energetic with the kids. Her number is 240-898-8527. Joelrapp@yahoo.com July 2008

My 21 year old daughter (graduate of the Maret School and a rising senior at Boston University) is available to babysit July/Aug. Claire is dynamic, responsible, creative and has lots of experience with all ages -- including twins. She is returning from a 'junior year in Paris' and can also tutor French. Claire can be reached at clairewasserman@hotmail.com; cell: 202.380.7662; home: 202.237.0523. Michelle Krisel mkrisel@dc-opera.org July 2008

A nanny I know well is looking for a new position. Our son is good friends with the son of the family here so Marie is often in our house. Marie was also a nanny for a family on our street several years ago and babysat for our son a few times when he was an infant (she already had a position then). Please note that Marie is looking for either a 4 or a 5-day position. Here's the note from Elizabeth Frazier about Marie: I am writing on behalf of our longtime nanny who is looking for a full-time, live out position starting in mid-August/September. She has worked for me 4 days a week for the past 3 years, and for one day a week for another family. Before that, she worked for a handful of other families for the past 24 years (all long term). She is fabulous, and has remained a part of the lives of each family with whom she works because she fosters such loving relationships,

so she has impeccable references. My youngest child is starting school this fall so we do not need her full-time anymore. I can't rave enough about Marie. She is a US Citizen, speaks fluent English (but will teach your kids French if you want - an added perk!), drives reliable transportation, and is healthy, reliable and intelligent. She is experienced with multiples and with children of all ages, from newborns on up. She has never "called in sick" and has always given plenty of notice for vacation plans. She lives in Takoma Park. Marie is the perfect nanny. Please contact me at Elizabeth@seedfoundation.com if you want more information about Marie. I would be happy to chat over the phone or email and provide further details. Or, you can call Marie directly at (240) 638-6914. Elizabeth Frazier 202-785-4123, ext.21 (ph) c_rhind@yahoo.com July 2008

Our Wonderful Nanny Is Now Available for Full-time Work. For the past 16 years, we have had a terrific nanny/housekeeper. She is bright, loving, creative, very hardworking, and completely dependable ˆ in short, everything our busy Northwest DC family needed. With one child in college and the other in high school, we simply don‚t need a full time caregiver anymore.  We hope, though, that she will find employment with another family with children who can benefit as much as ours did from being with this special person. Cecy, who has a green card, is a native of El Salvador. She's a good driver and has her own car. She is not interested in a live-in position, but is available to stay overnight when needed. Please contact me for more information or to get Cecy's telephone number. Joanna Moorhead jmoorhead@rrnrlc.org January 2009

Our nanny (Justine) will be available in January. We originally hired her through an agency. She was with us for 5 years and cared for my two sons. We had to let her go when my youngest started pre-school. It broke my heart. She's legal; has her own car and is an excellent driver; is a non-smoker; is a good cook; and is fluent in English and French. She is energetic, attentive, loving, and incredibly reliable - always on time and probably only took 1 sick day in 5 years. She did lots of activities with the kids. She took them to the library, the park, book readings, and to music and gym classes. She's also CPR trained, and took excellent care of my youngest son, who was premature and required lots of extra care. If you have any questions, you can email me at PMDiLorenz@aol.com. Or you can call Justine Obbin directly at 301-256-8542. Paula DiLorenzo January 2009

A friend of our nanny whose current job will be ending in March is looking for a FT/LO nanny position. She has six years of experience working with infants and toddlers and excellent references. She speaks English and also has a driver's license and car. If you are looking for childcare, please contact Janeth Lazo directly at 240-418-4141. Thank you! Jen Rancilio Jennifer_a_fischer@yahoo.com February 2009

AVAILABLE NANNY! Our wonderful, loving nanny of over eight and half years is looking for a new job with a new family in NW DC immediately. Mercy raised all 4 of our children but now our youngest is headed to school. Mercy is reliable, nurturing, legal and drives. She has also been super flexible, accommodating our ever-changing work hours. She is a gem that any new family would be lucky to have. Contact Mercy at 240-351-6401 or you can email me Julie Slattery at jslattery@bloomberg.net. May 2009

A wonderful nanny who has worked in the neighborhood for three years will be available in early September for full-time employment. Live-in or out, she is caring and loves children. Especially good with infants. Please email or call for details, Kikimcgrath@hotmail.com 202 577 3667. August 2009

I'm saddened to post this message but my daughter is starting Kindergarten in September and my wonderful nanny of two years will be available for an immediate full time position. She is a college graduate and speaks English very well. She is a self-starter and will provide light housekeeping if there is some down time (I have never seen her "just do nothing"). Her strong points are her professionalism and ability to take initiative such as setting play dates; keeping my daughter active; and juggling multiple activities flawlessly. She is punctual, legal, and drives. I trust her with my daughter 100% and have the utmost confidence in her judgment. I'm looking for a good home for her as she is a complete gem. If you are interested, please contact me at 202.997.4150 or you can contact her (Aggie) directly at 240.461.7467. Thank you and please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. --- Danielle myboybuddha@yahoo.com August 2009

Our wonderful nanny, Belinda Ramirez, is available for part-time childcare. Belinda has worked for us for almost two years caring for our nearly 3 year-old daughter, and has worked with babies and older kids in the past. She is legal, speaks English and Spanish, drives. She is a mother of four herself and very professional yet loving, warm and energetic with the kids.  She has mornings available starting in late August/early September, when my daughter will be going to nursery school.  She is also available now for work after 3 pm, Monday-Friday. She may be open to working all day on Wednesday and Friday. I think she would prefer working for AU Park families (esp. in the mornings), but is open to other areas. If you're interested in help during any of these time periods, feel free to give her a call.  Her number is 240-898-8527. If you have questions or want additional information, you can also call me at (202) 686-3923. Alex Tan tanindc@yahoo.com August 2009

Our wonderful, warm, experienced nanny is now available part-time to a lucky family - our children will now both be in school, so she will be free every day until approximately 2:30 p.m. I cannot speak highly enough of Ana; in the four years that she has been with us, she has become a part of our family. She is a very "hands on" caretaker -- she plays right along with the kids rather than sitting on the sidelines. She has worked in this neighborhood for over a decade, and knows all the parks and libraries, bus routes and Metro, as well as many other neighborhood babysitters and families. She has a very good work ethic - in addition to her loving caretaking, she is punctual, polite, and uses nap time or other down time to help straighten up the house. She is legal; drives; and speaks fluent English. If you'd like to contact her directly, her cell number is (301) 448-5334. Please feel free to contact me at the above email address if you have any questions. Rebecca Epstein Epstein_rebecca@yahoo.com August 2009


I am an avid cyclist who maintains several bicycles and has periodic repair and upgrade work. I highly recommend Dale Murphy of Dale's Cycle Works, www.dalescycleworks.com, 301-529-0945. Dale has a van and comes to your house to do the work, which is a great convenience. He has done a lot of work for years for DC cycling enthusiasts, both on his own and in his previous incarnation as head mechanic at The Bicycle Place in Bethesda before that shop closed. He's great. Kaid Benfield Noguru81@aol.com

I've had very good experiences with Hudson Trail Outfitters on Wisconsin Avenue for bike repairs -- several different times. Kathy Smith ksmith1804@starpower.net 2005

It's a little farther afield, but I had a terrific experience at Performance bikes in Rockville's Congressional Plaza. It's large, clean, easy to get to/park near, and handles everything. I recently took my bike in after several years in the outdoor shed, expecting a "tune-up" bill of $75+. The shop had it for 30 minutes, declared that all it needed was cleaning, oiling and some air, all of which are provided as free services, so they went ahead and did it. Big Wheel Bikes in Bethesda quoted me either $49, $69 or more depending on what I needed. So I'd recommend Performance. (I only went there originally because they are Thule dealers and I needed a rack.) Rick Dulaney DULANER1@WESTAT.com 2005

The Pro Shop on M Street, near Key Bridge has an excellent mechanic -- Courtney. One of the best mechanics in the area, he does most of the instructors' repairs that we cannot do in MPD. Another shop - Revolutions, just a few doors down, has excellent service, has always been helpful. There are other shops in DC but these are in 2D. Sgt. Mike Wear


Books for America, 1417 22nd St. NW, DC. 202-835-2665 or send an email to info@booksforamerica.org. This is an excellent local non-profit organization that collects books and distributes them to schools, hospitals, shelters, etc. They will pick up the books at your home. Janet Bachman jbachman47@gmail.com 2005

Bryn Mawr accepts book donations at the Lantern in Georgetown: http://www.his.com/~lantern/ JRomjrom@aol.com 2005

The Montgomery Shelter has a thrift shop near the shelter which benefits the shelter. It's a ways to drive but they take anything and welcome books. It's called Wagging Tails Thrifts, 301-279-0345. Open Tues. - Sat., 10 - 4.00. I must warn you that every time I go there I end up buying stuff! Barbara Harrison barbaraemma1@msn.com 2005

To the person who has used books to give away: Stone Ridge School next to Naval Medical takes donations all year. You can leave them off at any time. Vassar used to have a place but I'm not sure if they still do. So did Bryn Mawr. look4me@earthlink.net 2005

For those thinking of giving away old (but not useless) scientific books - or good books of any general interest, there are efforts by Peace Corp volunteers and other non-profit based volunteers in Africa and other locations worldwide who are building libraries for children/high school students who have little access to books. A friend of mine created a library (I believe in Uganda) a few years ago and it brought tears and knowledge to the students. Boxing them up well and shipping them by boat is really a minor expense- considering what you'll give students a world away. You can Google projects on the web. I'm sure you'll find some....Here's a link I found by typing in "book donations to libraries in Africa:

_http://www.albany.edu/~dlafonde/Global/bookdonation.htm_ (http://www.albany.edu/~dlafonde/Global/bookdonation.htm) Some of the links I tried did not work. And I can't personally verify these organizations- but you can go to that page and find book donations around the world, and verify them yourself. If you find a good organization - please let Communit-e know. Thanks. Good luck. - Lisa lisa4news@aol.com November 2007

I know that our church, St. Paul's Lutheran, (by Murch Elementary School) has dedicated space for the Lubuto Library Project (www.lubuto.org) I can get more information if anyone needs it, but I think they are looking specifically for books geared toward children and young adult--any subject. This group just opened its first library in Zambia, and is hoping to open more. Lisa Wackler gatorwack@yahoo.com November 2007


Jeff Seeley at 363-4151 or 882-8001. He is not a general carpenter. He makes cabinets, bookcases, and other items requiring the skills of a master craftsman. He doesn't take on repairs, fences, etc. July 2005

I recommend Jeff Seeley. He is a master cabinetmaker who lives in the 'Hood and did a beautiful job for me. It was a small job which most people would not bother with and his rates were very reasonable. His phone # is 363-4151. I would also recommend Pat Turvey for more general carpenter jobs. Kathy Smith ksmith1804@starpower.net December 2006

My husband and I have used two people found through your newsletter -- cabinet maker Geoff Seeley and gardener Serena Fossi -- and have been thrilled with the work of both. Thank you again, for making these referrals possible. sandra_sobieraj@peoplemag.com September 2005

Try Jeff Wentworth. 202-841-6613. He is a master carpenter/cabinet maker. He is working for me this week. Chris Turner 202-462-8800 Cbturneresq@cs.com April 2005


Don't forget my excellent carpenter Jaime Barrera who built a deck for me, did major repairs on house roof and numerous smaller jobs. His cell phone is: 301-509-2675 Susan Ellis susanwashdc@comcast.net July 2005

Carpenter Dusan Bucany at 301-933-0203. Laura Roth roths@sprintmail.com

I highly recommend the Stripping Workshop, 411 New York Avenue, NE, WDC 20002. 202-544-1470. About 8 years ago I purchased what may have been used as a basement cabinet from Good Eye and had it delivered to the NY Avenue address. The cabinet was covered in that putrid green basement paint from decades ago. They stripped and refinished the item in what seemed to be a protracted process. For the doors, which have 33 panes of glass, they replaced missing glass panes (2 or 3) with antique glass that was being discarded from a Georgetown church that they were in the process of refinishing (I love their sense of recycling). They added a plinth and installed trim on the top of the cabinet. The cabinet was delivered to my house soon after the arrival of the twins. The owner apologized for the delay in delivery. However, I thought it was well worth the wait and admitted it to Reed at the time - I never regretted his diligent attention to my project. He went on to explain that the cabinet was made of two woods, pine and, if I recall correctly, beech - a diamond in the rough had now been polished. The cabinet has been on prominent display in my dining room, and the signature piece in my house, ever since. I just called to verify that they are still in business; they are flourishing. You should speak to Bob Reed and ask about the cold bath process that he uses so that there is no lye damage to the wood. Corinne Douglas mickid58dc@yahoo.com October 2006

For a screened-in porch, or any carpentry work, check out Colin Delzell at Cleveland Park Remodeling.  He built me a deck that is gorgeous and will probably outlive the house!  The work is very reasonable to boot.
Colin@clevelandparkremodeling.com mailto:Colin%40clevelandparkremodeling.com  or 202-321-0045.
There is also a website at www.clevelandparkremodeling.com, but I'm not sure how up to date that is.
Good luck! Kopal Barnouin-Jha kopalb@gmail.com July 2008

In addition, I'd like to mention that our 1923 house is in excellent shape thanks to the hard work of Something Different Carpentry, a small professional DC based company that I have used over many years to replace a rotted balcony, build back steps, refinish my bathroom, and refinish my basement with built in cabinets. They have done a terrific job on everything they have done for me and have always been professional, neat, and considerate while doing high quality work. Dave Robertson, the owner, can be reached at 321-6416 or at sdcarpentry@aol.com. I highly recommend him. Sczerina Perot sczerina@legalclinic.org October 2008

I recently contacted Nice Day Services (Bill Wagner and Derek Gault) at 301-524-9620 about a small carpentry job in my house. I was very impressed with the response, with the work (Derek) and with the price. I had originally obtained their name from the "List" so just wanted to add my endorsement. Carol Carmody ccar4535@aol.com March 2009

Pat Turvey just replaced my shed roof and did an excellent job. He has done work for me before and I find him consistently careful and reasonable. He's a good carpenter for repairs and also gives good advice. His number is 703-241-1061.Kathy Smith ksmith1804@starpower.net December 2009


You may want to look at Hanna Ayoub Rug Cleaning in Silver Spring. They've done good work for me over the past 8 or 9 years. They're located at 2614 Pittman Dr., Silver Spring, MD, Phone: 301-562-4088. Phil Kogan philkdc@msn.com October 2007

Quality Craftsman formerly Banner Carpet Cleaner did an outstanding job cleaning my carpets. They do it in house and are very reasonable. . 1 866 696 1144 Doris Noble dnoble@mris.com October 2007

I also used Quality Craftsman (they bought Banner, whose owner retired) recently for both area rugs and carpet, as well as upholstery, in my home and found they did a great job at reasonable prices, and as a bonus were punctual, efficient and personable. Would definitely use them again. They're at 1-866-696-1144. Liz Mohre lmohre.fbg@verizon.net October 2007

We recommend Home Resurrections (202-345-3888) They did a very good job installing carpet in our home and are reasonably priced. They also do bathroom and basement remodeling and lay ceramic tile (though

not for us). Estimates are free. We had good luck with this carpet guy, whom we picked out of the yellow pages as I didn't find a category like this in your services list. I think people would be happy with him. Richard Abbott abbott1229@verizon.net January 2008


I'd like to recommend: Caterer, chef and home decor seamstress: Marla Gooriah. A fabulous cook who has catered several parties for me - very creative cuisine, generally with a multi-ethnic flair. Also is a great seamstress of decorative window treatments, tablecloths, pillows, etc. Very reasonable. 703-354-7957 Joanne Capper Jcapper@worldbank.org

Jerry Hollinger of Jerry's catering. His number is 387-7531. Jennifer Rose jenrose1@yahoo.com


I highly recommend Nonomura Studios on Connecticut Avenue in Cleveland Park. I have taken two antique pieces there - they are real experts, very expensive, but worth every penny. They also verbally appraised my pieces and were eager to discuss them. Barbara Dinsmore barbaradinsmore@msn.com January 2009

I recommend Prof. Turker Ozdogan. Please call him at 703-289-2469. Pat Talmon Patrick.talmon@verizon.net January 2009


Karen van Loon's Birth Works class. She teaches here in Friendship Heights and can be reached at KarenvanL@aol.com or 686-6463. Cellia412@aol.com


Chimney Crickets is very inexpensive. Patty Adam patty.adam@touchstone.com December 2004


I have used High's Chimney Service for years. They are reliable, well-priced, and won't try to sell you something when you don't need it (at least I don't think so). jodygoodman@starpower.net December 2004

I like Dave Revesz at Clean Sweep Chimney. Karen M. Muoio kmuoio@ftc.gov December 2004

Winston's - They are excellent, honest, and fair prices. We were completely ripped off by some company - told us we needed $8,000 (!!!!) in repairs before we could use the fireplace. Winston's gave us 2nd opinion and they found a Styrofoam block wedged in the flue and the damper literally ripped up and hanging from a hinge - obviously deliberately done by the previous chimney sweep company that wanted the $8000. Winston's repaired and cleaned for a very reasonable amount. We use them as sweeps every year and they always are prompt and clean up completely after themselves. Highly recommended. Katherine Mitchell Katherine.mitchell@USPTO.gov September 2004

I have used Winston's Chimney Service in the past. In the Dupont Circle area they regularly get the nod from homeowners in the know. I'd recommend them without reservation. I know nothing of chimney business but wouldn't be surprised if it takes a while to get on their schedule at this time of year. Winston's Chimney Service, 4212R Howard Avenue, Kensington, MD, 301-571-8546. Sara Cormeny sara@paperlantern.com

Winston's Chimney Restoration and Service, 4212-R Howard Avenue, Kensington, MD 20895; Phone: 301-571-8546; www.atwinstonschimney.com info@atwinstonschimney.com Matthew Huggins @ tenleytown@yahoogroups.com September 2005

I have found Winston's chimney cleaners to be very reliable and reasonable. Marty Zerwitz no_reply@yahoogroups.com December 2004

Winston's did a good job for me as well. Kevin Pettitt kpettitt@yahoo.com December 2004

Winston's Chimneys, we have been using their services for the chimney of our wood-burning stove since about 1986. They are wonderful, professional, very responsive, easy to reach and reasonable in price. I also now personally know the owner. Dave Benway is an area ambassador for our business group (Business Network International), as well as on the Rockville Chamber of Commerce. He's a straight-up and honest person and not only does he own Winston's Chimneys ....he is a Chaplain as well! Melissa evemel8@aol.com January 2006

Call Winston's Chimneys, 1-800-540-6127, I believe. They do a lot of work in NW DC. They do not only this (duct cleaning) and complete chimney services, but skylight window installation as well. Melissa Haendler eveme18@aol.com October 2006

I highly recommend Sugarloaf Chimney Restorers. The owner is Gerry Neil. Phone number: 1-301-972-8558. He is fast, clean and honest. Having been told twice by a local company that I needed between two and over four thousand dollars worth of work on my chimney (two totally different estimates from the same company over a period of a couple of years), I decided to try somewhere else. Mr. Neil told me that all I had to do was to have my chimney cleaned, that there was nothing wrong with it, and that was that. I was certainly satisfied with the service. (If you want to know the name of the local company, you can ask me personally by e-mail.)

Aija C. Blitte aijacelbl@aol.com December 2009


Chevy Chase Computer on Connecticut Ave. Armando.musto@chevychasecomputers.com. Tell him that I recommended him. They have saved more than one computer from a very bad condition (viruses, etc.) Richard Clark biking2@yahoo.com October 2006

I had a virus-laden computer, and was very pleased with Computer Geeks. They are at 3400 Garrison St (phone: 686-9097). Several of my friends have had good experiences with them as well. Kelly R. rubacats@yahoo.com October 2006

Michael Casson of Computeroo is wonderful. We highly recommend him; he is prompt, thorough and reasonable. To reach him: mobile: 202-486-3145 phone: 202-362-0526 Lisakrosenstein@aol.com Oct 2006

Another excellent contractor, particularly for the "late bloomer" computer user, as well as the accomplished geek, is Michael Casson of Computeroo Computer and Network services. Not only is he very adept at solving security and firewall problems, but he now has a service that allows him to take over your computer from his business just like the professional help lines. Bus. Address & phone #: 3708 33rd Place, NW; Wash, DC 20008; mobile: 202-486-3145; Phone: 202-362-0526; Michael@computeroo.net; www.computeroo.net Paul Sargent ptsargent1@verizon.net April 2005

I had good luck getting rid of a Trojan virus by using: Kathy Olsen at CyberJunkees 301-365-9270 Kathy@cyberjunkees.com. Carolyn Donnelly cdindc@starpower.net February 2006

Hi, my computer-talented son Richard is very good at helping people with their computers, both setting up the hardware and software and operating problems. He makes house calls in the neighborhood and has been a great help to individuals in the Friendship Heights-Tenleytown area. He is 19 and graduated from Landon School. Currently he working part-time as a web-page designer and is a part-time student at AU. He can be reached at 202-362-7917, at degraves@wizard.net and rictus@techie.com. Donald E. Graves degraves@wizard.net

I wanted to recommend someone who can do website development and maintenance. He did a website for me. His name is Sumit Kayastha and his email address is sumitkayastha@yahoo.com If you need any such services, he is super efficient, professional and reasonable. If you call him, tell him that Susan Harmeling
sent you. Harmelings@aol.com October 2006

I have used Darby Ford, Mobile PC Solutions, 703-938-6862 or 571-243-1336, www.WeComeToYouPC.com and was very happy with her work. She cleaned up my computer, installed anti-virus, anti-spyware and other programs to protect my computer and installed a wireless router so my son could use his own computer when he was home. She's very nice, responsive and reasonably priced. I got her name originally from the COMMUNIT-E newsletter. Gloria White December 2004

After spending over four hours in vain to fix a computer problem including calling tech support at Apple and Adobe as well as trying to troubleshoot the problem myself, I was ready to go out and buy a new computer. But then I remembered seeing an ad for "Mac the Knight." After leaving a distressed message on a voice mail, I got a call back within minutes. Dave Felton came to my rescue the next day at noon. Right on time, Dave arrived with his diagnostic CDs and immediately went to work. Less than fifteen minutes later, my computer was working and I was back in business. If you ever are stranded with a problem on a Mac or PC, I highly recommend that you call Dave at 703-447-7323. Laurie England LEng20007@aol.com

Bruce S. Maliken is excellent. I had a problem and he charged $85 an hour and fixed everything within an hour. He's at 240-475-4193, and upandrunningsvcs@verizon.net. Aaron Epstein aajacks@starpower.net June 2004

I highly recommend Alex McDiarmid for all your computer needs. I had an old Dell that was riddled with viruses, frequently locked up, and wouldn't shut down properly. He fixed it well and it's now humming smoothly. He is very competent and, unlike a few I've worked with before, he explains in plain language what he is doing and gives you a lot of useful tips. His prices are also reasonable. You can contact him at: Work: 202-265-7968; Mobile: 202-413-4665; e-Mail: Alex@McDiarmid.net If you want more info, you can call me at 202-458-0402. Fmanibog@worldbank.org December 2004

I can strongly recommend Zevi Mehlman, dba Computer Doktor - 301-649-3838. Tombethell@aol.com

For help with Windows 98 and 95 I recommend Damon Metz: excellent, reliable and reasonable: dmetzkayak@hotmail.com. Susan Drobis Sdrobis@aol.com

Daniel came to my house and 'cleaned up' my computer. I would recommend him for the contact list for the neighborhood. David Epstein Computer & Repair Daniel Quintanilla Suavezito@comcast.net Tel: (240)838-0691 DBEDC@aol.com July 2004

I want to recommend my computer consultant, Cameron Jones. He has done everything from set up my home office, to save me from a virus, to resurrect a dead hard drive. He is designing a website for me now. He is smart, reliable, will come to your home (and can perform many fixes remotely), charges reasonable rates, and is available for phone or email consultation for matters large and small. His email is cameronjones@alumni.princeton.edu; phone: 571-217-3596. Emily Yoffe eyoffe@att.net March 2005

I use "Computeroo". This is one very nice guy on his own in business to help folks like us. He advertises in the neighborhood papers all the time, which is how I found him. Look for the kangaroo symbol in the ad. (He is Australian.) His name is Michael Casson and his cell phone number is (202) 486-3145. Marion Connell mfconnell@msn.com August 2007

I just had a guy come over who had deposited a flyer at my house -- "fix any computer problem $39." A bargain price! Just want to say he did a great job -- corrected several issues with one computer that was running slowly, and networked my other computer to the first, for the promised $39 per computer. He was very pleasant and thorough. He is at babinoto@gmail.com or at 202 285 0887. Carol Volk pipila@verizon.net September 2007

Burt Emmer, 301 365-4877 or cell 301 801-1483 just reconfigured our computer so that it starts much faster and the e mail downloads rapidly. Some programs infiltrated our start up system and he was able to get rid of all the garbage. Now the computer that I thought of being on it's last leg is going to last a lot longer. Doris Noble dnoble@mris.com December 2007

Regarding need for Mac assistance, I strongly recommend Brett Geranen, a "computer tutor" who will come to your house. We have had Brett help us with pc stuff with excellent results but he says he is equally versed in Macs. His number is 202-486-6189. Sarah Horsey shorsey@erols.com April 2008

I second the recommendation on going to the Apple Store. The folks at the store in Bethesda Row are very competent. But it is always crowded there, so you have to make a reservation to see a Mac Genius. Here is the link for making a reservation: http://concierge.apple.com/store/R112 Good luck, Jason Kim Jason@kim.name April 2008

For Macs: Try,Phil Marchetti, 301.404.2210, phil@marchettiassociates.com. Randy Hill cicada17@starpower.net October 2009

The place to try is Mac Upgrades. They are exclusively a Mac operation at 6931 Arlington Rd, Bethesda, in the little shopping mall across from the Strosniders shopping center. Telephone: 301-907-0300. Website: www.MacUpgrades.com. They not only sell and service Macs, give lessons, etc, but they also make house calls. Kay Springwater rkspringwater@starpower.net October 2009

You should sign up at the Apple store in Bethesda. For $100 for a year, you can get all the tech help plus instructions on all kinds of good things that Macs and do. The $100 is good for once a week "One to One" instructions, personal help with Mac "geniuses" for tech help, repair, plus good telephone support with Mac techs. Nancy LeRoy nancyrleroy@mac.com October 2009

My husband and I are longtime fans of MacUpgrades in Bethesda. They're terrific. 6931 Arlington Rd, Bethesda, in the little shopping mall across from the Strosniders shopping center. Telephone: 301-907-0300.

Bari Sedar biernmail@aol.com October 2009

I heartily recommend Bruce Maliken for treating your computer woes. He is knowledgeable, professional and has helped me on a number of occasions. He can be reached at 240-475-4193. Jane Khoury jfkhoury@erols.com October 2009


Just had a very pleasant experience with a new woman owned business in our area. In case you need an extra hand especially during this busy time of the year I highly recommend you contact them. Phone 202-390-6791 Website www.youdesigntime.com RM Bozarth rmbozarth@aol.com November 2007


I highly recommend Edgar Granados for concrete work and flagstone. He just repaired some broken concrete walkways around my house and also replaced my old cracked concrete front walkway with a flagstone
walkway. He does beautiful work. He brings an assistant but closely supervises the work himself. He is very prompt and offers reasonable prices. He can be reached at 202-439-3082 (cell phone). Michelle Brotzman Michelle.Brotzman@verizon.net  September 2007


I can tell you who NOT to use - Allday Remodeling advertises regularly in the Current and the owner, Allen, does a great snow job when he comes for an estimate. But we never saw him again once work began on our bathroom, and his subcontractors grumbled constantly about what a jerk he is. The work was substandard. After numerous problems with small contractors for a number of smaller projects, we chose to use a big company - Case - when we did our major addition. From an accountability and quality standpoint, it was worth the extra money. Johanna Turner joturner@speakeasy.net July 2004

I highly recommend John C. Cassell. He's fun to work with, incredibly thorough and picky in a way that helps you, and he is at your job, not sitting in an office counting money. We added a little under 1,000 square feet on the back of our house, a three-story addition. Things went very well and we love the outcome. John grew up in AU Park and went to St. Ann's Academy. He knows how to work on the houses around here and is keen on quality and thoughtful about the design and outcome. We also really enjoyed John's crew, including Dave, Juan, Charlie, and others that spent time at our house. John B. Mahaffie jbmahaffie@starpower.net November 2006

I'd like to recommend the contractor Robert Golden. He's ready now to bid on any medium to large renovations (kitchens to additions to custom homes) and ready to start in a month. He did a fantastic job building my house in AU Park in 2003. You can contact him directly at 240-223-7263 or email me with questions: gcrist@hotmail.com Greg Crist

JMR Home Improvements 301-252-2078 or 240-832-4830. Two terrific brothers have just established a home improvement business for indoor remodeling (bathrooms, kitchens, carpentry, etc.), small additions, and outdoor landscaping needs. I have worked with both over several years while they have been employed at the Cathedral and working part time as independent contractors. If you have a plan, they will help you make it happen. You could not find harder working, more trustworthy or genuinely decent men than Miguel and Manuel. Serena Fossi rsanse@verizon.net January 2006

We had an amazing experience with McNamara Brothers in Silver Spring. The quality of the work was unmatched. The lead project manager was exceedingly helpful and courteous. Follow-up was exceptional. We found they were a bit more expensive than others, but we went with them based on our architect's recommendation and were not disappointed. I firmly believe you get what you pay for in this type of thing. tobymillman@verizon.net November 2006

We highly recommend Victor Mendieta's Bethesda-based Unlimited Home Services. Office phone: 301-229-3335. We have used Victor over and over again, with consistently excellent results. Our first project consisted of painting the interior of our house and putting down a new tile floor in part of the downstairs. Our second project was in a condo, updating a kitchen by tearing down a wall, building a breakfast bar, tiling the kitchen, retiling the bathroom and glazing the bathtub, painting throughout the apartment and installing light fixtures and adding electrical outlets. The third project was installing a new toilet and fixing our collapsed living room ceiling. (Don't ask.) Victor came to us highly recommended by friends, and in each of our experiences, he underbid other contractors we called in for estimates for comparison purposes. His English is perfect. He is impeccably polite. His crews are hard-working, friendly, and meticulous about all things, including clean-up. He starts when he says he will start and finishes when he says he will finish. Unlike some contractors, Victor is all about getting repeat business, and it shows. He also does much larger projects, including total home restorations and additions, new kitchens, etc. The only bad thing we can say about him is that, oddly, he isn't excellent about returning calls during the estimate process. Once he starts work, however, he is super-diligent and utterly responsive. (Better that than the other way around!) So we recommend him without reservation. Dan Froomkin dan@froomkin.com October 2006

I can't say enough positive things about the work of David Ochoa. I got his name off the "handyman" list of Tradesman Recommendations, but I really think he should be listed under "construction/remodeling".

Although he knows how to do handyman tasks, David is truly a home remodeler, and a very good one. He (and his team) just finished remodeling our basement, which included a full bathroom. He is a perfectionist, so his work turns out flawless. Additionally, he is very trustworthy to have working in your home. I give him my highest recommendation. David's cell number is 202-409-6921. Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions. Jennifer Gore jennifermgore@yahoo.com January 2008

I can heartily recommend JML Remodeling. Turns out that Joe Lodmel is the nephew of a woman who was a classmate of mine in college! They did our basement remodeling, and what a lovely bunch of people they are! A beautiful job and reasonable. Ann Ingram anningram@mac.com April 2008

Hi. We live on 46th Street and I want to recommend a good contractor/handyman who worked on our basement. His name is David Ochoa and we are very pleased with his work. We asked him to finish the laundry room/furnace side of our basement and he did a fine job. He replaced the floor, finished several walls, new bathroom, custom built storage cabinet and all painting. The work is really good with a lot of attention to detail. The best part is the price. He charged us ONE HALF of the estimate that we received from CASE. I recommend this guy very highly. His number is 202-409-6921. John Natali john.natali@verizon.net April 2008

We also used David Ochoa to redo our front porch and we agree his work is excellent and very detailed-and he's pleasant as well! Feel free to stop by and look at the porch. We live at 4307 Alton Place NW.

Karen Fisher kfisher@aamc.org April 2008

JML Remodeling has been wonderful. The number is 301-598-8400. Joe Lodmell. I know he has to go out of town this coming weekend for a family memorial service, but you should be able to catch him today or

tomorrow. Ann Ingram anningram@mac.com May 2008

I have recommended him many times and he does wonderful work, Doug Riedel at dariedel2@hotmail.com.
He is all the things you mentioned and really a nice guy to work with, he listens and doesn't price gauge.
:) Deena Kotlewski dekot70@aol.com August 2008

I am again pleased to recommend my contractor, Mike Smith.  He is everything you require, plus creative, and pleasant to deal with.  His number is 301 807 5240; e-mail address is _woodsmith@frontiernet.net. Feel free to mention my name. Lynne Heneson lheneson@aol.com August 2008

I would like to recommend a contractor David Ochoa. He renovated a bathroom in my house. The renovation was a significant amount of work and the results are amazing.  He and his crew worked long hours and worked with my schedule, they cleaned up after themselves and gave some design suggestions that I am happy with. You can contact me at 202-491-0385 (Erica), I have pictures of the before and after.  David's number is 202-409-6921.  Erica Barnes elbarnes94@yahoo.com October 2008

Based on John Natali's recommendation of David Ochoa in Communit-E I hired David to tear down and build a landing and staircase in our back yard. He did a wonderful job. I knew the manmade products I wanted him to use. His price was reasonable and he was reliable, did fine work, and was pleasant. I hope he will come back to do other jobs for me. His cell is 202-409-6921. If you have any questions for me, please call. See the numbers below. Jan Phalen DC: 202-363-8998 DE: 302-539-7655 Cell: 202-271-6460 janphalen@verizon.net October 2008

We wanted to join the chorus of positive comments that have been posted to this list about contractor David Ochoa. We recently hired him to remodel our basement, and he and his team were every bit as good as advertised and then some. This was a comprehensive remodeling and a complicated job -- he had to move the

plumbing and put in a support column, among other challenges. He did impeccable work, anticipating design aspects we never would have thought of and ultimately making sure that every detail was perfect. The basement turned out beautifully and on budget at about 20-30% less than other quotes we got. David is pleasant and trustworthy and very considerate, as are the two men who work for him. We couldn't

recommend David more highly. In addition to this type of remodeling, he also does more basic tasks. Please feel free to call us at 202-236-1368 if you'd like a more detailed reference. David can be reached at 202-409-6921. Seth & Suzanne Hanlon seth.hanlon@gmail.com February 2009

I recently had my bathroom and kitchen remodeled along with some windows and siding work.  This gentleman did an incredible job and can do most anything plumbing and electrical wise including additions and concrete.  His prices were very reasonable in comparison; he was reliable and left my house free of any debris.  Everything looks great.  I am soooo happy and most importantly so is my wife.  His name is Joe Castle and number is 240 620 8884. Jeff Phelps geekxprt@gmail.com July 2009

I suggest that you discuss your project with Charles Kiss of Kiss Brothers, 202-409-6708. He did a fabulous job on our kitchen last year. He has a lot of construction knowledge and skills when it comes to renovations of these older homes, as well as the flexibility to deal with whatever "surprises" may come up. He is smart, artistic, communicates well and researches thoroughly. He has done other projects in the area, from small (bookcases) to large (full basement w/bath, bedroom, playroom/office redesign/renovation). Feel free to call me at 202-237-6858. Come see our kitchen if you wish. Lyn Taecker lyntaecker@starpower.net July 2009

Luis, of Bath & Kitchen, LLC has done my bathroom (full renovation) and he did such a great job we had him and his company work on our dining room. We also referred him to a friend of ours and he has done a ton of great work for him too. Unlike many contractors, Luis shows up every day work is done to check on it, even if he has his employees doing work, is responsive and honest with you and, if he thinks that something might work better a different way, he'll suggest options, but respect your decision. I recommend him and his company very highly, whether for a small project or a full reno. His phone is 301-674-4017, and their website is http://www.bathandkitchenllc.com/ Good luck! Joel PresJMS@aol.com September 2009

We would like to recommend very highly a team of workers who have renovated and improved almost every room in our house over the past year. This project included their building a full shed dormer off our back roof, enabling us to transform our attic into an elegant and contemporary living space. The lead contractor's name is German Alzate. He and his team can accomplish small or large jobs. German has all the qualities you would hope for in a contractor. He is completely reliable, extremely honest and reasonable, very clever at what he does, meticulous, conscientious, and very pleasant. Even though he and his team have been working in the house for quite some time now, given the scope of our project, at no time have they themselves been a burden on us. German's lead carpenter, Bernardo, is a master carpenter and a true craftsman. His skills range from built-in bookcases to framing entire roofing support structures. Bernardo has an excellent eye for detail, and demonstrated considerable taste as we worked together to conceive various carpentry projects. In addition, German and his team have accepted to use green building materials, paints, etc., of our choosing, something we have found many contractors unwilling to do. If you are contemplating any home improvement project, please consider calling upon German, whom you can reach at 301.442.4343. We would also be more than pleased to provide any additional details. Fabienne and Robert Spier spierf@georgetown.edu December 2009

David Ochoa (dochoa@verizon.net, (202) 409-6921) just completed a major renovation of my new apartment in McLean Gardens, and I couldn't be more satisfied. All of the previous recommendations which speak to his

quality workmanship are absolutely correct. He did a meticulous painting job, installed a wood floor, did plumbing (dishwasher, disposal, sink and toilet installation) and oversaw the placing of new appliances, etc. But he gets highest marks from me for being able to manage the renovation while I was living in Rhode Island. He checked in appropriately and followed through well without close onsite supervision. I would fully recommend him. annthacher@cox.net December 2009

We have used Cracovia Contracting for two remodeling projects and could not have been more pleased. They are extremely skilled workers who are also delightful to have working on all aspects of our remodels. They are reliable, conscientious, and neat! The primary contact is Darius Kwiatkowski and can be reached at 301-762-7907 or email at DKwiatk531@aol.com. They also have a terrific newsletter. Marg Peterson margpeterson@earthlink.net December 2009


My daughter goes to Dr. Dana Greenwald, a terrific pediatric dentist; address is something like 5225 Wisconsin Ave. She and her staff make the visit to the dentist fun, even when having to do some not-so-nice things to teeth. I highly recommend her. Lesley Shneier Lshneier@worldbank.org

In response to the person seeking a pediatric dentist in the Tenleytown area, I recommend Dr. Dana Greenwald in Friendship Heights, DC. Mohini Malho Mmalhotra1@worldbank.org

My kids enjoy going to Dr. John Kelly in Bethesda. They've been going there since they were toddlers and never mind it, except when I drag them there at 7am (great for pre-school times when they get older). He's terrific with kids. D&S Dental Associates, 301-657-3220 (same block as Barnes & Noble, Bethesda Bagel, Quartermaines and Dunkin Donuts). SJones4420@aol.com

I highly recommend a dentist in Chevy Chase, Dr. Bonnie Lin. Neighbors told me about her, and she's terrific: painless, explains everything very clearly, and very sensitive about the cost of her work. Her office is at 5454 Wisconsin Ave; phone is 301-986-1988. Janet Bachman jbachman@aiadc.org Dec 2005

We use Peter Michael at Connecticut and Nebraska. We got him from other satisfied friends where the whole family used him and my husband child and I all use him. We think he is terrific. I am the chicken in the family and he is exceptionally patient with me. Anne Cauman ancau@juno.com

As a patient along with all my family of Dr. Stan Shulman, I can recommend him most highly. He is skilled with both children and adults, and his patients include those he treats on trips to underserved areas as well as his regular ones in our comfortable one. In practice and my dentist for about 30 years, he is certainly caring, most attentive, personable and knowledgeable. He has won awards for his professional practice and is listed as one of Washington area's best/top dentists in both Washington consumers' Checkbook (for the past 6 years) and Washingtonian magazines. Professional recognition includes the American Dental Assn.'s "community preventive dentistry" award for research. Dr. Shulman is an active member of the DC Dental Society. His office is nearby -- 5002 Massachusetts Avenue, NW. Phone number is 966-3100. Elaine Greenstone ehgreenstone@aol.com May 2008


APNEA - As someone who has this condition, I can recommend Dr. Ann O'Donnell, Georgetown University Hospital Sleep Center, 202 444-8830. Ron Springwater rkspringwater@starpower.net March 2009

DERMATOLOGIST - I have a continuing and pleasant experience with Dr. Brenda Berberian 303 656 7660, especially for melanoma spots. She is located in Friendship Heights across from the Sac Store. Richard Clark @ tenleytown@yahoogroups.com Apr 2007

DERMATOLOGIST - I have used Robert Carnathan in Bethesda, on Wisconsin Avenue just over the line from D.C., for several years. Very good, very gentle. Boris Weintraub @ tenleytown@yahoogroups.com Apr 2007

DERMATOLOGIST - Dr. Richard Castiello accepts Blue Cross/Blue Shield; 5530 Wisconsin Avenue, 301-986-1880. He was recommended by my Ophthalmologist. Kathy Smith ksmith1804@starpower.net Apr 2007

DERMATOLOGIST - Dr. Leonard Cutler in Friendship Heights is very good with the mole removal.301- 652-4828 Also, Dr. Cutler might recommend this plastic surgeon if it is on the face: Roger J. Oldham, Bethesda Surgery Center, LLC, Bethesda, MD 20817, 301-530-6100. Riley John @ tenleytown@yahoogroups.com Apr 2007

DERMATOLOGIST - I would like to recommend Dr. Howard Brooks at SKIN, 2233 Wisconsin Avenue,

Suite 230, 298-SKIN [7546] in Glover Park. He is proficient in all aspects of dermatology plus performs all cosmetic procedures. Not only is he experienced and thorough but is incredibly easy to converse with, patient and understanding. Check out the website www.georgetownskin.com for specials every month. Laurie England leng20007@aol.com August 2009

INTERNIST - The only thing I can say about my doctor is he's honest, trustworthy and he cares. Oh yeah, he cares, and he has proven it several times.  Dr. Santini at Internal Medicine located just over the line on Wisconsin Ave.  (301) 656-9170 Richard Clark biking2@yahoo.com October 2008

OB/GYN - Location - Chevy Chase - 5454 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 1035 - 301-654-5700: Dr. Amanda McPherson. She's thorough, a good listener, and the office staff seems very good. Joanne Capper jocapper@att.net

OB/GYN - Location - Downtown DC: 1. Drs. Reiter & Hill - also offices on 19th Street; 2. Dr. Lori Picco @ 2141 K Street downtown - 202-331-9293. She is vibrant and a great listener. Joanne Capper jocapper@att.net

OB/GYN - Location - 5550 Friendship Boulevard - Chevy Chase. I can't recommend Powers & Bergin highly enough - I could write pages of reasons why. Joanne Capper jocapper@att.net

OB/GYN - Location - Foxhall OBGYN - Mass Ave, NW, Suite 112, 363-0845, billing 301-316-2846: 1. Dr. Constance Bohan; 2. Dr. Maro Sarafian (sa-ray-fee-en - accent on the 'ray'); and 3. Dr. Sharon Malone. Joanne Capper jocapper@att.net

OB/GYN - Location - GWU Medical Faculty Associates (downtown): Dr. Nancy Gaba Joanne Capper jocapper@att.net

OB/GYN - Location - Georgetown - 202-444-8531: 1. Dr Christine Colie (2 votes); 2. Dr. Breen Megan; 3. Dr. Bray Megan; 4. Dr. Dennis Amini Joanne Capper jocapper@att.net

PODIATRIST - I recommend Lee Firestone. He is skilled, smart, and enthusiastic about helping his patients. Office in Chevy Chase, Md., 301-913-5225. albuckberg@aol.com February 2008

PODIATRIST - Podiatrist Found. Thanks to all the people in the community who generously took the time to relay the names of their favorite foot doctors. We've made an appointment with one of them. For the information of others, we've listed below the podiatrists recommended to us by one or more neighbors: Dr. Joel Morse, Foxhall Podiatry, 3301 New Mexico Ave. NW Suite 228, 202-966-4811. Dr. Harold Glickman (202) 833 - 9797. Drs. Paul Taylor and Howard Osterman, 1720 I St. NW, Suite 402, 202-331-0727. Dr. Stuart Sibel 5530 Wisconsin Ave Suite 945, 301-913-5225. Dr. Michael Theodoulou, 3301 New Mexico Ave. N.W, 202-237-0038 Aaron & Jackie Epstein aajacks@starpower.net February 2008

PODIATRIST - I have been going to Dr. Michael Rahn since about 1991 and highly recommend him. His office is at 5533 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C., 202 966 1228. Felice Sorett fsorett@erols.com February 2008

PODIATRIST - Ditto Michael Theodoulou. I had a pain-free surgery experience with him. Linda Hughes lindahughes2@verizon.net February 2008


We had a door custom made (because we didn't want to give up our moldings). We used Washington Home Improvement Inc., of Washington Energy Conservation Systems. Their phone number is 703-354-5700. Kelly Rubenstein rubacats@yahoo.com May 2004

To replace a storm door Wheaton Door worked for me. http://www.wheatondoor.com/ Wheaton Door & Window. 11258 Georgia Ave., Wheaton, MD 20902; 301-949-8399 or 703-535-7940 Stephanie Faul steph@faul.com November 2006


Someone requested information on a driving instructor for their teenager. I highly recommend "Officer Wilson", a retired policeman who teaches teens to drive. (His son also teaches this.) He was incredibly good with our son. He even goes with his students when they take their test. Everyone at the test site knows him - and they also know that if he taught this kid, this kid knows how to drive! His # is 202-581-6256. His son's # is 202-438-9038 - Glenn Wilson. AndrewsSachs@aol.com


I take everything to Chevy Chase Valet. They're at 7011 Wisconsin Ave., Chevy Chase, MD 20815, (301) 656-6624. This is just up and across the street from Staples. John's been in the business for over 30 years and he does everything on premises. I take all tricky things to him for his analysis. He's super!

 http://www.chevychasecleaners.com/ Connie c_rhind@yahoo.com November 2008

Parkway Cleaners at 8402 Connecticut Avenue in Chevy Chase, MD is the place to go. They specialize in all kinds of unusual dry cleaning as well as repairs. They are located on the left side of Connecticut Ave past East-West Highway. Kay Springwater rkspringwater@starpower.net November 2008

I have used Parkway Cleaners on Connecticut in Chevy Chase. They are expensive, but for a very special and fragile item it is worth it. rubacats@yahoo.com November 2008

The absolute best dry cleaner is Presidential Valet II on Wisconsin Ave - right near the secret Safeway. (They are in the strip next to the demolished movie theater and the new Nest home store).    They deliver and pickup from our house, no extra charge, once a week.  Do great work, a bit cheaper than some other dry cleaners, and do excellent tailoring. Elizabeth Haile Elizabeth_haile@hotmail.com November 2008

I have used Drape Rite for many, many years.  Their phone number is 301-322-2285; I am not sure where they are located. They will come to your house, remove your drapes, clean them, and return them and rehang them for you.  If you have any small needed repairs, they will also take care of them for you. They have always done a super job for me and I highly recommend them. Ben Okner b.okner@pobox.com Jan. 2009


Do you or someone you know need help? I have two people to recommend -- one for regular care and one for occasional care. Both speak English and are legal. (1) The aide to my elderly mother has her mornings free. She is very understanding of the needs of the elderly and very dependable. She works in AU Park in the afternoon and uses public transportation to get to work. (2) An aide who retired from nursing homes and has worked with hospice is looking for occasional work. She has a car. For more information, please contact: Kathleen Conley (202-452-2389 from 7 am - 4 pm; 202-362-7465 after 5 pm; or by email) kathleen.conley@frb.gov .

I would like to highly recommend Josephina Lorenzo for childcare or eldercare. She has been a companion and aid to my elderly, disabled mother for two years and she is wonderfully compassionate, kind and devoted. She has also worked in a pre-school and has a certificate in child development. As my mother's constant companion, she drove, helped with shopping, ran errands, did the laundry, light cooking, oversaw medications and did whatever it took to keep my mother safe and satisfied (and it took a lot). She speaks English well and is legal. She can be reached at 301-466-4362. I will gladly provide references if you contact me by email at marla.mitnick@verizon.net. Marla Mitnick marla.mitnick@verizon.net February 2006

I am writing to highly recommend the services of private duty caregiver Paulette Wynter, who worked for my elderly mother-in-law for nearly four years at the Assisted Living facility, "Chevy Chase House" in Washington, D.C. Many assisted living facilities allow residents to hire "private duty" caregivers to assist them and provide companionship. Paulette was a superb employee; keenly intelligent, hard-working, always on time and skilled in all nursing duties. She can handle any situation. My mother-in-law could be relentlessly difficult, but Paulette always responded with warmth and caring. She has such infinite patience that her co-workers fondly dubbed her "Saint Paulette." Paulette is looking for a weekday, 9 am to 6 p.m. job as a caregiver. She could work in an elderly person's home...or at a facility. Her charge is $15 per hour. I enthusiastically recommend her and would be happy to give you more information. Paulette's phone number is 301-559-1162. Mary Beth Bowen mbbowen@yahoo.com November 2006

I enthusiastically recommend the services of Caregiver Paulette Wynter, who took care of my elderly mother for four years. Paulette is skilled in all nursing duties, including bathing, toileting, dressing and grooming. She is a gem. Her hourly rate is $18 per hour. Paulette can be reached at (301) 559-1162 or you may

e-mail my wife at mbbowen@yahoo.com. Art Silverman silverman_art@yahoo.com March 2008

Vince Onana helped my husband, John, for almost a year before John died. He is a wonderful person -- patient and compassionate. He recently returned to town and is looking for work. I cannot recommend him highly enough! He was born in Cameroon and has been here, as I recall, 18 years. He is constantly taking college courses to learn more, and what is VERY important, has a keen sense of humor. He is serious without taking himself too seriously. His telephone is 240-505-0192. I would be happy to speak to anyone interested in having this kind of help. You may reply by email to anningram@mac.com or by telephone at 202-362-9253. Ann Ingram November 2008

Elder companion/nurse/childcare/pet sitter person available. My Dad is in The Hebrew Home of Washington and has an incredible companion/aide that spends about 10 hours a week with him. She is looking for other work of any kind. She has tons of childcare experience as well and is fully trained as an RN. She is from Poland. She is also available for holiday house/pet sitting. She is extremely responsible.

Please email me off list for more info. Lori Rolnick lrol@aol.com December2008

You might look into ESM Cares <http://www.esm.org/cares/>. ESM stands for Episcopal Senior Ministries and I believe they operate Friendship Terrance as well. ESM Cares are geriatric care managers and are headquartered in the low-rise offices at 42nd, Brandywine and River Road. The director is Mary Ann Buckley at (202) 364-0020. One of their counselors, Helen Ramsey, worked with my mom for nearly 2 years until my mom's dementia necessitated a move to an assisted living facility. ESM Cares has lots of experience in this type of situation and Helen was terrific. Capital City Nurses <http://www.capitalcitynurses.com/> also has a program called 'Daughter Down the Street' which is more companion-care and less care management or

nursing. We also used this program (at Helen's suggestion) in the latter stages of my mom's time in her home. Gave us another set of eyes on my very independent mom as she became less and less able to fend for herself. They were founded by a local woman, Sue Rodgers, and are headquartered in Friendship Heights, on the Maryland side. I don't know Sue but do know her husband socially and her son, Brian, who also works in the business. Please feel free to use my name with either company, and I wish you the best of luck.

Jack Barse jblists@barse.org February 2009


I would like to recommend Kevin Rozier for electrical work. He has done several jobs for me, including the installation of an attic fan. His work is excellent and his charges are very reasonable. He can be reached at 202-841-8021. Kathy Smith ksmith1804@starpower.net July 2009

I would like to second the recommendations of Mr. Rozier. He thought of clever solutions to electrical problems taking into account our desired outcome, wiring capacity, minimization of disruption etc. He is also pleasant to deal with. Daniel Hardy dhardy@imf.org July 2007

Fairfax Electric (ask for John) - 301-855-5949 Mark DeSimone mark@healthquick.com

Evan Bestland at 301-424-0130. Jennifer Rose jenrose1@yahoo.com

Crescent Electric at 363-7100. Emil Skodon skodon@zzapp.org

I just wanted to let you know that I used Crescent Electric (Ethel) - 202-363-7100, due to a recommendation on your list. The person they sent (Tony) was terrific, reasonable, gave good advice, etc. Barbara Harrison Barbara.Harrison@usdoj.gov

Crescent Electricians were absolutely great. They did a quick, tidy job and, since they charge by the hour and I had some time left, gave me some pointers on how to install a timer on my light panels. Their number is: 202-363-7100 amybnhoang@aol.com June 2004

I'd highly recommend Crescent Electric (363-7100) but ask that Tony NOT be the electrician that they send. We've used them 4 times and all the guys except for him have been great. Tony was very rude and left a mess in our kitchen and I called them...they said that they had been having issues with him so maybe he's not even working there anymore. amybnhoang@aol.com October 2006

I can highly recommend Mike Vladimirovic who is a master electrician. He is also old-school, if he says he'll be there at 8 am, he'll probably be there at 7:45. I forget the name of his company, but he works alone or he'll bring a team. 703-980-8717. Don Wilson don@bluweb.com October 2006

I recently used the services of Hubert Reid for electrical work. Another company told me I had water damage to my electrical panel and it needed to be replaced at a cost of $2,400. Mr. Reid cleaned off the wires for only

$200 and everything is now working fine. He also did a number of other repairs and installations, both inside and out, at a much lower rate than other estimates. He's a lovely man, was always prompt, did what he said

he'd do, and cleaned everything up. His number is 240-601-6945. Ask him about his hot pepper sauce!

Joanne Capper lau344@att.net January 2007

I recommend the electrical services of Mr. Hubert Reid, a lovely gentleman with many years of experience. He was recommended by my neighbor, who is a structural engineer. While another electrician insisted that I needed a new electric panel at a cost of $2,800, Mr. Reid said he could just clean up the panel, scrapping off corrosion, at a cost of only $200. Things have worked fine since. He also installed some outlets and his prices were very reasonable He can be reached at 240-601-6945. Joanne Capper jocapper@att.net November 2007


In the continuing quest for responsible electronics recycling, we have recently used a Maryland firm, Turtle Wings, and want to recommend them to others. We learned about them from the Crutchfield site. Turtle Wings picks up from homes and businesses by appointment. There is an appropriate charge, but absolutely nothing winds up in a landfill, it is all data-scrubbed, reused and recycled. We had accumulated an embarrassing amount of stuff to get rid of and it is good to know that we are not adding to a problem. They even give
you a nice little certificate on recycled paper! See www.turtlewings.com. --Jo Turner
joturner@speakeasy.net July 2007

Old Cell Phones - The police accept them for use in preventing domestic violence. You can take them to the 2D station on Idaho Avenue. Kathy Smith ksmith1804@starpower.net  August 2007

I found the web site for the Electronic Industries Alliance Consumer Education Initiative (www.eiae.org). The site lists organizations, by state, that accept used computers or their components. I have never used this myself but it's worth looking at. Pat Mullan Mullandoty@aol.com

Tenleytown Ace Hardware will recycle light bulbs and cell phone batteries for you. Stop by the store and talk to Jeremy or one of the other folks and they'll tell you about the new recycling program. Gina Schaefer gina@loganhardware.com August 2007


VHS TAPES TRANSFERRED TO DVD - I recommend David at Transvideo: 919 North Kenmore Street, Arlington 22201. 703-525-0297 david@transvideo.net. Highly recommended. Works out of his house. Bill Harwood wharw32487@aol.com September 2006

I use a company called cdBBQ, www.cdbbq.com, to convert my LPs and audio cassettes to CDs. They do a great job. Bill Adler billonline@adlerbooks.com October 2006


Some neighbors and I have used Calco Fencing and they did a good job. bktabor@aol.com April 2007

My handyman, Jose (who is great), works for a fence company.  I can give you his phone number, which is 301-821-5274.  He installed a wood fence in my yard and did a great job -- he is prompt and reasonable.  If you decide to call him for an estimate, tell him I recommended him.  Good luck. Phyllis Young pyoung@mckennalong.com April 2009


You and your husband should definitely talk to Will Bruno who is a financial consultant (and JD) with AXA Advisors located in Falls Church. Will is a neighbor on 46th Street with his wife, Catherine, and son. He's knowledgeable and, most importantly, trustworthy. A truly solid guy. Will Bruno's contact information:

william.bruno@axa-advisors.com or Cell: 202 669-0280. I have two office numbers and am not sure which, or if both, is correct: 703 207-0900 and 703 205-0391. Linda Hughes lindahughes3@verizon.net July 2009

I recommend Mary Ginn, CFP, EA at MCG Financial Planning, 4630 Montgomery Avenue, Bethesda. (301) 951-9160. E-mail: MCGFin@verizon.net She also has an office in Oakton VA. Marion Connell mfconnell@msn.com December 2009


Someone wanted a recommendation for firewood. We've had good experience with a guy named Kent Ashe, who lives out in West Virginia. He doesn't come to DC a lot, but if he's available, he's honest, his wood is dry and a relatively good deal. The number is 304-754-7641. David J. Leviss dleviss@starpower.net

Try Randy @ Star Hollow Farm; he has been delivering farm produce weekly to the neighborhood since March & is a nice, straight-up guy: Randy & Chris Treichler, Star Hollow Farm, Three Springs, PA 17264, (814) 448-3223, randy@starhollowfarm.com. Also, we have bought firewood from Jim Crawford @ New Morning Farm, members in the same cooperative as Star Hollow Farm, in previous years. We ordered it and he let us know when they could deliver it. Worked great! New Morning Farm, HC 71, Box 168-B, Hustontown, PA, 17229, (814) 448-3904, Jim@newmorningfarm.net Both are local farmers invested in the community so you are sure of an honest load. Kate McLynn kdmclynn@starpower.net October 2007

I hadn't answered yet, but New Morning Farm, (814) 448-3904, Jim@newmorningfarm.net, is a great source for an honest load of firewood. They are regulars in the community and have had a farm stand at Lafayette

School for many years. Kate McLynn kdmclynn@starpower.net February 2008


For floors I recommend John Cooper 703-426-0356. He has all the professional equipment. He usually needs 2 weeks lead time. He did my floors 10 years ago and you can take a look if you like! David Epstein DBEDC@aol.com

Recommend Larry Jackson of myfloors.com. Barbara Bergman bbergman@wam_umd-edu

Universal Floors on 41st. Street in Tenleytown. fred@davisindustries.com October 2006

I highly discourage people from using Ed's Flooring service. Did a terrible job on my hardwood floors!! J. Capper jocapper@att.net July 2007

We have had a lot of wood floor work done by Premier Home Services (both new installation and refinishing.) We find them to be reliable, reasonable and extremely careful. 301/977-0031 or 2212. Sally Kranz sallygkranz@aol.com March 2008

We have also had excellent experience with Newman & Wife Hardwood Floor Company. They have done three separate jobs for us and all were finished professionally, on time and for the agreed prices. Glenn and Elizabeth Williamson amberreal@aol.com March 2008

As the "Tradesmen Recommendations" file attests, we have highly recommended Elmer Herrera for painting and plaster-work. We'd like to up-date his entry. Elmer has also been doing installation, repair, and refinishing of hardwood flooring. While this is not something we have had Elmer do for us, those looking for these services might want to consider Elmer. We have now used Elmer on multiple occasions (for both interior and exterior painting, but also for a variety of other things, including some involving wood, for instance the repair of our porch steps), and he is the most meticulous and skilled service provider we have had. I believe he also does tile work. His phone number is 240-508-2873. Steven Gross and Micki Chen gross.steven@gmail.com June 2009


Steve Yoder, S&S Woodcrafts, Mechanicsville, MD (Southern Maryland, below Waldorf). Steve is Amish, originally from Lancaster, PA. He does not pick up or deliver (no car; only horse and buggy); he also has no telephone in his home; but a message can be left for him after 6 at 301-472-4962 - or a note can be mailed to him at 26759 Thompsons Corner Road, Mechanicsville, MD 20659. It takes about l-l/2 hours to drive to his home. His charges are at least one-half of the local rates. Connie Derman Dderman527@aol.com

I just had my dining room chairs, coffee table, and some other old wooden furniture pieces repaired and refinished by a very careful and able gentleman, Mr. Doru Jurca. The pieces look like new now. He is

honest and hard working. The work was done promptly and at a low price. He is retired and available. He can be found at: 703-671-6624 (h) or 703-338-3796 (cell). Aurelia Roman romana@georgetown.edu April 2008

I highly recommend Upholstery Restoration & Select Fabrics http://www.merchantcircle.com/business/Upholstery.Restoration.And.Select.Fabrics.301-564-0223, 4267 Howard Ave., Kensington, MD 20895,301-564-0223. Megan Wallace meganwallacelaw@gmail.com July 2008

Lamp Repairs: Gaylord's, in Bethesda. Thomas Bethell tombethell@gmail.com December 2008

I've been very pleased with the work done by Raymond Burkett, an ex-Smithsonian furniture conservator now an independent craftsman. He's done several projects for me, including re-caning an East Lake armchair and repairing a seriously broken bracket on one of the side chairs of the same set. In addition to doing the specific tasks, in both cases and at his own initiative (and without extra cost) he did additional maintenance on both chairs, re-gluing the odd joint, repairing a scratch, etc. He's now my "go-to guy" for all furniture-related work. I don't have an email for him, but he's in Takoma Park, 301.589.2658. Chip Levy troinc@aol.com January 2009

A couple of years ago, we requested the same information and were referred to Steve Young who does caning and also furniture restoration. Presumably he is still in the business. His telephone number is 202-966-8810. He did an excellent job on two chairs for us. Kay Springwater rkspringwater@starpower.net January 2009

Artisan Lamp on Conn. Ave (across from Uptown) has repaired lamps for us. Although their huge selection of fancy lighting might make them look too upscale for ordinary repairs; they do repairs & also carry spare parts, shades, etc. Best, Kate McLynn kdmclynn@starpower.net November 2009

I would try Artisan Lamp at 3331 Connecticut Avenue - they can do almost anything and have always been very speedy with any jobs. Very pleasant guys also. Barbara Dinsmore barbaradinsmore@msn.com November 2009


I recommend Clozermatic at (301) 942-0096. Megan Wallace meganwallacelaw@gmail.com August 2008


If anyone needs a graphic designer for web designs, logos, business "stuff" or even personal designs, contact John Alspaugh email: johnshel@starpower.net or phone him at 240 432 9939. He is a delightful young man, with lots of great ideas, not at all pushy. He has done a lot of creative work for me, for my son's business and for Cure Autism Now. December 2005

Re: Local Graphic Designer (for business logos etc.). Someone asked a short time ago about a designer for a business logo. You might try local designers from Design 35 a dynamic duo of two women who have been in business for a while doing that sort of thing - including a fair bit of work for the American Association of Museums. Try Christiane Riederer van Paar at d35@design35.net or 301-320-0882. She's a lovely person and she used to live in the 'hood too! Lotte Lent lottelent@starpower.net March 2007


We use Winston's gutter cleaning service twice a year. They're not cheap ($60 - 80) but they do a good job and fix the gutters, as needed, as they clean them. 301-986-1804 jfkhoury@erols.com

We've been using Winston's Gutter Service for many years. I call them, they come within 2 weeks, we don't have to be home, then they bill us. They also do windows as a separate service. The phone number is 301-986-1804. hier@biddhier.com

I use Winston Gutters and they are very good. Their number is 301-530-8595. I think they are backed up right now as this is their busy season, but it might be worth calling them. csigler@dimuro.com

We use Winston's; they have both DC and Maryland phone numbers. Herb Hagerty K "mailto:Hahagerty@aol.com" Hahagerty@aol.com March 2006

We have been using a guy named Art Schultz who charges about $120 for the house and garage. We have a lot of trees on the property so we have it done at least twice a year. The best part is that I call him, and he comes and does it and sends me a bill-no waiting at home, etc. It sometimes takes a week or two for him to get to the job but he always comes through and does a very neat and thorough job. He will also trim shrubbery, etc. It's a very low tech operation, however, just a message machine, the best bet is to call him at home in the evening. 703-273-7252. A Brandywine St. Neighbor.

We have our gutters cleaned by our lawn service, which is Wray Bros. in Bethesda, 301-654-5845. They also do a great job on our lawn. JPHIPPARD@aol.com

Troy at D&M Roofing has been taking care of my steep slate roof, and gutters, for years and done good work at acceptable prices. And he's very reliable. His number: 301-948-0100. Lisa Berger

We just had Association Management install a new flat roof and deck at the rear of our house and were very pleased with the quality of their job and efficiency of their work (Association Management also had repaired portions of our slate roof and cleans our gutters, both of which they have done ably and inexpensively). Call 301/384-5677 and ask for Richard (let him know the Spigels recommended you). Jeff Spigel jspigel@hotmail.com

We've been using Tom Pittsenberger since we moved in 96 (he came with the house!) He's in Bethesda, number 301-530-5215. Les & JoEllen, 4722 Davenport rufushound@gmail.com July 2007

I think Winston's is terrific. Costs range from $75-$100, I believe. Hdwinell@aol.com July 2007

Winston's, without a doubt. 301-986-1804 joturner@speakeasy.net November 2007

Aaron roofing 391 681-7300 Doris Noble dnoble@mris.com November 2007

For gutter cleaning: Winston's. 301-986-1804 or 301-530-8595. Aaron Epstein aajacks@starpower.net December 2007

I highly recommend John Gwynn. He has been taking care of my gutters and my slate roof for a very long time and he is excellent. Good prices as well. His number is (301) 865-5027. Mona Wineburg wineburgm@aascu.org December 2007

We had a drainage problem, in fact one drain was so silted up that it was buried & non-functional. We went to Thorne Rankin & Associates Landscape Design thinking that we had a bigger problem than it was. They referred us to Robert Springs, who does their drain work & such. He came out, immediately found the old drain & figured out a practical solution. His crew transformed an ugly muddy spot next to our house to a fully functional drain under attractive river stone, in one day. I have misplaced his number somehow, but you can reach him through Rankin & Associates, 202/537-0969, http://www.thornerankin.com. Kate McLynn kdmclynn@starpower.net April 2008


We would like to recommend George Kaminski, our Handyman. He does a great job very reliable and his prices are very reasonable. He has a website www.PaintingandHomeRepairs.com. His telephone number is 240-383-2945 He works in the city throughout the week. A very nice gentleman. He helped us get our home ready to sell. Mike Jordan mikejordandc@yahoo.com April 2005

I highly recommend Mike Hotka. He lives in our neighborhood and can do darn near anything that needs to be done. He's completely trustworthy and reliable, and his rates are very reasonable. His phone number is 202-364-8577, email mikehotka@msn.com . Janet Bachman jbachman47@gmail.com 2008

I recommend Josh Palmer, Facilities Manager at Community Council for the Homeless, for your skilled household jobs--carpentry, drywall, floor installation, painting, carpet installation, plumbing, and minor electrical. He is careful and very trustworthy. Call Josh at 202-277-1298. Recommended by Liz Siegel, Co-Pres. of the CCH/FP Board. Elizindc@aol.com April 2004

I want to recommend the work of general contractor James Adams. He does carpentry, plumbing and painting. He repaired and saved a half-rotted garage door another carpenter told me was unsalvageable. He has done painting for me, household repairs, and replaced a toilet. He is reliable, honest, creative, and fair -- and a delightful guy. His number is 301-455-555. Emily Yoffe eyoffe@verizon.net Apr 2004

Dwight Peters (drywall, woodwork, etc.) 301-802-2236 Mark DeSimone mark@healthquick.com

Marcotulio Orellana and his company 'The Home Doctor.' 301-942-7768. Cell phone: 240- 604-4742. Deborah C. Fort FortsKDC@cs.com

Mark Verna at 301-891-2854. Kriegi@aol.com

In reply to two recent requests for a painter/carpenter/subcontractor, I'm pleased to make a strong recommendation for James Adams. Here at the Washington Ethical Society this past summer, he and his very able crew did some rewiring, patching, repairs, and painting, plus basic plumbing and installed a sink. We are very pleased with the work and would happily use his services again. You can reach him at cellular 301-455-5556, office 301-853-9571. Please tell him Karen sent you. Karen Schofield-Leca wes@EthicalSociety.org

I'd like to recommend Marcos Orellana, carpenter, and handyman and his company "The Home Doctor." 301-942-7768. Cell phone 240-604-4742. E-mail: marcotulioorellana@earthlink.net . Marcos and his staff come with twenty years of local recommendations; he gives fair, firm estimates free; his work is done quickly and well. Deborah C. Fort fortdc@earthlink.net

Excellent home repair, carpentry, painting and plastering. Jaime Barrera has worked for me for 10 years, doing everything from building a deck over my garage to plastering and painting my hall and upstairs and many smaller tasks. His phone number is: (home) 301-422-7111; cell phone: 301-509-2675. Susan Ellis sellis@pd.state.gov

We have a reliable house services name to share with our neighbors. We have depended upon Mike Reidy of MULTIPLE SERVICES on 342-9356 in close-by Glover Park for nearly 15 years to take care of both interior and exterior work. He handles lawn work, repairs, painting and remodeling jobs from start to finish for us and his rates are reasonable. We highly recommend him. Kathleen McLynn kdmclynn@starpower.net

I HIGHLY recommend Richard Lane & Assoc., for small or large repairs (carpentry, wall repairs, painting etc. etc.). One of Richard's guys, Steve, came to my home this a.m. to repair hole in the wall left from

plumber repair, and slight rock in toilet. He got there in time, was pleasant and fast, did a beautiful job!! Lane can be reached at 301-753-1667, or cell phone 202-672-0034. Barbara Harrison Barbara.Harrison@usdoj.gov

Pat Turvey, D.C. native, grew up and went to school in the District, near Mass Ave & Wisc. Ave intersection, and moved to Arlington some years back. As honest and reasonable as they come. And as an extra bonus, is an excellent carpenter & craftsman. 703-241-1061. Richard Bienvenue ourhous@bellatlantic.net

I heartily recommend HouseCraft LLC for home renovations, large and small. The LLC is owned and run by Stos Wronka. He and his crew are first rate. They re-did my basement last August after the flood and did such a wonderful job that they are now renovating my kitchen and sun room. The project includes removal of a load bearing wall. I know that they have done major additions and have a long list of pleased customers. The workers are punctual; jobs are completed in a timely fashion. They are very careful with all household goods and keep the site as clean as possible. The workers and Stos pay careful attention to detail; they provide a quality of craftsmanship that I have not encountered in the DC area in previous work. Their office number is 301-249-4683. Ann Phillips APhillips@usaid.gov

I had an excellent experience with Nice Day Services - Bill Wagner 301-524-9620. He came to see what work was to be done, he explained his prices, and he set an appointment for performing the work. Bill arrived punctually on the appointed day with a helper (an option I had agreed to). They spent about two hours (as he had estimated) doing a variety of jobs - stabilizing the attic fan, replacing the fan belt, oiling and adjusting the fan slats, grating and screening the louvered area in the attic, coordinating the attic fan and light switches, repairing two bathroom leaks (faucet and shower head), and adjusting a sliding closet door. I was very pleased with their work. I have no basis for evaluating his price, but it did not seem excessive. Michael Calingaert MCALINGAERT@brookings.edu

I have used a great general handyman, David Ochoa. He first worked for me a couple years ago doing drywall in a bath and Landry room extension. He did a superb job. The last couple months we worked together repairing a stairwell ceiling from water damage, tiled around the bath tub in a bathroom, installed new lights and fans in two bathrooms, painted the two bathrooms, hallway and stairwell. His specialties are, finish carpentry, plasterer, painting, tile, basic plumbing and electricity, power washing, gutter cleaning, deck treatment, just about anything. He does beautiful work, reasonable rates, and has a pleasant demeanor. Tell

him I recommended him. He can be reached on 703-451-1557, Cell: 202-409-6921 dochoa@verizon.net . You can call me on 202-237-2599. Thanks. Dick Reed dickreed@compuserve.com January 2007

I use Aslam Khan at Rapid Heat and Air Conditioning for all the miscellaneous things that come up around the house. He is very good with electrical, heat, cooling, painting, installation of shelves, etc. His email is _Ask@rapidhaps.com . I hope he can help you! Catherine Sheehan Bruno sheehancat@aol.com April 2007

I recommend Paul Stanton of "Paul Stanton Interiors" who lives here in AU Park. He repainted my south-facing, sun-beaten, garage doors. I have no complaints whatever with the quality of work done by his painter who did an excellent job of preparation and double-coating as requested. Stanton does more than painting. I
found him intelligent and easy to talk to. And reasonably priced. Tel: 301-229-7915 or e-mail
paulkath@comcast.net. John A. Moody johnamoodydc@verizon.net April 2007

We would like to recommend our handyman. He does a great job very reliable and his prices are very reasonable. He has a website www.HandymanPainters.com. His telephone number is 240-671-8952. He works in the city throughout the week. A very nice gentleman. He helped us get our home ready to sell. Cara Meltzer carameltzer@yahoo.com April 2007

I use Aslam Khan at Rapid Heat and Air Conditioning for all the miscellaneous things that come up around the house. He is very good with electrical, heat, cooling, painting, installation of shelves, etc. His email is _Ask@rapidhaps.com. I hope he can help you! Catherine Sheehan Bruno April 2007

Taking the recommendation of an earlier post to the listserve, we engaged David Ochoa as a handyman. I am pleased to say that we were very happy with his work. While he advertises himself as doing carpentry, drywall, plaster, paint, tile and general handyman tasks -- which he can undoubtedly do -- he is a craftsman at heart and did a terrific job building recessed bookshelves and doing other custom carpentry for us. And he fixed a sink on the way out. He works on an hourly basis that adds up to good value. 202.409.6921, 703.451.1557. andrewsherry88@yahoo.com April 2007

I found a handyman through this newsletter and I wanted to report that he is a wonderful craftsman. I took a chance on David Ochoa whose recommendation I found on this email service. He replaced a garage door for us and did it perfectly. I will call him back again when things need fixing. Plus he is a nice guy and very funny. His phone is: 202-409-6921. John Natali JNatali@PeaceCorps.gov May 2007

I also can highly recommend David Ochoa as a good Handyman who did a number of odds and ends at my house. He is a very nice person (as is his wife, Lydia) and very capable, honest and reasonable. His cell phone is 202-409-6921. Steve Anlian steveanlian@yahoo.com  May 2007

John Leman is a real old fashioned handyman. He is repairing the cable on our old attic steps. No one knew what to do. He can solve any problem because he thinks things out. He is busy. Be patient. He will return your call. He is definitely worth the wait. H-202 686-6727 or cell 202 744-2918 Doris Noble dorisnoble20016@yahoo.com December 2007

I would love to recommend my friend Rob Rowe as a contractor/general handyman.  He has been a Friendship Heights resident for the past 8 years and has done several excellent jobs (painting, fencing, kitchen, bathroom, elfa system, deck, etc) around the neighborhood (he can provide local references).  He's very professional (former management consultant), extremely through and highly skilled in his work.  Here's his contact information: Focus Home Renovations, Rob Rowe, cell phone: 703-967-0167   Danielle Lee dlee1920@gmail.com May 2008

A public thanks to Scott Heit, Acker Street Home Improvement, who responded to my otherwise unsuccessful search to find a handyman who would do a couple of minor chores I'm no longer physically able to do myself, at a reasonable price. He came this morning when he said he would, completed the work in a brief

time, and amazingly wouldn't charge me anything. He's indeed a rare bird. He can be reached at 202-744-4003, FAX202-204-6064, or scott@ackerstreethomeimprovement.com. MBiplaw@cpmcast.net May 2008

I am writing to recommend a man who has been helping us lately. His name is Emmanuel Fotso, he is from Cameroon and speaks mostly French but some English, is legally here in the US with a permit to work. He is having trouble getting a fixed job, but is an excellent gardener, can do painting, other handy work, etc. I found him through Casa of Maryland, and since then, a month or so ago, he has been doing work for us, but we do not have anywhere near enough work to keep him busy all the time. He is reliable, quiet, hardworking and I would be very happy to try to help him get more work. I am also trying to get him a "real" job at Howard University where I am a professor, but in the meantime, if you or anyone you know might need this type of help, please spread the word. His number is 301-586-5893 and I am happy to share more if anyone would like. My email is harmelings@aol.com and my cell number is 202-361-2177. Susan Harmeling May 2008

If anyone needs an all-around guy for fixing things up around the house or for small building projects, I'd like to recommend Leonard Preston. He's done quite a bit of work for me and is highly skilled, reliable, reasonably priced -- and nice. You can reach him at pcmimail@yahoo.com. Rachel Weisman weiswrite@aol.com June 2008

I also found David Ochoa via the Communit-e list and engaged him to perform a broad list of repairs. His work is excellent and he is a pleasant and honest person who is easy to work with. He performed painting, stained a

door, replaced a door and various other small projects. It was obvious that he could easily have performed much more involved remodeling projects. I highly recommend David and will certainly use him again. His numbers are 202.409.6921, 703.451.1557. Sally Cox sscox13@gmail.com November 2008

I can highly recommend a man named Jose (phone: 301-821-5274).  He has done quite a lot of work at my house, including painting and putting in a fence in my backyard.  His prices are very reasonable and he will be
there when he says.  Just let him know that I recommended him and he will be right there to give you an estimate. Phyllis Young pyoung@mckennalong.com February 2009

Jim Bonham has many years of experience in home repairs and painting work. He has performed maintenance work and painted for me, as well as my neighbors‚. Jim is a meticulous painter, trustworthy and will leave your

home as clean as he found it. He also personally renovated his own 50-year house. In addition to his skill, what I especially like about Jim is his honesty and fairness. He knows what he can do and will give you the benefit of his wisdom and experience. I recently recommended Jim to an elderly widowed neighbor who needed a handyman to repair a variety of things. After interviewing three persons, she chose Jim and is most pleased with the results! Please give Jim a call at (301) 325-9309 for a no-obligation consultation. If you have any questions, or would like to see the quality of his work, I would love to show you my home. You can reach me at (202) 256-5217. Mary Lindquist marylenore@comcast.net February 2009

I have a great handyman. Doug Riedel at 202 413 6854 or DARIEDEL2@hotmail.com. He has done a lot of work for me and others, affordable, knowledgeable and fairly priced! Deena Kotlewski dekot70@aol.com February 2009

Try calling "Creighton's".  He is licensed in DC and does many different tasks all at very reasonable rates.  His phone number is: 202-363-0502. Chris marcm2006@peoplepc.com March 2009

Another positive vote for Jimmy Riera (J&S Renovations, 240-353-0980). He is competent, personable, reasonably priced, and showed up 5 minutes early for our appointment. Definitely "a keeper." Please use my name. Day Walters daywaltersphoto@yahoo.com September 2009

Pat Turvey just replaced my shed roof and did an excellent job. He has done work for me before and I find him consistently careful and reasonable. He's a good carpenter for repairs and also gives good advice. His number is 703-241-1061. Kathy Smith ksmith1804@starpower.net December 2009


I'm writing to highly recommend Robinson's Heating and Air Conditioning. Our air conditioner has a leak, and they came out twice, once to defrost the unit, and then to recharge the compressor, only charging us for one visit. They also suggested a $32 solution to what could have been a $400 diagnostic test. They were extremely prompt, honest, and informative. They can be reached at 301-871-8902. AmyBNHoang@aol.com July 2004

Friendship Terrace Retirement Community has used Noyes Air Conditioning -- 301-670-6300 - - for over 13 years for our air conditioning and heating needs. I have been very pleased with their service and

technicians. Dawn Quattlebaum Esmfriend@aol.com

I have a heating and air-conditioning recommendation. As a landlord, I had used a number of different furnace and air conditioning repair companies, until settling on Beltsville Heating and Air Conditioning.

They have replaced a forced-air furnace, a central a/c, and have repaired both gas and oil-fueled boilers for me, and have usually been able to come within a day of calling, sometimes on the same day. I've had no complaints about any of their work. L. Carter ldc1@netkonnect.net

I am happy with Robinson's Heating and Air-Conditioning. It's a family-run business and small enough so that service is good. They can be reached at 301-871-8902. Ask for Joset or Marie. David Epstein DBEDC@aol.com

I have used Bethesda Heating and Air Conditioning for about 20 years and they are VERY good, honest and reasonably priced (as these things go!). B Kravetz

We contacted Kensington Cooling & Heating, and after comparing systems and costs we decided to go with the Space Pak system, the one using 2 inch flex tubing ducts. This was after we saw a system like this being installed in another house and returned to see how it worked. It does seem to be the ideal solution for houses with limited space for the conventional ducts. If we experience any problems after we've had it a while, I will let everybody know. Richard Abbott abbott1229@erols.com

For furnace repair and new furnace installation, I wholeheartedly recommend the firm of Mindte Furnace and Air Conditioning in Rockville at 301-424 8786. Herb Hagerty Hahagerty@aol.com

I have had excellent experience with installation of my air conditioning system and superb, clean, quickly/appropriately responsive service on both my air conditioning and heating systems for years from the Howard Heating and Cooling Company which is listed top for quality in Checkbook. They are fine, trustworthy, professional. Phone number is: (301) 277-3818. Feel free to use my name. Elaine Greenstone ehgreenstone@aol.com June 2008

We used Glenmont Heating & Cooling (located in Silver Spring) two years ago to make our upstairs a second zone. We were very pleased with their design recommendations and workmanship. Joanne Levine joannelevine@earthlink.net June 2008

I used M.P Energy Services (headed by Marlon Pujol) who installed two separate systems in my house. Excellent work and if anything goes wrong, even in heat of summer, Marlon takes care of it. He also installed the systems in Matisse restaurant on Wisconsin Ave near Fessenden. Nancy LeRoy nancyrleroy@mac.com June 2009

We used Climate. They were terrific. Climate Heating & Cooling - www.climateinc.com - (202) 857-0212. Bari Sedar biernmail@aol.com August 2009

We had Polar Bear Air install new A/C in our former home on Capitol Hill a few years ago. We were very happy with the quality of the work and the prices. Polar Bear Air Conditioning, (202) 333-1310, 1045 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007. Mheller2000@hotmail.com April 2009

Call Eric Ettare (571.331.7641) at Cropp Metcalf, in the past year, I had him do the furnace and A/C at my mom's house in Bethesda.   David Griff bgsbny@boo.net December 2009

HD Johnson, located in the District, did well by us. Marlon Perez is service manager and is very good. David Adamson adamsondm@juno.com December 2009

Robert Clubb and Associates-301-428-9634. He's great and runs a family owned business.  I have used him for 22yrs. He isn't a salesman type and isn't going to sell you a system you don't need.   He is an excellent engineer as well.  Mention my name  ;). Stay warm, Linda Miller catmaniac10@aol.com December 2009

I just got a fantastic deal from the people who replaced my mother in laws furnace in VA after getting about a dozen quotes. Their name is Aegis and the owner's phone number is 703-385-3599. His name is Cyrus. They were able to come out for a quote and install it in about a week's time and during this cold weather I really appreciate the quick turnaround. They were very professional, very quick and took all of the old equipment away for her home. I highly recommend these guys not only on their quality work but for the best deal in town. Laura Phelps geekxprt@gmail.com December 2009

I second Rod Miller! We have used them several times. They do great work and are pleasant to deal with.
Marjorie Dick Stuart December 2009

Many AU Park neighbors (including me) use Rod Miller; they do a good job, are reliable and reasonably priced.
www.rodmillerhvac.com Beth Kravatz bk@bethlaw.com December 2009

I recommend John Garrett.  He just fixed my furnace and installed central air in my mother's home.  Super nice guy and very competent.  Garrett Inc., 13921 Hallowell Court, Highland, MD, (301) 854-2790. Sarah Morse morsekathan@gmail.com December 2009

We add another vote for Rod Miller. They worked with us to get a refund on a malfunctioning boiler that was improperly installed even though it was not purchased from them or installed by them. We have them service ours annually and find them professional and helpful. Good luck. Patti Macie pmacie45@yahoo.com December 2009


Alan Beal of Mid-Atlantic Inspections is terrific. His number is 202-607-4153. The website is www.midatlanticinspections.com. kjstanley@aol.com November 2007

I second the recommendation of Alan Beal. We had him do a pre-offer inspection on our house (built in the 1880s) last spring. He is very thorough and knowledgeable. My real estate agent says he has killed a few deals for him because he is so good. He will point things out to you at the time of the inspection and then send you a written report by email. Norma Scogin n_scogin@hotmail.com November 2007


I would like to recommend a house painting/cleaning service I have just used to do major cleaning and repainting of an apartment rented for 20 years. The husband has been a professional painter for 17 years and his wife has done housecleaning for even longer in the DC area. Our next assignment for them is repainting our own living room! CECILIA & NELSON CORARRUBIAS TEL: 703-913-0379 or Cell 703-362-9822. I have the highest praise for them. Their rates are reasonable, their work very professional (showed up when they said they would, got the job completed as and when promised, cleaned up every night, not noisy while working, etc.) Sarah Horsey shorsey@erols.com March 2005

I have been using a service called "America's Cleaning Service" for about a year and have found it to be excellent in every respect. They clean thoroughly and are impeccably honest (I find loose change they've found in their cleaning stacked on the counter when they've been here) and courteous. I am happy to talk to anyone about the service if you have questions - and if you decide to call them, you may give my name. Alyse Graham grahamstretch@starpower.net November 2005

We hired a house cleaner about three months ago, whose work and personality we like a lot. Today, she told me her daughter is looking for work. The only thing I know about this daughter is that her mother is a good house cleaner. The one looking for work is Claudia, 703-945-0210. Susan Beale Copingptnr@aol.com February 2006

This is Mike just recommending to everyone our cleaning person. Her name is Tatiana, she charges $20 an hour, and brings her own cleaning supplies. If you're looking to have your house cleaned she's very trustworthy and reliable. She can be reached at the following numbers: 240-671-8952 & 240-483-3259. mikejordandc@yahoo.com October 2006

I have a very nice and hardworking house cleaner who has time for more clients. Her name is Doris. She is more comfortable in Spanish than English (actually, I don't know how extensive her English is). If you'd like more information, please contact me at editerra@verizon.net. Bonnie Nevel Mar 2007

I would like to recommend Maria Sorto. She recently finished a "Spring Cleaning" at our house. It was a super job. She can be reached on 202-409-6921. I can be contacted on 202-237-2599. Richard Reed grichardreed@yahoo.com October 2007

I am happy to recommend my house cleaner, Miriam. She does an excellent job cleaning, is very reliable and always pleasant. Her English is limited, but she is legal and her daughter can help translate messages, if needed. She can be reached at 301-552-4515 or you can contact me at theresa_l@aabb.org. Theresa Wiegmann Theresa_l@aabb.org March 2008

I am very pleased with my house cleaner, Rosa Castillo. Rosa came to me via this newsletter having been recommended by someone for whom she had worked for 16 years in this neighborhood. (We live in Tenleytown.) Rosa, who has excellent English, comes with two other cleaners and they are terrific - really thorough, punctual, honest, and pleasant to have around. In addition, due to the fact that there are three of them, they can complete the job in about two hours which I find wonderful. Rosa can be reached at 301-946-4572. Call and leave a message. She will get back to you. Kay Springwater rkspringwater@starpower.net March 2008

I absolutely agree. I think Rosa is great! The best cleaning team I have had. Elizabeth Daerr egdaerr@starpower.net January 2009

Our superb housekeeper for two years, Ana Abrego, has an opening for another homeowner. You may call her at 703-960-5218 (home) or 703-946-6009 (cell). Feel free to mention our names. Jackie and Aaron Epstein aajacks@starpower.net April 2008

I am recommending our housecleaner/nanny Maritza 240-898-8329 to the community. She speaks English and is very nice. She works very hard and is always reliable. I thought I would try and help her obtain some new

business. If you or someone you know may be looking for a housecleaner please give her a call at 240-898-8329. Mike Jordan mikejordandc@yahoo.com May 2008

Catalina Ramos, my excellent Salvadoran cleaning lady, is looking for work every other Tuesday. She has worked for me for many years and creates a miracle every two weeks out of my untidy, dog-overrun home. Her evening (home) number is 301 244-5785 and her cell number is 301 512-6679. She is a naturalized American citizen. Jenny Bland jcrabland@hotmail.com July 2009

Our wonderful long-time housekeeper, Maria Ramos, has two days available - Wednesdays and Fridays. She's terrific and she comes with our highest recommendation. She can be reached at (240) 669-6877.

elissabill@erols.com June 2008

I would like to recommend my cleaning lady who is employed by three people in my street including me, and we are all extremely satisfied with her. She's conscientious, hardworking and trustworthy, and her work is first-rate. She's also very pleasant and dynamic but doesn't speak much English since she's Peruvian. Her name is Genevieva, and she is looking for extra work; you can contact her at 703-691-0460 or on her cell at 703-731-2434. Please also feel free to contact me for any additional information. Thank you. Fabienne Spier spierf@georgetown.edu July 2008

I would like to recommend my excellent, honest, reliable and meticulous house cleaning person to other residents of AU Park etc. I have known Maria Fuentes for 5 years, and she is employed by other friends.

She is anxious to work in our neighborhood. Maria has a car, speaks English and can follow directions. Maria brings her own vacuum and cleaning supplies or she will use yours. I have offered to help her schedule new jobs. Therefore, please call me at 202-364-6040 {day time hours preferred) and leave a message with your name and telephone number if I am not available. Hope Phillips hihope1999@aol.com October 2008

Our excellent housekeeper, Maria, has some days available for other work. She has been working for us for

several years and is reliable, conscientious, hardworking, legal and has her own car. We have been very pleased with her work and would highly recommend her to others. You can contact us at

nadineh@mindspring.com or call her directly at 240-669-877. October 2008

I've recommended our terrific housekeeper, Ana Abrego, to others on this website. She's highly reliable, extremely pleasant, likes kids and pets and does a GREAT job. Please feel free to tell her I passed

along her name. You can reach her at 703-946-6009 (cell) or 703-960=5218 (home). The cell is usually easier.

Bari Biern Sedar biernmail@aol.com January 2009

We've employed Ana Abrego for several years and she's tops, so we enthusiastically second Bari's recommendation. Jackie & Aaron Epstein aajacks@starpower.net November 2008

I add my voice to those who have recommended Ana Abrego. She's awesome. Richard Paul rlpaulproductions@starpower.net November 2008

Bruno and Solange Chavez have been cleaning my house for two years and do an excellent job. They both speak English, are legal, reliable and trustworthy. You can reach them on Bruno's cell phone (301) 946-0410. Cynthia Grant grantc@gao.gov January 2009

My wonderful Salvadoran (naturalized US citizen) cleaning lady, Catalina Ramos, is looking for work on Mondays. Her phone numbers are 301 244-5785 (home) and 301 512-6679 (cell). I'll be happy to answer any questions at 202 364-7116. Jenny Bland jcrabland@hotmail.com February 2009

My exceptional cleaning lady of 30 years is looking for work on every other Monday. We have a 5-bedroom, two full-bath house. Mela does the beds every week, all the laundry, and cleans everything. She charges $135 a day and goes from about 8 in the am to 4 in the pm. She takes about 20 minutes for lunch; otherwise, she is cleaning. She needs a lot of supplies. She is wonderful with children and pets. Please feel free to

call me with questions. Wendy Maiorana 202-686-5471 wendymaiorana@rcn.com February 2009

Our excellent cleaning lady of several years, Amparo Saldias, is seeking additional assignments in the AU Park/Spring Valley area. She has cleaned for us for several years on a regular basis. She is a young, vigorous woman who is hard working, efficient, honest, trustworthy, dependable, punctual, cheerful, accommodating and sweet natured. She leaves our 3-story, 4-bedroom AU Park house sparkling after every regular cleaning visit. She always cheerfully follows instructions for special cleaning needs with good grace. She is also very careful in her work and in all the years has never broken or damaged anything in our home. She speaks and understands English perfectly adequately for all necessary communication and instructions. Her energy and self-motivation are remarkable and she works hard and continuously, without supervision, from the moment she arrives at our house until the time she leaves. She drives her own car and does not require transportation of any kind. In the years she has cleaned for us she has never missed a scheduled assignment for any reason. I can unreservedly recommend her for any home-cleaning assignments. She is presently available for additional home-cleaning assignments in our area. She can be reached by telephone at 703-231-3080 or by email at clacegasa@aol.com . Alec McRae admcrae@rcn.com February 2009

My long-time housekeeper is seeking incidental work on one or two Saturdays each month. Mrs. Mata has worked for me for twenty-six years. She is a woman of many talents: excellent cook, good housekeeper, wonderful companion for elderly persons. As a working mom, I hired her originally to take care of my daughter, then eight months old. Although I have not needed her for that purpose for many years, I continue to employ her on a part-time basis as a housekeeper/cook. I recommend Mrs. Mata heartily. To reach her, please leave a message at 202 244 8093 or email me at redrufus818@yahoo.com. Nancy Stanley April 2009

Our excellent cleaning lady of several years, Amparo Saldias, is seeking additional assignments in the AU Park/Spring Valley and surrounding area. She has cleaned for us for several years on a regular basis. She is a young, vigorous woman who is hard-working, efficient, honest, trustworthy, dependable, punctual, cheerful, accommodating and sweet-natured. She leaves our 3-story, 4-bedroom AU Park house sparkling after every regular cleaning visit. She always cheerfully follows instructions for special cleaning needs with good grace. She is also very careful in her work and in all the years has never broken or damaged anything in our house. She speaks and understands English perfectly adequately for all necessary communication and instructions. Her energy and self-motivation are remarkable and she works hard and continuously, without supervision, from the moment she arrives at our house until the time she leaves. She drives her own car and does not require transportation of any kind. In the years she has cleaned for us she has never missed a scheduled assignment for any reason. I can unreservedly recommend her for any home-cleaning assignments. She is presently available for additional home-cleaning assignments in our area. She can be reached by telephone at 703-231-3080 or by e-mail at Clacegasa@aol.com. Alec McRae admcrae@rcn.com June 2009

Due to us moving overseas in August our housekeeper/cleaning lady/nanny of four years is looking to fill her work schedule Monday through Thursday (flexible hours, but mornings preferred). We never thought, we would find somebody that we are 100 % happy with, but we did in Elba Lopez. We are a family of five, and had three kids (including a set of twins) within three years. Elba has saved our lives every day during that time. She did our laundry, kept our house clean and organized, she did our shopping, cooked for the children (baby food of all kinds), she was our backup in any imaginable respect, and is meanwhile more a family member for us than she is somebody that we employ. Elba does not need to be instructed - she just sees where the work is. She has a great love for children, and children for her, she is fluent in English, legal, drives, is very smart, knows Washington and approaches every job with great energy and determination. Our house was always a happier place, when she was with us. She impressed us in any respect, and we very much hope, she finds one or more great family/families to work for. Whether you are looking for a cleaning lady, housekeeper, nanny or a combination of all, here is the person to talk to: Elba Lopez, cell (301) 996 2637, e-mail: jsoccerdc@gmail.com. Please also call us, if you have questions: Nicole Guenther (202) 615 1151. Nicole_guenther@yahoo.de July 2009

My excellent housekeeper, Carol Ramirez, is looking for an additional day or two. Carol has worked for us since we moved to AU Park in 2006 (she came with the house) and is a hardworking, honest single mother. She takes care of our dog when she comes and is a wonderful person. Please give her a call if you need a hand at 240.793.9228. Thanks so much. Sally Cox sscox13@gmail.com July 2009

Excellent, responsible and dependable housecleaning husband and wife team has some available time. They have worked for me for many years. Call Hilda at 202-277-5290. Susandrobis@aol.com September 2009


If any of you are considering adding insulation to your houses to mitigate the harsh winter we'll probably still get, I would recommend Dan Roberson, owner of Quality Insulation, in Silver Spring.  Phone:  301-257-4116. Dan came in last week to increase my attic insulation to R49, the DOE recommended level for this area.  Dan and his crew arrived on time, spread tarps over all the floors and furniture that might be affected, and did a very thorough job.  He told me what was good about what I already had and also what was not, and how he was going to improve it.  In addition, in looking at my basement he showed me several points where I was getting air infiltration and at no extra charge, he sealed those points for me. He is a gentleman who personally checked all the work areas before leaving--actually bending over and picking up stray bits of insulation that his crew had missed. I'm happy to recommend him, and note that here is a man who proves that "customer service" is not an oxymoron. Ben Okner b.okner@pobox.com January 2009

For those seeking to reduce their energy bills and want additional insulation in their homes, I'd like to recommend Dan Roberson of Quality Insulation, LLC. Dan was highly recommended on the Cleveland

Park listserv. He came to my house this past Saturday to look at the job, recommend what should be done and propose a price. He reorganized his schedule to come to my house this morning (two days later) at 7 am to do the work. He and his crew of two additional workers worked efficiently and finished the job at about 9:45 am.

While his crew was working, Dan did several things around the house to better seal it from the elements. He did not charge anything additional for this service. He was very personable and professional. I highly

recommend him. His telephone number is 301-257-4116 and his email is drober8192@verizon.net.

David P. Frankel slovakdc@starpower.net February 2009

I'd recommend Colin of Cleveland Park Remodeling - this company does excellent work, and is good at discussing your needs and figuring out the best solution at a price you are ok with. That's been my

experience. Colin Delzell, 202-321-0045, colin@clevelandparkremodelin.com Kopal Barnouin-Jha kopalb@gmail.com February 2009

I want to recommend Dan Roberson for any insulation work (someone else gave his name on this posting).

He carefully re-hung falling insulation in my attic, after convincing me I did not need to remove and replace it for thousands of dollars as suggested by another company. At the same time he wrapped some chronically freezing pipes in my neighbor's basement and would hardly allow her to pay him. He did a great job, was courteous and honest and willing to do jobs of any size. Dan Roberson Quality Insulation, 301-257-4116. Allison Hampton barnes.hampton@erols.com February 2009

For home insulation installation, I recommend Dan Roberson, owner of Quality Insulation, in Silver Spring (he serves the DC area too). Dan's phone# 301-257-4116. He and his crew did an excellent job of installing new insulation in my home in Dec. 2009. In addition, he plugged some heat leaks in the basement using foam and applied new insulation to our radiator pipes. He had the lowest price of any contractor I called. His customer service was phenomenal. Dan was able to schedule an estimate and the actual work within a week of when I contacted him. I now have an attic with R49 rating insulation that looks nice too- like freshly fallen snow. I am sure the minimal costs I paid for the insulation will be earned back in energy savings within 2 years. Sincerely, Scot sbholliday4@yahoo.com December 2009


Shari Daniels in Bethesda at 301-654-1654. Company name is Dzyn Studio, syd4dzyn@aol.com.. Lisa Berger Lberger728@aol.com


We used Rick's Iron works last year, when we purchased a new wrought iron stair railing. They arrived for the estimate on time, the rail was installed in the original time frame specified and the technicians who installed the railing were very detail-oriented. We will definitely use them again and recommend them to others. bethmring@yahoo.com April 2007


A couple of weeks ago I asked for recommendations for jewelry appraisers. Many thanks to all who responded. I haven't yet contacted any of the several good leads provided, but here are some excerpts from the responses. Lorie Leavy AU Park LLEAVY@email.usps.gov May 2007:

The only jewelry appraiser in the metro area who is a senior member of the American Society of Appraisers is Lynne Loube in Bethesda. Her number is 301-656-2081, email lintat@erols.com. She has been appraising for over 30 years and has an outstanding resume. I used her in 2005 to appraise a number of pieces from an estate. I believe she will work with you in a number of ways, but she was very reasonable.

I have used Boone & Sons since 1971. 301-657-2144, Chevy Case, 1 block west of Wisconsin Ave, across from the Somerset. Darryl Boone is the owner. My parents bought jewelry from his father, Dan Boone, whose shop was downtown. In 1971 the family opened the shop in Chevy Chase.

I have taken pieces to Boone & Sons in CC and they have done a great job for me in the past.

I am in the market for the same service. I did get an "eyeball" appraisal from Boone & Sons who were very nice and said if I would like an official appraisal done; the cost would be $50.

A long time ago, I used a woman whose name was, if I am remembering correctly, Anita Diamante. She was very good. She used to work in-house at Tiny Jewel Box, but had left to do independent work. I got her name from them. She is/was in Takoma Park (I think the Maryland side), so you could Google her or check the phone book.

I was very happy with Esterman Estate Jewelers in White Flint mall. I can't remember what it cost (it's been a couple years), but they were very helpful assessing the value of an opal ring.

I highly recommend Tom Terpilak, at Metro Gem Consultants, 7315 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda, Md. If you Google him you will see why.

I have used Penny who was recommended to me by Tiny Jewel Box. She is reasonable and fast.

I highly recommend Judith Weinberg, 301 681-8678, in Silver Spring. The key to designing a jewelry piece, I think, is working with a jeweler who will take the time to help you get just the right setting. Judith is very knowledgeable, reasonably priced and a delight to work with. Nancy Stanley  January 2009

I can highly recommend Emma Villedrouin who lives here in DC. Emma was one of the artists we featured at the Trunk Show put on by the Smithsonian Women's Committee at the National Building Museum last fall. Her work is beautiful. You can check out her web site emmaville.com. Good luck. Kay Springwater rkspringwater@starpower.net January 2009

If you like contemporary jewelry, I recommend you talk to Denise Graham. Her designs and use of materials are wonderfully creative and eye-catching. She lives on 44th Street, phone 966-9040. She has Parkinson's, so it can be a little hard sometimes to understand her speech, but it hasn't in anyway affected her talent. Janet Bachman jbachman47@gmail.com January 2009


I recommend Ecker's Clock and Watch Repair located at 8010 Norfolk Ave., Bethesda, 301-652-0549. Mr. Ecker retired, but the young man who took over has repaired several antique watches for me. It doesn't happen quickly, but he does very good work. Dennis Beaufort and Kathryn Ray kcrdlb@bellatlantic.net

For excellent jewelry and watch repairs at low prices, I recommend you see Cory Hyon in the lower floor of Rodman's at 5100 Wisconsin. Aaron Epstein aajacks@starpower.net

If anyone is looking for the fantastic watch repair person from G.C. Murphy's he has relocated in the basement floor of Rodman's. Jennifer Rose jenrose1@yahoo.com

Watch Repairs: been going there all these years!! Basement of Rodman's; if there was an award for a great and deserving local small business (rents space from Rodman's, I think) this is it. Rick Servatius watashiwah@yahoo.com October 2006

I've used Ecker's in Bethesda with good results. Ecker's Clock & Watch Shop, 8010 Norfolk Ave., Bethesda, MD 20814, 301-652-0549. David Schmucker March 2009

I used Ecker's and while he repaired the watch he was TERRIBLY SLOW and it was almost impossible to get an estimate as to when the work would be ready. I would keep looking. Sscox13@gmail.com March 2009

I used Kensington Clocks, 10426 Armory Ave, Kensington MD 301 942-3794. (Corner of Howard Ave, just behind the Safeway). Repair quality was good, although the repair was not cheap. Charles Pfleeger chuck@pfleeger.com March 2009

They have done nice work on my watch and have a good reputation. I'm pretty sure they also do clocks. Gold N Time, Inc., 1742 Connecticut Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20009, phone: (202)-328-8700. Dvater4527@aol.com December 2009

The best repair shop we know -- and used recently -- is the Kensington Clock Shop at 10426 Armory Ave., Kensington, 301-942-3794 or 301-942-3774. And be sure to take time to see their exhibit -- a museum, really -- of marvelous and diverse clocks for sale. Aaron & Jackie Epstein aajacks@starpower.net December 2009

I used Kensington Clock Shop for repair and servicing for a grandfather's clock for over 20 years and have always had excellent service. Dona Lenkin lenkind@mail.nih.gov December 2009

If you have an old and valuable clock, I would call Doug Whitesell. He lives way out in VA, but does come in to work on clocks at the White House and State Dept from time to time. He is excellent, is from a long line of clock restorers, appears on time and is very pleasant and interesting, etc, and I can't recommend him highly enough. He can be reached at 540-687-5550 and please tell him that I recommended him to you.

Barbara Dinsmore barbaradinsmore@msn.com December 2009


I use DC bulk trash pick-up. Jim clutch3906@yahoo.com May 2007

We have used 1-800-Got-Junk several times. They are not cheap, but they are reliable and careful, and they take small loads. Their prices are based on the volume of the stuff they take. Joanne Levine joannelevine@earthlink.net May 2007

Tenley Trash, Barney Schapiro, 202-364-9694. Compare his prices, may be less expensive. Doris Noble dnoble@mris.com May 2007


As far as tile goes, try Architectural Ceramics in Rockville. They have the best of everything. We got beautiful mosaic tiles there. You should call and make an appointment with a designer who will show you what you're interested in, help you with the ordering and put you in touch with a tile guy. Lisakrosenstein@aol.com October 2006

I strongly recommend Home Depot. As humble as they are, they nevertheless did a fantastic job for me and friends to whom I recommended their services. David Winn - dmwinn@starpower.net

Raabs Cabinet Shop did a fabulous job for us. That was many years ago, but friends have used them since and said they were still excellent. Their number is 301-340-7659. Tory Ruttenberg Vrutten@aol.com

Stas Wronka, the manager of HouseCraft, did major work on my home a year ago, and he was wonderful. Among the things he did was build a bathroom from scratch. I recommend him 100%. Ken Giles & Davida Perry kenanddavida@starpower.net

I had my kitchen completely remodeled a couple of years ago. I hired HouseCraft owned and run by Stas Wronka. They did a superb job. The workers were completely reliable and honest, i.e. no concerns about valuables in the house. Stas has an eye for detail and is a perfectionist. Among the bids I received for the job, he was in the middle. I would recommend them without reservation. HouseCraft is advertised in the Northwest Current--you may have seen the ad. The phone number is 301-249-4683. Ann Phillips APhillips@usaid.gov

We have a 1927 house on Fessenden St. We completely redid our 1927 kitchen last year. Keeping the 4 walls, but taking every thing down to the studs. Rudy (Watkins Cabinet) had done my sister's kitchen in Kensington a few years ago and he has done a number of kitchens of our friends. I never did get multiple estimates. He is expensive, but has a number of good things going for him. He is adamant about starting on time and finishing when he tells you he will. Our entire kitchen took 6 weeks. A 20' by 10' room and turned out beautifully! He also works with a number of vendors in the area and will give you a list of them. These are the people who will deliver products on time to your house when Rudy needs them. If you don't have a general contractor, he gives you the name of the one who works with him. It was a delight working with all of his vendors and his general contractor. When we checked the costs of products on the internet versus the vendors' prices, they were close if not less. The most important piece of advice is that you should have someone there all the time, not to protect your home but to make the daily small decisions that are not so apparent until the building starts. I highly recommend Watkins Cabinet, 301-428-8510. Rudy Day is the President, 18001 Sellman Road, Barnesville, MD. James Phalen james.phalen@verizon.net

In response to your request for a kitchen contractor I believe that you will be very, very, pleased with Innovative Kitchens & Baths, Inc. 301-585-2865 (ask for Robert Neri). They are the best! They have done several kitchens in this area. In fact one customer had them do a kitchen in another home that he also owned. I have seen the results of 10 or 12 kitchens they have completed and as a result they will be doing a new kitchen for me. Hope this helps. Louis Day louisaday@verizon.net January 2008


Thanks to all of you who provided me information on the man who comes around in a truck and sharpens knives, lawnmowers, clippers, etc. His name is John Vecchiarelli and his phone numbers are 301.935.4730 or

cell 240.463.0506. He welcomes all business! lenkind@mail.nih.gov July 2008

Tool Grinding Services - John Vecchiarelli, 301-935-4730. John has taken over from his father, Tony, who was a real neighborhood institution and who died a few years ago. John drives around the alleys in the original green van, ringing his melodic bell. Visits AU Park, Pallisades, Cleveland Park, etc. Call to find out what days he is in your 'hood. Barbara Dinsmore barbaradinsmore@msn.com October 2008

Strosniders in Bethesda sharpens knives and tools, including lawn mower blades. ACE Hardware in Tenleytown sharpens knives only. Janet Bachman jbachman47@gmail.com October 2008


For preparing soil and seeding lawn - Try the people we use: Lapinski's Landscaping, Inc., per Eric Lapinski, Tel. 301 924 0104. Dr. Melvin Blecher MBiplaw@comcast.net - September 2004

Try Jack Spencer, 301 384-3285. Does our twice a year yard and gutter clean-up. Does landscaping, etc. emahar@cpcug.org - September 2004

Kevin Kernan 301-587-5115. Say that Cynthia sent you, please. Although Kevin lives in Maryland he only works in the Tenleytown area. Cynthia Grant grant@rand.org February 2005

Jack Spencer, 301 384-3285. He was recommended in a previous community newsletter. I contacted him but unfortunately hired someone else before he called back, which he did with reasonable prices. Susan Ellis Ellisss@state.gov April 2005

The best & most reasonable gardener/ landscaper you will find is a lady from College Park: Janet "Walkin' Dove" Koles at 301-474-2461. She is intelligent, a real worker, and as honest as the day is long. I've known her for 25 years, and when she's not working, she's volunteering for the Boy Scouts, square dance teams, teaching Sunday school, etc. Richard Bienvenue ourhous@bellatlantic.net

My mother hired a Master Gardner to take care of her garden and is extremely pleased with the work. Amanda Ramirez has been working in this neighborhood, Georgetown and Kenwood for many years and has excellent references. She landscapes beautifully, starting with clean-up and goes through planting and mulching. She then continues to care for your garden throughout the season if you so desire. Her charges are very reasonable. 301-330-9260. Amy Bauer Abauer4600@aol.com

Re: landscapers and patio installers -- Happy to recommend Mark Willcher, who does lovely work and is a fine man to boot. Mark Willcher & Co., 10486 Parthenon Ct., Bethesda 20817. 301-320-2040. Pager: 301-507-7952. Tombethell@aol.com

For a good yard man, who can weed, trim tall hedges, edge, cut down big bushes, etc. I would highly recommend Reginald's Landscaping. He mows, clips, plants and what ever else you might need. He does great work. He has lots of customers in AU Park. Larry Williams lwindc@starpower.net

In response to an inquiry about underground irrigation systems, we had one installed by Heads Up, a Maryland company, about 10 years ago and its been working trouble-free ever since. They also come faithfully to winterize the system (the pipes have to be blown free of water) and to start it up although one can easily do the start up one's self. Unfortunately, I've mislaid the telephone number. Mel Blecher Blecherm@aol.com

We use a lawn service which is very good. The guy's name is Paul Stadtler and his prices are very good. He mows for basically everyone on our block. Phone 301-460-0719. Real nice guy and dependable. Ann Schweitzer August 2005

Just thought I should tell you that I tried three of the lawn/yard work people recommended in the report on handymen and all proved problematic - Mr. Larry Williams wrote back that he does not do yard work; Kevin, whom I sort of know from the 'hood, was very hard to pin down and then in the end never turned up when we was supposed to and did not and has not called; and Hernandez and Daughters' number has been disconnected. Sorry to have to report this but thought you might want to know. Mary P. Haney mhaney@bigplanet.com August 2005

My husband and I have used two people found through your newsletter - cabinet maker Geoff Seeley and gardener Serena Fossi - and have been thrilled with the work of both. We called Serena, in fact, just a couple weeks ago, soon as I spotted her note in COMMUNIT-E. She's wonderful and has transformed our mess of a yard in just a few hours - and at a very reasonable fee. Thank you again, for making these referrals possible. Sandra_sobieraj@peoplemag.com

Recommendation for good yard work person: mowing, landscaping, mulching, etc., uses natural products; environmentally friendly. Tom Kniezewski (Green Grass Cutters): 610-413-3808 cell; GreenGrassCutters@yahoo.com www.enviro-mow.com Leonard@tenleytown@yahoogroups.com

Gilberto is great. He does our lawn and cleans the gutters among many other things! You can contact him at 301-949-6941.
VivianaLopezGreen@tenleytown@yahoogroups.com October 2005

I can recommend Mark Willcher & Co., 10486 Parthenon Ct., Bethesda MD 20817, 301-320-2040. Mark has worked with us for years, and he's great. Tombethell@aol.com February 2006

The absolute best landscape designer -- gifted, open to understanding the desires of her customers and with very reasonably prices, is Barbara Balman. Tel: 202-237-8622. We vouch for her unconditionally. Laura Garcés Fischer laura.garces@verizon.net April 2007

I can highly recommend Renee Hernandez for gardening and yard work. He can cut grass, but his skill is keeping your garden and yard looking great - making gardens, mulching, weeding, trimming, cutting tree
limbs. Please call me for a reference - 202-537-0111 or call Renee directly to schedule him - 202-368-3064. He has done my yard for two years and the improvement is noticeable. Renee is a native Spanish speaker, but speaks enough English for us to communicate - please speak slowly and he gets it every time. Mary Siegel
marysmithsiegel@yahoo.com  July 2007 

I would like to recommend a very hard working and effective gardener Renee Hernandez. He will also do general yard work, mulching, weeding, mowing, trimming, cutting tree limbs etc. You can call me, Will Bruno,
for a reference at 202.669.0280 or you can call him directly, Rene Hernandez, 202.368.3064. Renee is a native Spanish speaker, but speaks enough English for us to communicate, just speak slowly and he understands every time.
wbbruno@yahoo.com September 2007

I would like to add that I was also very pleased with Renee this summer. He kept my garden looking beautiful during my 6 weeks absence. Elizabeth Rurak burus1@verizon.net   September 2007

I am writing to recommend a man who has been helping us lately. His name is Emmanuel Fotso, he is from Cameroon and speaks mostly French but some English, is legally here in the US with a permit to work. He is having trouble getting a fixed job, but is an excellent gardener, can do painting, other handy work, etc. I found him through Casa of Maryland, and since then, a month or so ago, he has been doing work for us, but we do not have anywhere near enough work to keep him busy all the time. He is reliable, quiet, hardworking and I would be very happy to try to help him get more work. I am also trying to get him a "real" job at Howard University where I am a professor, but in the meantime, if you or anyone you know might need this type of help, please spread the word. His number is 301-586-5893 and I am happy to share more if anyone would like. My email is harmelings@aol.com and my cell number is 202-361-2177. Susan Harmeling May 2008

We use M. Bros. Service.  301-592-0972. Our whole block uses them. Every Thursday they cut and trim our lawns. The cost is $23.00 a visit. If you have extra needs you can request it also. Jen Rose jenrose1@yahoo.com July 2008

Another standout worker for yard work is Renee Hernandez. He can be reached at 240-498-2594. Mary Siegel marysmithsiegel@yahoo.com December 2008

I have another entry to the Landscape Design section of COMMUNIT-E: "Bent Branch Landscape Design.

Designing custom landscapes to beautify your home's surroundings. Designs incorporate homeowner needs, site-specific conditions and plants best suited to meet all requirements. Plant palette includes many native plants. Installation service available. Education: Certificate in Landscape Design from George Washington University (2008); Candidate for Master's in Professional Studies in Landscape Design (Specializing in Sustainable Landscapes), May 2009. Contact: Rasma Plato, 240-899-8773 (mobile)" I have used Ms. Plato's services and am very satisfied with the results. She puts her whole heart into her work. Aija Blitte aijacelb@aol.com February 2009

We have used Field of Dreams for several years now, and we have been happy with both price and quality of the yard work.? Call (301) 762-3261 and ask for Norbert.? Or, his cell phone is (240) 286-2721. Susan Beale copingptnr@aol.com February 2009

Last month I used Renee Hernandez. He can be reached at 240-498-2594. He was great! Came when he said he would, did an excellent job and was reasonable. I had him do the clean up, mulch and some pruning. I had gotten him off the Communit list. Dona Lenkin lenkind@mail.nih.gov April 2009

I also want to endorse Renee. He does work for us both inside and outside our house. He is extremely reliable and very reasonable. Claudia Taubman cltaubman@earthlink.net April 2009

Try Dan Murray --The Avante Gardener (202) 550-2339. Michele Crown michelecrown@hotmail.com March 2009


Wills & Estate Trusts - I have had a good experience with John Dedon, at Odin, Feldman & Pittelman, PC. He knows his stuff, is very pleasant, and will take the time to walk you through everything as many times as you need. He's not in the AU area (he's in Fairfax, VA), but he does travel. Office number is 703-218-2131, email is John.dedon@oflplaw.com. Good luck. Julie Katzman JKatzman@starpower.net March 2007

Concerning lawyers who do wills and estate trusts, I've had good work done by Quinn O'Connell, Jr., at 5100 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Tel. 537-1820. James Carroll, former Northwest DC resident. JCar456618@aol.com March 2007

Wills & Estate Trusts - I'm a retired tax judge and current mediator/arbitrator. I recently worked on a probate case with Karen Byrne, Halberstein & Byrne, 705 D St., SE, Washington, DC 20003, 202-543-366. She was extremely competent in the matter of wills and trusts, and had a lovely manner as well. I feel comfortable recommending her, and her fees are reasonable. Carolyn Miller Parr carolynparr@hotmail.com May 2007

I am an AU Park resident who has worked with a variety of trust and estate lawyers over the years and can without hesitation recommend our neighbor Julia O'Brien at Furey Doolan and Abell. David Huffman davidhuffman@msn.com May 2007

Wills & Financial Planning - I'd recommend Paul Cromelin. He's the estate lawyer for everyone in our family and does a very good job. He especially understand the needs of people living in DC as our estate taxes are uncoupled from the federal estate tax structure and therefore need special planning. His contact information follows: Paul Cromelin, Attorney-at-Law, 4910 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Suite 215,Washington, DC 20016 (202) 364-4242 x14; E-mail: pcromelin@craighillmayfield.com Erik Gaull esg25@columbia.edu January 2008

Wills & Estate Trusts - Stephanie Grogan, 5907 Mass. Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20816; 301-263-9467; sgrogan@groganlawoffices.com She's terrific! Beth Johnson p-johnson@starpower.net January 2007

Wills & Estate Trusts - We use Virginia MacArthur and like her very much. 857-3434. An old friend of ours who is a very reliable guy -- Aidan Jones -- also does estate work. 293-2386 Katharine Kravetz

Wills & Estate Trusts - This is the web site: www.mikecollins.com. The lawyers we used were Phil Kenny and Dan Kaplan. My husband liked Michael Collins because he was a grad of Notre Dame. Pat Shea

Wills & Estate Trusts - A former colleague has left a larger firm to form his own solo practice, and I'm pretty sure that he handles that kind of work. Great guy: The Law Office of Raymond T. McKenzie, Esq., 2101 Gaither Road, Suite 160, Rockville, MD 20850 (301) 330-6790; Fax (301) 330-6791 ray@mckenzie-legal.com Good luck! Diane L. Hartley

Wills & Estate Trusts - Debbie Cohn at Paley/Rothman: http://www.paleyrothman.com/practices/Estate_Planning.php Joanna Rom

Wills & Estate Trusts - I recommend the attorneys at Craighill, Mayfield, Fenwick, Cromelin & Cobb, L.L.P., in Spring Valley (4910 Mass. Ave.) They are great. Fred Vinson

Wills & Estate Trusts - I have had an excellent experience with Mr. Nestor Cruz of Carr, Morris & Graeff. He can be reached at the following: nestor.cruz@verizon.net ncruz@cmgpc.com tel. 703-256-4109, tel. 202-789-1000. Therese Fergo

We were recommended a wills and trust lawyer in Gaithersburg by a friend who works for the NEA where he spoke a few years ago. She was impressed by him and particularly by his prices, as she had had a will done recently. We had a will made by him a couple of months ago and were very pleased both by his obvious knowledge (and we knew a lot about wills and trusts beforehand having gone through this before 10

years ago) and the price, which was very reasonable. It is a small practice just off Frederick Road (Rockville Pike extended although best reached via 270). He was good at determining what was best for us and although we thought we were knowledgeable told us about this type of will that we had not heard of before which seems a good compromise for us between a trust and a will. Of course you need to go out to G'burg! But it was all very efficient with about an hour first meeting and then an email review for changes and then up there for signing. I would heartily recommend this small firm (small but there are others in the practice so you don't worry about anyone dying and forcing you to find someone else to settle the will). The lawyer's name: Gerald Gimmel, of Gimmel, Weiman, Ersek & Blomberg, 4 Professional Drive, Suite 145, Gaithersburg, MD 20879, 301/840-8565, www.gweblaw.com Barbara Turnham

Wills & Estate Trusts - Virginia McArthur. She's great. She teaches the subject to other DC lawyers in the DC Bar's Continuing Legal Education program. That's where I ran into her. Anne Bailey

Wills & Estate Trusts - I recommend the following lawyers. I've worked with them in the past: Tarrant H. Lomax, 4530 Wisconsin Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20016. 202-364-4220. And: Quinn O'Connell, 5100 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20016, 202-537-1820. Jen

We just had our whole package (advanced healthcare directives, financial powers of atty, trust, wills, etc.) done by Stefan Nicholas, and thought he was great. The work is done at a flat fee, and he's extremely personable and knowledgeable. He's moving offices, but as of Monday, you should be able to get through

to him at: Jackson & Campbell, P.C., One Lafayette Centre, South Tower, 1120 20th Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20036. The main phone number is (202) 457-1600 and the fax number is (202) 457-1678. Sha Lepore

I used Catherine Rafferty who lives in AU Park. She helped me with my will and estate documents. Very good, efficient and nice to work with. Catherine Rafferty, Law Offices of Catherine Mary Rafferty, 4801 Yuma Street, NW, Washington DC 20016. (202) 244-0608 Telephone; (202) 246-8445 Cellular; c-rafferty-11@alumni.uchicago.edu Coletta Kemper coletta.kemper@ciab.com November 2008

Wills & Estate Trusts - I can recommend the lawyer I used for the same things:  Quinn O'Connell.  He's right in our neighborhood, in the building above Rodman's, 5100 Wisconsin, suite 514.  Phone = 537-1820.  He interviewed me thoroughly to find out what I needed and wanted, shared personal experiences, and did a great job.  Janet Bachman jbachman47@gmail.com November 2008


We recently used Bob Lennox of Lennox Lock Service and were very pleased. We first contacted him on the basis of an excellent rating in the Washington Checkbook and found that it was well-deserved. His number is 703-527-2932. Steven Gross gross2@phil.upenn.edu

Good locksmith: Liberty Lock and Security. I have called on Rick several times over the many years, simply because his best friend is my best mechanic for 15 years. I figured good people stick together. And so, I was right. You probably will not see Rick himself, he is the big guy. But I am sure the employees are up to his standards of honesty and customer service. Anji Henderson vual7@yahoo.com

A locksmith who is extremely good, experienced and AAA rated: Maye's Home-Auto Locksmith (Tech-Owner: Gerry) Phone: Office: 703-551-4109; Home: 703-271-1970. I hope this will be useful to the person who was in search for a locksmith. Francis D'Silva Fds3987649@aol.com

I heartily recommend using Tivoli locksmith, (202) 829-9222. His superb work saved me hundreds of dollars in repairing (instead of replacing) locks on my front door and two interior doors. Mikej3612@yahoo.com June 2008

I just had locks replaced by A A Locksmith Service, 3103 N 10th St #140-S, Arlington, VA, 703-521-4990. I found them through Consumer's Checkbook, where they had been check-rated for quality and seemed about

average in price. They were able to schedule me for the next day with no emergency surcharge--a big plus--and the locksmith himself was pleasant, neat, and full of good advice. I would definitely use them again. Lorie Leavy lleavy@email.usps.gov October 2008

For the record, I had a very satisfactory experience with the guy at Wheaton Lock Service (301-949-7277). He appeared at my NW DC house exactly when he said he would, and fixed the lock (i.e., didn't try to sell me a new one) for a reasonable price. That was three years ago, and the lock has worked fine ever since. David Winn hdcwinn@verizon.net November2008

MASONS - (Stone & Brick)

I used a company called Alfredo's Construction (703-698-0060) to do some brick mason, and I was very pleased. Truscott, Michael michael.truscott2@usdoj.gov September 2006

I've had a lot of brick work done over the years, and always used Virnel Allen. He does great work, though he's not cheap. He's also a grumpy old man, but the quality of his work makes up for it. Mr. Allen's phone is 202-429-0324. Janet Bachman jbachman@aiadc.org 2005

We can add our voice to the recommendations of others for John Coronas, who now calls his business J.C. Pride Construction. John is an independent businessman - a very nice gentleman from Portugal who does excellent work, charges reasonable rates, and comes when he says he will or calls to change the time if he can't make it (!). He does other work as well - we had him do some drywall work at the same time as the masonry work on the chimney. Richard Abbott abbott1229@verizon.net December 2006

John Coronas, 301-946-6318 or 301-674-3343 (cell) or 301-838-1070 (pager), is an excellent brick mason. We and many of our friends have used him, with fine results. He is very busy and not always easy to reach. Dr. Melvin Blecher MBiplaw@comcast.net February 2005

Call Stefan Martin, a local guy who lives in Woodley Park. Mr. Martin has received many awards for his outstanding abilities. He is best reached by cell phone at: 240-645-9480. Deborah Jane September 2006

I would also recommend Paul Sampogna of PASCO Construction, 301-208-3552. He has done excellent stone and brick work for us (on Brandywine) and some of our friends as well, and has a very long list of projects that he has completed in the neighborhood. jxs@vnf.com February 2005

I would highly recommend A. Volpe & Sons. They did a great job on my slate walkway. (And that of three neighbors as well). They were very reasonable as well. 301-345-7743 Beth Kravetz September 2006

Just had similar work done well by nice man named Roosevelt Daniels and his crew, our flagstone walk has loose stones, some cracked, and some just loose from the cement. Mr. Daniels did a clean efficient job, completing the project in a timely fashion and for a reasonable price. You can reach him at 202.547.0186. Donna DeSilva rjodmd@comcast.net July 2007

I highly recommend Manuel Mansilva. He has done work at our house (corner of Harrison and Western). He did a stone patio in our backyard, just finished up new stone covered retaining walls along our driveway, has done several cuts for new window openings in our brick, and is getting ready to do our driveway. He does great work, has great taste, and reasonable prices. You can reach him at 301-439-4350 (phone) or 240-398-7239 (cell). Elizabeth Cunniff Snee snee_elizabeth@bah.com July 2007

Stone walkway: Whoever was asking for a recommended stone contractor, I strongly recommend a third generation Italian stone mason with whom I have worked for over 25 years in my construction engineering profession. He has done beautiful work on churches, office buildings, residences, and countless other structures involving floors, retaining walls, etc. He replaced the walkways on my home and several others in this neighborhood. He is Mario Volpe: office 301-345-7743/ FAX 301-345-7828 / cell 301-641-1042. Al pa2consult@aol.com April 2008

I'm posting this to recommend Stepfan Martin, a stonemason who has now (1) repaired and repainted my basement walls; (2) reconstructed my fireplace; and (3) installed flagstone pavers on my cellar steps. Mr. Martin is cheerful, resourceful and reasonably priced. His skills are varied, and I also intend to have him refinish my interior hardwood floors. I have been delighted with all aspects of his work and consider him a real find. I recommend him without reservation. Mr. Martin's numbers are 202/489-7633; and 631/838-8437. Please call me if you need additional information. Nancy Stanley redrufus818@yahoo.com May 2009

An enthusiastic thumbs-up for stonemason Bobby Murray, 240-432-8651. He was recommended by friends and surpassed our expectations. Fine workmanship, pleasant, open to suggestions, reasonable prices. He just finished our front walkway & retaining wall. You're welcome to see his excellent handiwork! --Laura & Tim Marginata, 4114 Ellicott Street NW. laura@marginata.com November 2009

I recently had similar work done on my house at 4527 Fessenden St. The work was very professionally done by a father/son team, John & Bernie Moorkamp out of Chantilly, VA. The father, Bernie has been doing stonework for 64 years! They do excellent work and do it all themselves; no "crew" is let loose on your property. This type of work is custom and not cheap, no matter who you choose, unless, of course, you want substandard work done. I had 6 steps leading up a hill form the city sidewalk done, a winding walkway of about 35 feet done and a 2 step stoop and small porch ending at the front door done. The first step of the stoop was demolished and replaced due to a tree limb underneath it. The total cost was $8,500. I initially balked at this until my landscaper told me what was involved and potentially how bad the job could be botched. Most pieces of stone have to be cut at exacting angles. It took the two of them 9 full days of labor. I was very pleased with the job. Walk by and take a look if you wish. Don Vater dvater4527@aol.com November 2009

We just had our front steps/walkway repaired by A. Volpe and Sons, 301-345-7743 who were recommended on the COMMUNIT-E list. They were very responsive, well-priced, and did a beautiful and thorough job. I give them a big thumbs up. Sara Jones sjones4420@aol.com November 2009


I have used the following wonderful massage therapists and highly recommend each of them: Luann Fortune 202-244-2420 (I have been going to her for 14+ years, smart, terrific massage therapist); Christine Davis 202-244-1383 (I have known Christine as a massage therapist and yoga teacher at Circle Yoga for 4 years); and Joann Checchi 202-244-4669 (I have been several times to Joann when Luann is unavailable, she is wonderful). Annie Mahon annie@circleyoga.com March 2007

I have a very wonderful massage therapist, his name is Irwin Hoenig and he also does cranio-sacral massage (I believe he even teaches that) and somato-emotional release. He is constantly going to training seminars,
he's just really on top of his game. This is his contact info: Irwin Hoenig 301-604-2172 email:
idh4@juno.com. Connie Kurihara jerry_kurihara@yahoo.com March 2007


I wanted to let people know if they are looking for a mover, DO NOT use Garrett Moving and Storage in Maryland. We had horrible problems with a small move from just a few blocks away - they loaded all the furniture so sloppily that almost every piece of furniture we have was damaged. They were totally

non-responsive to follow up, rude, and managed to avoid service of a complaint by moving business locations. I have heard good things about Gullivers. Elizabeth Schickedanz elizabeth_haile@hotmail.com Feb 2004

Metropolitan Moving and Storage LLC 301-279-0090 ask for Jon he is one of the co-owners they moved us and did a great job and he and generations of Neal's are from Cleveland Park. Nelson Jacobsen nelsonjacobsen@yahoo.com September 2006

My husband and I just moved from our house in AU Park last week (alas, to Bethesda!) and had a terrific moving experience. We used Mullen's Transfer & Storage (tel: 202-829-6676, contact Mike Mullen), a family owned company in DC. I received several quotes for the move (from Mullen's, Beltway Movers and Commonwealth Movers) and chose to go with Mullen's based on their rating in checkbook.org, references I spoke with, and price (they gave me the best quote by far, and it was for a fixed price). It was a great choice for us. We had not one hiccup, not one damaged piece of furniture or box, and the guys on the team were friendly and courteous. I would happily use them again, and believe they serve both local moves and moves on the East Coast. Maria C. Kozloski Mkozloski@ifc.org July 2005

I have just completed a local move with Mullens Transfer and Storage Co (202-829-6676 or 202-667-5360), a DC firm that has been around for many years, and would like to recommend the company to others. I did my homework first in the Washington Checkbook where they were highly rated. The movers were courteous, competent, well-supervised, and the price was reasonable. The estimate was accurate and a representative of the firm came to my home first. I was impressed. Jennifer Ward mali2name@yahoo.com September 2006

Nice local mover: We have been pleased with Multiple Services in Glover Park. Owner Mike Reidy is honest and nice and has a hard working crew. We've depended upon him for years and would be happy to give him a reference. Mike Reidy is on 202/342-9356. Kathleen McLynn kdmclynn@starpower.net

We used Town and Country to move here in DC and to move our daughter from San Francisco to Philadelphia. They did a very fine job for us. We also have recommended them to friends who said they were very satisfied. Town & Country Movers Inc. 7650 Rickenbacker Dr., Gaithersburg, MD 301-670-4600 Jim Holway JHolway1@starpower.net

I do want to recommend someone who does small moving and hauling jobs, whose name I forwarded to a subscriber to Communit-e. Actually, he can do handyman jobs as well, or if he can't, he'll recommend a friend who is reliable. This man is: Rodney Young, 202-291-5152. He can put up curtain rods, etc., and minor carpentry; he recommended a painter and a plumber. Kay McClenon kayandpaul@erols.com

If you've seen Sidney Balman play football at Wilson you'll know he can haul. Sidney, a friend and their trucks are also available to haul after school and on weekends, anything from old junk to fresh mulch to new furniture. Longhorn Hauling 202 237-8622. Andrew Sherry andrewsherry88@yahoo.com October2008

I highly recommend bargain movers. They are local and have been great in moving my home as well as a business move. They are reliable, their guys move with a purpose and were very careful with my furniture.
http://www.bargainmoversinc.com/ Bargain Movers, Inc., 102 S Frederick Ave., Gaithersburg, MD 20877, Phone - 301.990.0227, Fax - 301.990.6217, Luis Cardenas Jr., General Manager. Armando Musto Armando@chevychasecomputers.com November 2008

I highly recommend Metropolitan Movers, Tel 301-279-0090 Office, 202-294-4579 Cell. Owner Jonathan (Jon) Neal more than meets the criteria of courteous and careful. He has provided excellent and personalized service to my clients. Jon is also a big supporter of Friendship "Turtle" Park. Susan Jaquet susanjaquet@aol.com November 2008

Call Nelson Castro at 703-955-9954 or 703-508-3211.  I have used Nelson for so many moves now -- he is like family.  Nelson and his team can certainly take care of any of your moving needs.  Just as an FYI, he used to work for Theodore's in Georgetown delivering and assembling furniture.  I give him my highest recommendation.   Shelley Cohen scohen@ameresco.com October2008

I've used GREAT SCOTT many times over the past 15 years, from a major household move from cap hill to NW, to smaller items like pianos and heavy glass dining tables. they are careful, friendly, easy to work with and I thought their rates were good. 301-699-2066. (Unable to determine writer's name or email.) November 2009

Just wanted to second the recommendation for Great Scott -- we've used them twice in the past few years and they're fantastic. The Great Scott movers have been punctual, hard-working, and careful with our furniture (including a piano) during each move. I think their prices are reasonable too. Susanna Chu schu24@yahoo.com November 2009


I recall someone asking about a good piano instructor. I recommend Victoria Wyatt, phone - 703.914.0690; e-mail - rvwyatt@msn.com . Please tell her how you heard of her. Thanks! She is known as a fine performer, teacher and adjudicator. As a performing artist, Wyatt has appeared in such venues as the Kennedy Center's Terrace Theater, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, the Phillips Collection, the Smithsonian Institution, and the Arts Club of Washington. Many of her former students now enjoy professional music careers. Jared Hughes JHughes@methodisthomeofdc.org

I recently started taking guitar lessons at Middle C Music http://middlecmusic.com/ after not touching a musical instrument since high school. My instructor's name is Dennis and I highly recommend him. Stephen Voss steve@stephenvoss.com October 2006

I HIGHLY recommend Michael Sheahan, located on Nebraska Avenue in Chevy Chase, DC. He is an excellent teacher of both guitar and piano. His number is 202-686-0772. Silvana Dias
alexdias@juno.com Oct 2006

My wife Heidi and I highly recommend piano teacher Ruth Rose, who has taught our daughter Catherine (now aged 11) for the past four years. Following a short, unsatisfactory experience with another teacher,

Catherine has had a very happy, productive time with Miss Rose, which has included mastering a varied repertoire and performing in quite a few recitals and competitions in the DC area. Ruth Rose, who was

trained in Amsterdam, has a degree from John Hopkins' Peabody Institute, and is well-known on the Washington-area performing-artist scene, is now accepting enrollments for the fall. She is conveniently located near the Van Ness Metro Station. Her phone: (202) 362-2493. Please e-mail (hdcwinn@verizon.net) or phone (202-364-4350) us for further details. David Winn June 2008


Alex Santos -- Alex & Sons, via the Northwest Current. Michelle & Ren LeRouzes gators1@erols.com

Recommended house painter (interior and exterior) and drywall guy: Arturo Arauzo (Arturo Painting). He and his guys are punctual, do a fine job, and cost one-third to one-half less than the usual neighborhood "big names." He came recommended from another neighbor, and has done several jobs for me. 301-949-7363, or pager: 301-403-5168. David M. Winn dmwinn@starpower.net

Arturo Arauzo did a great job on the exterior of our house last year. His crew is mostly his family and they did a quick, neat job for a good price. He also painted the inside of another neighbor's house and they liked the work as well. His contact is: 301-949-7363 or 301-403-5168. Ed Mitre edwardmitre@gmail.com Oct 2006

Jones Bezerra is a painter who has done good work at a reasonable price for us. While he is primarily a painter, he can do just about anything around the house. His contact info is cell: 240-388-1570; home: 703-660-6983. amybnhoang@aol.com October 2006

I would like to recommend a house painting/cleaning service I have just used to do major cleaning and repainting of an apartment rented for 20 years. The husband has been a professional painter for 17 years and his wife has done housecleaning for even longer in the DC area. Our next assignment for them is repainting our own living room! CECILIA & NELSON CORARRUBIAS TEL: 703-913-0379 or Cell 703-362-9822. I have the highest praise for them. Their rates are reasonable, their work very professional (showed up when they said they would, got the job completed as and when promised, cleaned up every night, not noisy while working, etc.) Sarah Horsey shorsey@erols.com March 2005

Danny Rodgers (City & Suburban Decorators) Laura Roth roths@sprintmail.com

I used Edson of E.G. Painting (a one-man show, but he sometimes hires an additional helper), last summer and am very satisfied. He painted inside and outside, carefully, with good clean-up. His cell phone number is

240-876-2191. Feel free to tell him I gave you his name. Lesley Shneier Lshneier@worldbank.org

I would like to recommend an excellent house painter: Roberto Gramajo, whose firm, R&G Painting, Inc., is licensed and insured. I have never in all my 28 years of home ownership in the District been so pleased with any contractor as I have been with him. He is meticulous, punctual, honest, hardworking, and reliable, as well as courteous, professional, and personable. My house is a wood frame colonial built in 1923, and requires high maintenance on a regular basis. It has been painted many times, but never with such care and detail - and at a very reasonable, fair price! And on schedule! If you need exterior or interior painting, please give Roberto a call at 202-243-8789 or 202-907-8349. You may also call me at 202-966-9244, as I am more than happy to be a reference for him, or drive by my house and take a look for yourself at an example of his work. Kenneth Heisler KDH20016@aol.com July 2006

I have used Tim Gribbin as a painter for interior and exterior work. His phone number is 301-982-9863. GSReb@aol.com

I highly recommend a licensed and bonded painting company called Gut Painters, specializing in residential work, plaster and drywall repair, wallpaper removal, interior and exterior painting, power wash of siding and decks, cleaning gutters. They are honest, reasonable and very hardworking. Call Willie Gutierrez 410-381-4699 or 410-381-4658, or email at gutsan09@netscape.net. Anthoula P. Gianniotis apg@alphatecpc.com

Cris Asimakopoulos of H&A Paint Inc. -- 301-942-1140 Elinor Green Hunter egreenhunter@juno.com

We recommend Alberto Hernandez who has done a lot of work for us. His number is 301-537-6564. ASCHWE4527@tenleytown@yahoogroups.com September 2005

We highly recommend Elmer Herrera for both exterior and interior painting. He also does excellent prep and repair work on plaster and can help with other stuff too. His home number is 301-962-8936. His cell phone is 240-508-2873 (assuming there's been no change since last year). Steven Gross and Micki Chen StevenGross@tenleytown@yahoogroups.com September 2005

We just had a great experience with Mike Magor, who repainted several large areas and did extensive touch-up work to correct a disastrous job by another painter recommended on this list (avoid Mike Johnson!). Mike M. is fast, precise, neat, considerate, and thoroughly pleasant to work with. We hired him on an hourly basis because of the disjointed nature of the job, but his total charges worked out to less than the other bids we received. Our work was all interior painting, although he does exteriors too. His number is 202-483-8432.

Lorie Leavy - lorie.leavy@usps.gov June 2006

Painter recommended: I just used Sun Lin and his crew to paint the inside of my house. They did great work - 4 rooms, 2 bathrooms and a ceiling in just 2 days. I got two estimates and his was cheapest - and compared to what some of my friends paid, much cheaper for all that I had done. Here's his number: 703-243-3096. Jcapper@worldbank.org

Would you please add my painter to your list of recommended workman? He is William Rodas at 240-848-6906. He did both interior and exterior work for me and is excellent painter. Judith Downey jydowney@hotmail.com March 2007

Rony Sanchez 202-669-7046 and his family did excellent work painting the interior of my home, power washing the exterior, painting the trim to my home, and staining/sealing my deck. His bid price was significantly lower than the next lowest bidder. His crew only works nights and weekends, which is convenient for those who work during the day. If you have questions, e-mail me vze2ww92@verizon.net December 2004

I highly recommend J. Francisco Sorto, a house painter who has worked for us for a dozen years. A true professional, Mr. Sorto takes justifiable pride in his work. He does thorough preparation - scraping, sanding, caulking - and his work is meticulous. He is also completely trustworthy - we feel comfortable leaving him alone in our house. Many of our neighbors have also been pleased with his work. His prices are at the higher end, but quite reasonable given the quality of his work. Phone: 301-434-3660. Joanne Levine joannelevine@earthlink.net

A great interior painting recommendation: no wallpaper and no exterior. They said they were the best and they'd be the most expensive. They are definitely the former and came in cheapest of 4 rather expensive bids. Superb quality: Washington Painting Company, 7106 Westmoreland Rd., Falls Church, VA 22042-2534; 703- 849-8200; Fax 703-849-8211 Bill Rogers bill.rogers@bigfoot.com

We just used Miguel Gutierrez for exterior painting and porch repair. He does masonry as well. He did great work for a great price, was easy to work with and very reliable and conscientious. Miguel has multiple recommendations on the Consumers Checkbook site. He can be reached at 202-316-4770. Kaid Benfield noguru81@aol.com September 2007

I had a very bad experience with University Painters ("UP") on an exterior paint job, so I strongly recommend against hiring them. Their bid price was reasonable, but the way they operate is that they keep the first half of the negotiated price, which must be paid before the work begins. Then they turn the job over to a sub-contracted painting crew to whom you pay the other half when the job is done. After taking the first half, UP basically disappeared from the scene, leaving me to work out any problems I might have with the foreman of the contracted work crew. UP did not supervise the outsourced work. In essence, I paid $4,000 for a $2,000 painting job, with UP having no more involvement in it other than the original salesmanship. There were many problems with the job: (1) the foreman had a crew of 8-9 day laborers and told me he expected to complete the job in one day. It is impossible to supervise a crew of that size and paint an entire house in one day with any degree of quality workmanship. The work was sloppy at best. (2) I came home to find them painting in a light rain. When I asked them to stop work for the day, the foreman assured me that the rain was not a problem and continued working. (3) They used regular external paint on an outdoor porch floor. When I suggested they use porch paint or floor paint, which is much more durable, the foreman acted like he had never heard of it. (Consequently, the porch floor began flaking off within two years.) (4) The crew cleaned their brushes in the middle of my front yard, leaving big patches of lawn burned by chemicals. It took two years for new grass to fill in. University Painters say they guarantee satisfaction, but if you are not happy with the job, the only thing you can do is withhold payment from the hired crew, basically low-paid immigrant workers. I strongly object to what I feel is exploitation of the workers. Since they are only receiving half the money, they inevitably will cut corners. At the least, for the amount of money I paid for the job, UP should have supervised the work themselves. Elinor Tucker elinor_tucker@yahoo.com April 2008

Re: University Painters: We also had a BAD experience with said painters, particularly re their attitude and their tendency to disappear in the middle of a job. I would certainly not recommend them. Mary Haney mhaney@bigplanet.com April 2008

We have had excellent results with Renzo Stucchi. We first used him in the mid-90s after soliciting bids from a few different firms. We have a painted brick home; he pressure-washed the masonry, used a masonry

primer/sealer before painting, and scraped-primed-painted the wood trim. He also removed the storm windows and cleaned them, and repaired several cracked panes in our upstairs mullioned windows. We have

subsequently used him to strip wallpaper and repaint a couple of bedrooms and to repair/repaint damaged plaster in a bathroom. His phone number is 301-963-9716. Thanks, Rick Dulaney dulaner1@westat.com July 2008

I highly recommend Bayardo & Martha Villavicercio (240-731-7797) for inside as well as outside work. John Henry Wheeler wheels-dc@att.net July 2008

My wife and I have used Cesar Carranza (MCY Painting) several times over the past 4-5 years (we own a rental apartment). He does quality (attentive to the finest details) painting. We have found his prices fair. His phone number is (240) 432-5960. We highly recommend him. Richard Nugent/Eileen Kane ranugent@aol.com November 2008

I used Alberto Hernandez, a family business. They were terrific. 301.434.0040. Jackie Eder-Van Hook jleder@ix.netcom.com July 2008

I want to recommend a house painter named Walter Lopez. He just finished his second job for me. He is very neat, organized and did an excellent job. He can be reached at 703-269-7308. Mary Siegel marysmithsiegel@yahoo.com December 2008

Felipe Orosco, 240-604-6968, felipe@realpaintingandservices.com. I have used Felipe for interior and exterior painting on a number of occasions and have been extremely pleased. His prices are reasonable, and he and his crew do great work. Beth Johnson p-johnson@starpower.net April 2009

Re Alberto Painting - run, don't walk away from Alberto. He had done an OK/adequate, but not great job at our house a few times, but the last time was a real disaster. Paint all over the rug, a food stain on the rug from something they left there, they removed grass cloth wallpaper and then spackled and painted but as soon as the paint dried it was apparent that they should have taped and used mud on the drywall as the joints are all obvious, many places where they used paint that was either thick or old or used old, hard brushes, as window sills and other trim have brush marks everywhere, and the list goes on and on. There were too many guys working in such a small space and time was of the essence for them, not quality. I would never use them again and advise against anyone using them. Barbara Dinsmore barbaradinsmore@msn.com July 2009

We thoroughly recommend MBS Painting Company, Proprietor Crofton Alexander for every kind of interior and exterior residential painting. We have used MBS many times over the years for both exterior and interior painting of our house in A. U. Park and we have always been very happy with the quality of the work and the fair price. Crofton can assemble a large or small crew of expert house painters as needed. He is punctual, well-organized and finishes the job on time, as promised, causing a minimum of inconvenience to the residents. His workers always clean up thoroughly at the end of each work day. He is flexible in choice of paint and colors and will work with you to get just the right effect you want. We cannot praise him too highly. Crofton can be reached as follows: Office: 301-390-3760; Cell: 301-343-5075; Fax; 301-390-3760. We will be happy to give personal recommendations and answer questions, on request. Alec and Chahnaz McRae admcrae@rcn.com October 2009


I called the DC rat control office and they sent a guy out with heavy duty rat poison. If that's a problem, call the GT exterminating people at 338-KILL. They can set cages with bait, etc. They removed the beavers from the Tidal Basin. NancyLeRoy@aol.com

www.washingtondc.gov/mayor/customer_service/services/rat_abatement.shtm "The Office of Vector Control is responsible for abating the current rat population throughout the District. Areas with reported infestations are investigated to determine the specific location of the rat problem (alley, front yard, back yard) and treated depending on the outcome of the inspection. Rat infestations should be reported immediately to the Citywide Call Center at 727-1000. A service request will be put into the Hansen tracking system, and the caller will receive a service request number." Buddy Yingling buddydc1@msn.com

I have had excellent service from AT&R Trapping, run by Phil Ardizzone, 301-625-7900 or 301-681-3965. He is wonderful and does his best to humanely trap all kinds of animals. He regularly takes ones that can be saved and releases them in appropriate areas. He also works with the fabulous wildlife rescue sanctuary in Gaithersburg called Second Chance Wildlife Center (www.scwc.org). You would be in excellent hands if you hired Phil and his company. Mary Rowse merowse@aol.com

Alan Cohen of Bio-Logical Pest Management 237-7509. Used "organic" approach to getting rid of wasps. Kelly Rubenstein Rubacats@aol.com

I recommend Alan Cohen, Biological Pest Management, Tenleytown cell: 202-237-7509; biopestman@aol.com; uses nontoxic/less-toxic substances; reasonably priced. They're very good and they try to use nontoxic methods. Leonard Rosenbaum leonardleonard1@earthlink.net December 2005

I use Capitol Beltway Termite and Pest Control (tel: 301-657-4480) for my home. They are located at 5455 Butler Rd, Bethesda, MD 20816 (behind gas station near River Road and Little Falls Parkway). Susan Jaquet December 2005

For your termite problem, I highly recommend DIXON Termite. Their phone number is 202-882-6565. John Hoke john.hoke@longandfoster.com April 2005

I have used Terminix for years to deal with termites, and found them very helpful and pleasant to deal with. Feel free to mention my name as a long term customer when dealing with them. Lesley Shneier Lshneier@worldbank.org

I can recommend Ward Pest Control, 703-532-3506, for removing mice from your home. They set out traps and carefully inspect the inside and outside of your home to find out where the mice are getting in, and then seal those spaces. They will even come back to check the traps and remove the dead mice. We have also used the company for years for termite inspections, and their personnel are very responsible. Joanne Levine joannelevine@earthlink.net September 2005

I can highly recommend MR Bugs in Glen Echo. Mike (the owner) is excellent. Came, thought through what was a difficult problem, came back and solved it and did quite a bit of follow up on his own. Their number is 301-229-7200. I can recommend them without reservations. Connie Rhind Robey C_rhind@yahoo.com September 2007

I use Colonial Pest Control Services, owned by Richard Langis. I recommend him without hesitation. I am a real estate agent and I use him personally and have also recommended him to many clients. I use him all for my buyers' termite inspections with complete satisfaction. He provides all pest control services, not just termite. He is responsive, on time, knowledgeable and nice to work with. If he does a termite inspection it is under warranty for one year. My business partner has used him for over 20 years. Office: 301-468-7337; Cell: 301-4426084. Marjorie Johnson, Evers& Co Real Estate 301.332.8040 mjohnson@eversco.com September 2007

I have been using the Maryland Termite & Bug Co. (14650-E Rothgeb Drive, Rockville, Md 20850) for quite a few years and am very satisfied with their thorough service. Their phone number is: 301-294-0800.

Aija Blitte aijacelbl@aol.com June 2008

If nothing else, I suggest you get at least three estimates. Several years ago I had a problem with carpenter ants, and the estimates varied widely between the three companies I consulted. Orkin wanted to do some fairly extensive chemical operation around the house. Terminix wanted to put a tent over the house to really exterminate the pests. Finally, American came and they said the problem was not severe and that I could simply use a can of pesticide control around the base of the kitchen porch, which is where they were coming in. I took the last suggestion and it solved the problem, at no expense to me except the cost of the pest spray. It also didn't involve any chemical applications inside the house. I'm sure there are "greener" approaches today, but I would say don't trust the first company you consult. Elinor Tucker elinor_tucker@yahoo.com June 2008

Capitol Pest Control 301/657-4480?? got rid of termites years ago for us and now comes once a year to inspect -- though we have not had any problems since the first time. S. Kranz sallygkranz@aol.com June 2008

I highly recommend Mike Roark at MR Bugs. Phone number 301-229-7200. We have had a number of different things come up and he's solved each one quickly and accurately the first time. (I had not had that experience before finding him). He was also a lot less expensive than our other efforts, although I haven't used anyone else in several years. Connie c_rhind@yahoo.com June 2008

I use Alan Cohen (BioLogical Pest Management)? … he uses only eco-friendly extermination techniques. His contact information follows: Full Name: Alan Cohen; Company: Bio-Logical Pest Management, Inc.; Business Address: P.O. Box 9578, Washington, DC 20016; Business: (202) 237-7509; Mobile: (202) 669-6363;

E-mail: biopestman@gmail.com. Erik Gaull esg25@columbia.edu August 2008

I use Connor's Pest Control, 202-544-5600, for mice and ants. They have an excellent plan that covers a broad range of potential and actual pests. Nancy LeRoy nancyrleroy@rcn.net November 2008


BOARDING KENNEL- You could try Mountain Run Kennels (see the beautiful pictures on http://www.mountainrunkennel.com/pages/sports-and-exercise.php ). We have known the owner, Jane Kelso, for about 15 years, and our furry babies have been impeccably treated. The landscape is beautiful, the kennels very clean, and the staff always so pleasant and kind to the dogs -- We would never leave our puppies anywhere else. Phone number: (540) 547-2961; (800) 547-2961 Laura Garcés Fischer laura.garces@verizon.net August 2008

BOARDING KENNEL- We highly recommend Mountain Run Kennel (http://www.mountainrunkennel.com/)

and Jane Kelso. We have known Jane for 14 years and have been wowed by her amazing kennel and knowledge. In fact, Jane is the breeder of our five-month old yellow lab-a joy! Kerry Hannon kehannon@aol.com August 2008

BOARDING KENNEL - - Neighbors of mine have warmly recommended "Affectionate Pet Care" in Fairfax Station, VA. Jenny Bland jcrabland@hotmail.com August 2008

DOG TRAINER - If anyone is looking for a dog trainer, I have interviewed (and heard good reports) about Bark Busters. You can read about the training methods at www.barkbusters.com and The Northwest Current ran a story about Bark Busters on January 25th. Bark Busters was started in Australia and provides in home training throughout the world. The Web site describes the method as mimicking canine communication and relies on non-physical means. The method can be used on any dog, any age, with any problem, and all training comes with a life-of-the-dog guarantee. There is a dog behavior quiz on the Web site. The local trainer is David Sundland at (577)-224-2239 or sundland@hotmail.com. Gina Trippi sgtrippi@gmail.com March 2006

DOG TRAINER - David Schmucker recently posted an announcement regarding his dog training services. I enthusiastically recommend David and encourage any dog owner looking for help to call him. Over the past year, he has helped us innumerable times with tips and strategies for training our now 14-month old cockapoo. I've seen David take uncooperative dogs of ALL sizes - who were pulling on their leashes or jumping up on their owners (or others) - and within minutes have them responding to his directions and walking calmly beside him. His own dog, Tessie, was a rescue with behavioral issues who now acts like a modern-day Lassie. He's our very own dog whisperer - knowledgeable, caring, and patient. His web site is http://www.sidewalkdogtraining.com. Phone is 202-276-5100. You can email him at David@sidewalkdogtraining.com. Kip Gregory kipgregory@msn.com August 2008

DOG TRAINER - David Schmucker is a wonderful trainer. He is calm, patient, & dedicated to helping owners enjoy their canine companions to the fullest - in as few visits as possible. His visit to us was a pleasure, & very successful. To fully understand his philosophies & "style", visit his website: sidewalkdogtraining.com. Start enjoying your relationship with your dog in its best potential - no more pulling, food grabbing, etc - whatever your issues are, David will address them all, & show you how to have a well behaved dog that will be welcome anywhere. Call David, if you have any questions, or I'll be happy to share my experience. Ann C. salem27104@starpower.net April 2009

DOG WALKER - We use Puppy Love Pet Sitter. The walker in AU Park is named Brian and is very nice and very dependable. They charge $15 a walk for a half hour walk with just your dog. The owner of the company is Josh and the number is 337-8456. We've used Puppy Love now for 3 years (2 years in Dupont and one year here) and have never had any problems. skropf@att.net

DOG WALKER - My fabulous dog-walker (also my yoga teacher) is available to walk dogs in upper northwest between 9 am and 5 pm. Modest grooming also provided. Leave a message at 202/244-8093. Jo March redrufus818@yahoo.com March 2006

MISSING PET - When a pet is missing, contact D.C. Animal Control (run by Wash Humane) at 202-576-6664 and report it missing. Someone there will check the log they keep of "found pets" to see if anyone called in a found report on the animal. Also try Sherlock Bones (http://sherlockbones.com; or 1-800-942-6637) which is highly effective in reuniting pets with owners. Darnot@aol.com

SITTER - For another pet-sitting resource, we have used Animal Crackers for many years now. Very trustworthy & attentive to your pets. (They will also take out trash, turn lights on & off, water plants, etc.). You can contact Beatrice at 202-321-1463. Melinda Halpert mjh925@yahoo.com March 2005

SITTER - We use Tails of the City. They charge $15/visit and write a report on their experiences with your pets! www.tailsofthecitydc@aol.com Andrew Strasfogel squasher@starpower.net November 2008


I highly recommend Ben Hansen as a piano teacher. He comes to my home to teach my two kids but has several adult students as well. He plays for a chorale, was classically trained at Yale and is a lovely guy. FYI, he will give a trial lesson for free too. He can be reached at benhansen00@hotmail.com. Carla Koppell August 2005

Vincent Ling has done a wonderful job with our piano for years: vincentling@juno.com 410-531-2230, 410-428-8111 (mobile). Kate McLynn kdmclynn@starpower.net January 2008


I would like to recommend a picture framer. Allen Custom Framing on Wisconsin, right next to Krupins, is great. It's a family owned business that's been framing for 90 years. They are fair and have a great eye for just the right frame. Janice FitzGerald janfitz@starpower.net

The framers on MacArthur Blvd near the Animal Hospital and across from the Safeway. They are excellent. Sue Schumacher sue.schumacher@longandfoster.com January 2008

I use Framers' Workroom at 4431 Wisconsin Avenue between Albemarle and Tenley Circle all the time. They will either custom frame for you offering a wide range of frames, mats, etc and excellent advice or they will prepare the materials for you and assist you in doing it yourself. Check out their website - www.framersworkroomdc.com for their hours and other information. Kay Springwater rkspringwater@starpower.net January 2008

I recommend the Watergate Gallery and Frame Shop, where I have had several pictures framed. Dale Johnson, the owner, has a huge selection of beautiful frames. She has a real eye for putting together the right

combination of matte and frame to make a picture glow, and is willing to take the time to listen and work with you. Watergate Gallery and Frame Shop, 2552 Virginia Ave NW, 338-4488. Eve Moscicki emoscick@mail.nih.gov January 2008

I have used the FRAMERS WORKROOM for many years and they are extremely knowledgeable, very helpful, and excellent. They are on Wisconsin Avenue at Albermarle, across the street from the ex-Tenley Library. Barbara Dinsmore barbaradinsmore@msn.com January 2008


A very good plumber we have used for several years is John E. Barry Co. They are in the yellow pages. Good work, fair to the consumer, reasonable rates and usually right on time. We have an old house which has needed lots of plumbing work (such as replacing water pipes) over the years. Cheryl Browning Pavukmatt@aol.com

We've been very happy with Joseph Bauer Plumbing. The guy who's always sent to our place is named 'Kenny' -- he's been great. Steven Gross Gross2@phil.upenn.edu - September 2004

Jose Bustillos is a plumber I know personally as well as through his services. I highly recommend him. He is at: 301-674-6333. John B. Mahaffie jbmahaffie@coatesandjarratt.com

We have used Thomas Clark Plumbing for the last several years and have been generally satisfied. Their # is 202 966-3900. ocracroake@yahoo.com - September 2004

I'll second Thomas Clark - I have also used them for several years - in the spring, they replaced our garbage disposal and I've been happy with it. Stacey Marien samarien@yahoo.com - September 2004

My family has relied on Thomas E. Clark, Inc. for plumbing and heating for 40 or 50 years. It is a fine firm, with reliable, well-trained staff. Recently the company gave us another reason to praise them: the hot water heater at my parents' house in Bethesda conked out. It is quite old, so my dad figured it was time to replace it. He called Thos. Clark and asked them to send someone out with a new heater. When the plumber examined the old heater, he said there was a "pin-point leak," easily repaired at a fraction of the cost of a new hot water heater. Thomas Clark can be reached at 301-608-0550. Michele Bond BondMT@state.gov

Based on Tenleytown neighbors' recommendations, I had the Thomas C. Clark Co. at my house last week and was not so impressed. I had two outside faucets that could not be opened. The plumber said he would have to break through walls to repair them. I said absolutely not. Fortunately, the plumber's apprentice agreed to take my suggestion: Loosen the faucets gently with a wrench and grease them. They now work fine. But had I acceded to the Clark plumber's recommendation, I'd be in for over $1,000 in plumbing and wall repair costs. I'll try another company next time I need a plumber. Aaron Epstein

I have used W F Collins for twenty years, and they have never let me down. Phone number is 301 654 9294. Talk to Maggie, she's wonderful. Mention my name if you like. Margaret Beveridge MGBPA@aol.com December 2005

I highly recommend Kirk Durance, Durance Plumbing. We had exactly the problem you are describing (leaking shower). Kirk was able to respond to our call quickly, did the job competently, and was reasonably priced. We used him on one other occasion and were very satisfied then as well. Kirk's contact information is: 202-359-4015 or 202-270-6663. He was originally referred to us by the realtor from whom we bought our home. Mark Carter mwcarter@rcn.com May 2007

I wanted to share the name of a really good plumber. He used to be with a large company and has now started his own. He has solved many plumbing "issues" for us in the past. His name is Matt Wilson and the company is Flowright @ 202-543-8232. Very dependable, pleasant, neat and affordable. Ann Schweitzer August 2005

We use Matt at Flowright-great guy with good prices. 202-543-8232. ASCHWE4527@AOL.COM Oct 2006

Honest, reliable and my plumber for over 22yrs: Marbea 301 871-5642. Doris Noble Doris Noble dorisnoble20016@yahoo.com October 2006

We called Sanford Kremer Plumbing to fix a toilet because we saw them recommended in this forum. The technician couldn't - or wouldn't - fix the problem - he didn't even know the right names for the parts of a toilet - and instead made an aggressive sales pitch for a new toilet, a $600 'rebuild', and a comprehensive service contract for all our heating and plumbing. It cost us $59 for a service call just to get him to go away. Eventually John Flood Plumbing fixed it for about $120, with a 10 year warranty. Victoria Elliott elliott.victoria@gmail.com January 2007

Paul and I have used an independent plumber, Donald Schwartz, 301-596-7378, for several years. His truck is his office and shop. He comes reasonably promptly, is pleasant, neat and effective, and charges somewhat less than most plumbing companies do. You can phone me at 202-363-4581, or contact me by e-mail. Kay McClenon kayandpaul@erols.com

I have used and heartily recommend a plumbing company named Smallenbroek. Check their listing in the Yellow pages; their DC phone number is 237-6400, I believe. Herb Hagerty Hahagerty@aol.com

For several years we have been very happy with David Stang & Son, 301-926-1462. Joanne Levine joannelevine@earthlink.net December 2005

We just had a very good experience with Master Plumbing: found them on Angies List: MASTER PLUMBING & MECHANICAL, SILVER SPRING, MD 20910; (301) 650-9100; www.masterplumbing.com Tony Kane tonyandxiaofang@yahoo.com February 2008

There are many good plumbers on the community list of service people. Our top three, at least at last leak over a year ago, are: Doug Seiler at W.F.Collins, 301-654-9294; James Mabie at American Residential Services (formerly Dorsey Plumbing), 301-927-7100; and Jose Bustillos, 301-674-6333. Aaron Epstein aajacks@starpower.net February 2008

I would highly recommend Tom Lopresti Plumbing (301) 420-6589. The company has done both large and small jobs for us and has always offered reasonable prices and performed excellent work. Virginia Howard Virginia.howard@usdoj.gov February 2008

We are very happy with both Collins Plumbing (301-881-2370)and Clark Plumbing (301-608-0550). Phyllis Kokus, 45th St. pkokus@aol.com February 2008

I would like to recommend Donald Schwartz, 301-938-3260. He has been listed in Communit-E several times. He has done work for me. You can give a call if you like. Dick Reed, 237-2599; cell: 841-3718. Dickreed1@rcn.com February 2008

Try Rolando Alfaro, A&R Plumbing, 703-798-3486. Jeffrey Fox jeffandf@aol.com February 2008

I have been dealing with Sharys Plumbing in Cabin John about a water pump. They have been incredibly helpful: returning my calls quickly; faxing me info on many options; very pleasant on the phone. I have been impressed! 301-515-1422. On the other hand, I am thoroughly unimpressed with Peterson Pump and Plumbing Co. in Kensington. Very poor follow-through and expensive. Elizabeth Daerr egdaerr@starpower.net April 2009

I recently used Anthony Allen (301) 877-2019 (cell 301-787-8812) to drain my water heater. I was very pleased with him and would use him again for other jobs. He charged by the job, not the hour, and was extremely reasonable. He was recommended to me by Kevin Rozier, an electrician who I also like. Kevin is on the Community Recommendations list. Kathy Smith ksmith1804@starpower.net July 2009

Kathy, Thanks so much for putting Allen's name into your newsletter. I had him in on Wednesday this past week. He did four jobs for me, the most serious of which was to move a section of copper piping away from a lead pipe which had corroded the copper and caused it to leak. He also replaced a set of faucets in a sink, flushed my hot water heater, and lifted a toilet, added two more wax seals and reset the toilet. The work took about four hours. The bill was $350. I gave him cash to go to Ace and buy the faucets. The bill for his labor was $350. What a bargain! I will use him and recommend him to clients a lot. He's a keeper! Linda Hughes lindahughes3@verizon.net July 2009


Rony Sanchez 202-669-7046 and his family did excellent work painting the interior of my home, power washing the exterior, painting the trim to my home, and staining/sealing my deck. His bid price was significantly lower than the next lowest bidder. His crew only works nights and weekends, which is convenient for those who work during the day. If you have questions, e-mail me vze2ww92@verizon.net. December 2004

I recently used Mardecks, who are located in Alexandria. They were efficient, tidy and nice although I do recommend that you bargain with them on the price. We knocked off $50 off their initial quote after doing so. AmyBNHoang@aol.com April 2003


HOME CONNECTIONS, a free referral service for all kinds of home repairs, etc. All of their referrals have been checked out, (kind of like Washington Consumer Checkbook). 301-565-5902 OR 1-888-POINT-ME. I have used a variety of service/repair people through them. Robmayers@aol.com

I've seen many requests for contractor referrals that may or may not have been addressed. With that in mind, I thought the community might appreciate knowing that there is a local company, called Urban Referrals, LLC, that exists to match homeowners and home improvement professionals. There is no cost for the referral, which is what caught my eye. I have used Urban Referrals for my roof repair/replacement, and it made the world of difference to have screened contractors recommended by a professional service. In case anyone is interested, here's the official description and contact information: "Urban Referrals is an organized network of highly skilled, pre-screened home repair and improvement specialists. They will connect you to a multitude of professionals who can assist you with any large, small or unique home projects such as home additions & renovations, painting, interior design, landscaping, chimney repair/cleaning, home computer systems and more! Best of all, there is no cost to the homeowner for using Urban Referrals' service. Urban Referrals is constantly updating their network of service providers and welcomes contractor recommendations. Please contact Marla Selko at 202.332.0848 with any questions, job requests or contractor recommendations, or visit Urban Referrals on the web at www.urbanreferrals.com." Email - marla@urbanreferrals.com Susan Baer baer@aclcinc.com .

Tenleytown Ace Hardware outsources its referral requests to a local company called Urban Referrals (www.urbanreferrals.com). UrbanReferrals does an extensive background check on all of the contractors

and service providers it refers. It's been a great source for us and our customers when we're not sure who to turn to and when we want multiple quotes for jobs. gina@loganhardware.com February 2008


We'd like to recommend Paul Hair with Action Roofing. Reliable, honest, competitively priced, and outstanding workmanship are all hallmarks of Mr. Hair. He has repaired and painted our roof, fixed leaky windows, improved our gutters (and even replaced old tiles on our porch at no charge). Clearly, he takes real pride in his work and is intent on building solid client relationships; it is truly refreshing to work with him. Paul Hair can be reached at 301-275-1545 (cell) or 301-292-6393. (changed to 6300?); also recommended by Nancy LeRoy (3/03). Stephanie Hellerman stephanie.hellerman@verizon.net

We just had Association Management install a new flat roof and deck at the rear of our house and were very pleased with the quality of their job and efficiency of their work (Association Management also had repaired portions of our slate roof and cleans our gutters, both of which they have done ably and inexpensively). Call 301/384-5677 and ask for Richard (let him know the Spigels recommended you). Jeff Spigel jspigel@hotmail.com

I've used Samuel Boyd & Son Roofers for years and have always been very happy with them. Phone is 301-386-4800. GMarieW@tenleytown@yahoogroups.com January 2006

Troy at D&M Roofing has been taking care of my steep slate roof, and gutters, for years and done good work at acceptable prices. And he's very reliable. His number: 301-948-0100. Lisa Berger

Someone on this list recommended D&M Roofing and I have had very good luck with them. Ask for Troy - 301/948.0100. Joe Pinder Joe.Pinder@mail.house.gov

In response to your request for a roofer, call John Gwynn on 301-530-6169. He is excellent and very reasonable. E-mail me if you want additional info or references - you won't be disappointed. David Howcroft howcroft@msn.com

I recommend: Maggio Roofing, 6476 Sligo Mill Rd., Takoma Park, MD 20912, 301-341-4666, Steve Piccirelli. John Canon jcanon@earthlink.net

We had the absolute worst experience with DiMaggio Roofing Company. I would stay away at all costs. We
are working with the BBB. Connie Kurihara
jerry_kurihara@yahoo.com January 2007

As I recall, Maggio Roofing did a good job replacing an asphalt roof on our Florida Room when I lived in AU Park. And the price was reasonable too. Buddy Yingling December 2005

I had a very bad experience with DHI Roofing, located in Rockville. Beware. journalist@mindspring.com January 2007

I have another roofer recommendation - just had mine done by Tomlinson Company whose office is in Bethesda, but Tracy Tomlinson is our neighbor and he was very helpful. They do slate roofing as well as fiberglass (decided I couldn't afford slate, but nice to know they can do it). Their phone number is 301-913-9111. Mary McComb maryemc@yahoo.com

I am pleased to recommend this young man who is reliable, honest and an excellent worker. He is clean, quick, and a fine roofer. He is able to spot trouble before it happens, and his repairs are great!!! His prices are fair. George Ugaz, Superior Home Improvements, 547 Pelican Ave., Gaithersburg, Md. 20877. Office 301-963-0329; Home 301-963-1528; Cell 301-537-7957 Hope Phillips hihope1999@aol.com January 2006

I wanted to recommend a really good roofer. He is: George Ugaz, 547 Pelican Ave, Gaithersburg MD 20877; 301-963-0329 (o), 301-537-7957 (cell). I found him right here in this newsletter a few weeks ago. He did the evaluation and repair work and it was a perfect job. The price was also very good. And on top of all that, he is a nice guy. John Natali john.natali@verizon.net April 2006

This is to serve as a very high recommendation of George Ugaz and his staff of Superior Home Improvements as outstanding roofers! Not only is George a pleasure to deal with, he is also highly professional, a good communicator, on-time, and a very hard working individual. His staff worked diligently in replacing a shingle roof on my home and garage, as well as installing incredible new gutters. My house now looks as good as new! I whole-heartedly recommend his business to anyone seeking roofing, gutter replacement or cleaning, painting or window replacement work. His information is as follows: George Ugaz Superior Home Improvements 301-963-0329 - office georoof1@hotmail.com Bette Land betteland@hotmail.com August 2006

I recommend George Ugaz, a great roofer. I had George out to my home recently to take a look at a leak. He is very knowledgeable and it is a pleasure to do business with him; genuinely a nice guy. Hire with confidence. His Office number: 301-963-0329; Mobile number: 301-537-7957 regbazile@hotmail.com October 2006

Aaron Roofing Service has done an outstanding job maintaining my slate roof for the past 20yrs: 301 681-7300. Doris Noble dnoble@mris.com September 2007

I can certainly recommend a roofer who did an excellent job repairing several rows of slates and the underlying woodwork in my porch roof a few years ago. However, he is the hardest person to reach! His name is John
Gwynn, phone number 1 301 865 5027. If you leave a voice mail he will eventually call back - I have been trying to actually speak to him for a week, but have finally given up on the telephone tag. If you are willing to persist, however, I can highly recommend his work. Jenny Bland.
jcrabland@hotmail.com September 2007

For the past 20 years, I have had annual inspections (with occasional minor repairs, + gutter cleaning, etc. by Jack's Roofing Co. Inc.(301-585-4985 ) I am not in DC right now; this number is on my laptop; they may have moved from Silver Spring to Rockville or Gaithersburg, but I'm sure a current Montgomery County directory will have their current correct number. They specialize in slate & tile roofs, and I have always been satisfied with their work. Steve Posniak sposniak@earthlink.net September 2007

For roofing repairs (and probably gutter cleaning, too): Superior Home Improvements (George Ugaz) 301-963-0329. Aaron Epstein ERLINK "mailto:aajacks@starpower.net" aajacks@starpower.net December 2007

As always I recommend Rose Roofing in Virginia for the repairs. Don't know about cleaning, but they might. But for repairs, they even made top in "Checkbook". Richard Clark biking2@yahoo.com December 2007

We just had our garage roof replaced and received a number of quotes from different sources. Home Depot provided the lowest price and by far the best value. They were extremely professional to deal with, and did a great job. I highly recommend them and am happy to answer any specific questions about the process. Mboyle1000@aol.com May 2008

I have THE most wonderful roofer! His name is Daryl Hawthorne at 301-370-2210. He replaced the slate on the back half of the house, where it was weathered. He had been patching it for more than a couple of years, but finally recommended that it be replaced. He also has been maintaining our flat roof. He is very conscientious and honest. (As an example, he telephoned us when we were vacationing in California to let us know that we had some rotten wood on the flat roof, and it would cost more than the amount he had

estimated so would it be okay to go ahead.) He even took pictures to show us the rotten wood he had uncovered. My husband and I were both very impressed with his care, and he has worked for us for a

number of years. Ann Ingram anningram@mac.com May 2008

We have a great roofer...have known him for 20 years and used him both for our home in AU Park and a weekend home in Rappahannock County. His name is Dave Roberson, and you can reach him on his cell

phone, 301-502-7777. Beth Johnson p-johnson@starpower.net May 2008

We want to thank everyone who recommended roofers. We recently used one of those recommendations, George Ugaz, and he was excellent, just as we'd been told in this list serve. Prompt, skilled, and very reasonably priced. We too want to add to his recommendations. His number is 301-963-0329 (office) and 301-537-7957 (cell). Mark Stein & Arlene Balkansky, abalkan@comcast.net May 2008

We had the worst experience with D&M Roofing and recommend that they be removed from the community recommendations list. At a minimum, they did very sloppy work, refused to own up to it and refused to fix the problem. We DO recommend George Udaz. We then hired George Udaz to fix the problem and I can only second all the positive things that were already said about him on the site. Soeren Mattke (362-3653) soerenmattke@yahoo.com July 2008

Thanks for the feed back on the roofer. Just wish more people would be very, very active on letting others know about the good and bad businesses that are in the area.  We of course will always stay with Rose Roofing.  They are a slate roof specialist and also extremely honest, fair, and have never had them return to re-do anything. It's always done right the first time.  Richard Clark biking2@yahoo.com July 2008

Rose is the gold standard, especially for slate roofs. D&M carried Washington Consumer Checkbook's highest rating for years. They did an excellent job replacing a porch roof for me about 15 years ago. Just goes to show, maybe the work ethic was better then, D&M stuffed the ballot for that high rating (not unheard of since I understand tradesmen have been found to be tooting their own horns right here) or I was just lucky. It is just as important for people to report bad service to others as it is to recommend. It's important in my view to be specific about the complaint, however. Linda Hughes 45th Street lindahughes3@verizon.net July 2008

Most definitely consider George Ugaz, the owner of Superior Home Improvements, whom I found through the Communit-E. In fact, you're welcome to contact me if you'd like to see my replacement gutters. He is dependable, honest, affordably priced and with a lovely demeanor. His info is: 301-537-7957; georoof1@hotmail.com Bette Land betteland@hotmail.com July 2008

We have had both our house and porch roof (both tin) replaced within the last two years. L & M Contracting (202-234-3951) did the job. It was done by two old-school trained roofers who are true craftsmen and take incredible pride in their excellent work. One of these magicians, Ron Stoner, has his own company, Meticulous Metal Roofing At 410-944-7601. I recommend them without any hesitation. Barbara Dinsmore barbaradinsmore@msn.com July 2008

Jack's Roofing just replaced our roof and we are very pleased with that company. We especially liked the foreman, John Wozney. The number is 301-585-4985. Out of four bids, they were the second lowest. We thought they had more experience than the lowest bidder. Kathy Smith ksmith1804@starpower.net May 2009

George Ugaz is a roofer who was highly recommended by this electronic letter. We hired him to install skylights and he did such a bad job that we have had to have the job completely redone by another company! From the beginning he caused us trouble not respecting timetables and he worked in an untidy and disorganized way. He seemed puzzled by working with slates and obviously didn't know his trade. Fabienne Spier spierf@georgetown.edu May 2009

David Gwynn, Gwynn Brothers Roofing, installed a new roof for us this summer: excellent work, fair price, and a pleasure to work with. His number is (301) 896-0028. Linda Bowdoin l.bowdoin2@verizon.net September 2009

One I can NOT recommend is AAron Service, which had been recommended by our community. They were argumentative, very costly and surly when asked to come back to recheck the job. Most unpleasant was the representative, who came in, involved my visitors and made himself at home very intrusively. Helga Ehudin heldin@aol.com September 2009

Skylight Repair - FGE, Fred Ess, 410-956-4934; General Contractor, Skylight Specialist, replaced five skylights for me providing clean, quality work at a reasonable cost. LCRosenman@aol.com December 2009


I can recommend Satellite Industries, Inc. (located in Maryland). Their installation representative knew what he was talking about, thoroughly explained the options available, and seemed to have good common sense about what was really necessary and what was not. Their prices were very competitive. Laurence Groner GronerL@pentagon.af.mil

We have used ADT since we moved back into our Chevy Chase DC house 12 years ago, and I have been fully satisfied with their services. I would strongly recommend, however, that you take their maintenance package along with the service. Ed Kane ermk@aol.com November 2008

I signed up with ADT but canceled within the cancellation period because the system they installed was ineffective. The motion detector did not pick up motion where it was aimed. The glass breaks didn't seem to

work at all (the installer and I tested this by breaking glass near them, to no effect) so I didn't get those.

Not only was the system ADT installed not working, but the sales people for DC (a separate company that get local customers and sells these accounts to ADT) use high-pressure tactics, such as repeated phone calls. They also offered incentives like ipods, etc. They also provided grossly inaccurate information about the system. And no one seemed to know anything about how to actually get the ipod ... as best as I could tell, it was just a gimmick to close the sale. Finally, I had to file disputes with my credit card to get the charges reversed, even though I had canceled within the period specified by the ADT contract. Finally, ADT contacted me to come remove the system, which was hard wired into my walls, after the 30-day period specified in the contract. I told them that they had missed their own deadline but that they were welcome to come get it, provided they would cover the cost of repair/paint to repair the areas that they drilled. They opted not to do that, either. So unfortunately, I had a very negative experience on nearly every possible point with ADT. The only good

thing I can say was that the installer was very pleasant. Elizabeth girlxdc@yahoo.com November 2008

Take a look at FrontPoint, a wireless system you can install yourself. Monthly fees are much less than the others, too. We recently had competitive bids from 3 vendors for our new school building, and FrontPoint came out ahead in many ways. We chose them. http://www.frontpointsecurity.com/ Philip Bogdonoff pbogdonoff@igc.org November 2008

Always two sides. We have had ADT for over 20 years and have had excellent service from them. Phyllis K. pkokus@aol.com November 2008


Phil Zlotnick at All Four Seasons also handled the contract to replace the siding on our house and garage. They also installed new shutters. Again, as with the replacement windows, the workmanship was excellent and the price was great. Phil's number is 301-580-9399. Bari Sedar sedarmail@aol.com June 2008


Try Sunrise Landscape Corp., 301-877-4001. They did a good job shoveling out several neighbors' cars. Joanne Levine joannelevine@earthlink.net


I highly recommend Jeff Gilbert at Chesapeake Wind & Solar, 7761 Waterloo Rd., Jessup, MD 20794
info@cwsenergy.com; www.cswenergy.com; 301-604-6288 (Wash); 443-733-1221 (Baltimore).

Philip Bogdonoff pbogdonoff@igc.org May 2007

Standard Solar is excellent. They also have an email newsletter and a website that includes updates on incentives. They did my installation almost three years ago. www.standardsolar.com. Jean Mammen jemammen@bellatlantic.net May 2009

Our experience with Standard was not that great. Further, the information on their website about incentives is dated and the MD info is no longer applicable. I would make sure you check around and get a number of estimates. We used Capital Sun in Cabin John for our Solar PV. We are very happy with the job. Sarah Morse morsekathan@gmail.com May 2009

Our information is that you can install solar panels on a slate roof, but it involves replacing some of the slates with more flexible faux slate, which is what our project proposes. A benefit is the shade provided by the solar panels actually protects the roofing material and extends the life of the roof. There is another approach, which is to replace the slate with solar slates, special technology that combines roofing material and collector in one product. There is a house on Fessenden done with solar slate. These are more expensive that the racks, but since you will be buying roofing anyway, it might actually be a superior option- just guessing, not an expert on solar. Before forging ahead on your own, it might be worthwhile to talk to Kirk Renaud of Common Cents Solar. They have a brilliant approach that involves group buying, which saves a great deal of the cost,

includes information without the sales pressure/bias, and gives the advantage of bargaining as a group instead of a one-time job .Common Cents Solar, 4330 East West Hwy., Bethesda, MD 20814. (301) 961-5940,

(301) 961-5943 fax. Kate McLynn kdmclynn@starpower.net May 2009

Having just gone through this process (well, last November) and gotten estimate from several companies including Common Cents Solar, I have a few hints and recommendations: First - get three or more estimates (most estimate are free, the only company that charged us for an estimate was Common Cents. They called

it an evaluation, but it produced the same report as the other three companies did for no charge; however, Common Cents will apply the fee to your system if you buy from them.) Second - Do your homework before the companies come out so you understand what you are getting. Every company sells different size panels and the panels are of different efficiencies. The most efficient system generates the most electricity. This was very important to us as we had limited space on our roof, so we wanted the most efficient system that we could get. If you have unlimited space, that might not be as important, but you should know this before you waste your time looking at lower efficiency panels. There is also a price difference as you move up in efficiency. Third - Ask questions on the phone before the contractor comes out so you know what the company sells and whether it suits your needs. Again - how important is efficiency to you and how much room do you have? Another question is what to do with your RECs (these are renewable energy credits that you can sell). Find out if the company will broker your RECs and what is their fee. Decide if you even want to sell your RECs (we don't at this time.) Fourth - Do your own homework on the incentive programs. Just google "solar incentives Washington DC" (or where ever you are). You will find a wealth of information about incentives. Call the numbers associated with the incentive programs and find out if they still have money to give away. DC has a great program, but I don't know if it still has money to give away. The money goes pretty fast. The Montgomery County property tax incentive has run out of money and isn't going to be re-funded for solar.

Fifth - go to a site like Solar-estimator.org or pvwatts.org. Solar estimator lists contractors and rates them. Both sites have a wealth of information about all things solar. Some of these things I did and some I wished I had done. I definitely wasted a lot of my time and contractor's time because I didn't understand how the system worked. One contractor told me that he could put panels all over my roof - 18 in all; however the other three I had out told me that "no, it wasn't possible to put so many up because my dormers shaded the roof for significant periods of time." Once I understood how the system worked, it was clear that 18 panels would be a

waste of my money. I was also misled by contractors about the incentives. They were not as up-to-date with the funding as they could be. Only one contractor told me that Montgomery County had run out of money (which was true as I verified with the county). The other contractors told me that the county would give me $5,000 tax credit. That would have made my system almost free! Too good to be true? Yes unfortunately it was! We ended using Capital Sun - they are a local company (Cabin John) and have been in the business for 30 years or so. Early pioneers. We have 2kW and we are very happy with the whole thing (actually, almost

giddy!). Unfortunately, we are now weather obsessed and all this rain is so much the worse because we can't make any electricity! Sarah Morse morsekathan@gmail.com May 2009


I'd like to recommend: Caterer, chef and home decor seamstress: Marla Gooriah. A fabulous cook who has catered several parties for me - very creative cuisine, generally with a multi-ethnic flair. Also is a great seamstress of decorative window treatments, tablecloths, pillows, etc. Very reasonable. 703-354-7957 Joanne Capper Jcapper@worldbank.org

Relojes Joyeria works in/behind the barber shop at the corner of Albemarle & Conn., (enter through the barber shop). She has done nice work for me & a friend. Her number is 301-565-8815. salem27104@starpower.net March 2007

Good tailor - Kim's Alterations at 4115 Wisconsin Avenue, 2nd floor. She is open Tues-Sat. (9:00 am - 7:00 pm, except Saturday, when she closes at 5:00pm). Mel Blecher December 2005

My cleaning establishment, Lee's Laundry, on Livingston St., NW off Connecticut Ave. did a great job of mending my cashmere sweater. They may have sent it out, I don't know. But it looks great and as I remember was not expensive. Susan Ellis December 2005

I would like to recommend a seamstress, Cathy Neston. Cathy made balloon valences for my dining room. She completed them on time and did an excellent job. I am happy to recommend her work. You can contact
Cathy at
cneston@netscape.net . Beth Mring bethmring@yahoo.com March 2007

I warmly recommend Carol Piwowarski (cpiwowarski@att.net) -- she's made curtains for us and her work is meticulous and elegant looking. She's an AU Park neighbour. Velliott@worldbank.org March 2007

The gentleman at Zips dry cleaners is great. He charged $8.00 to cut and hem men's pants. Jennifer Rose NK "mailto:jenrose1%40yahoo.com" \o "mailto:jenrose1@yahoo.com" jenrose1@yahoo.com March 2007

Try the shop on Wisc. Ave., east side, across from Roy Rogers, ~50 feet south of Van Ness in what looks like an apartment building, with an 18 inch square sign stuck in the ground. "Alterations" or some such. johnamoodydc@verizon.net March 2007

There is a tailor on the south end of Mt. Pleasant Street who is good, quick and inexpensive and it is next door to the Raven Bar & Grill. - Roy Stewart December 2005

We have been very happy with President's Valet, 4837 Wisconsin Ave. The adult daughter of the owner, Mr. Kim, has been doing alterations for us for years. She is a sweetheart and very diligently talented. I know you will be pleased. bmcdermottdds@aol.com April 2008

I use the seamstress at Palace Cleaners on Wisconsin Avenue. Joan Topalian jtopa62045@aol.com April 2008

We always take these types of projects to American Valet (next to Guapo's). Their seamstress consistently does fine work at reasonable cost, and she's very timely! Rosemary Chalk rchalk@nas.edu April 2008

The seamstress at President Valet (on Wisconsin between Davenport and Ellicott, across from the Volvo dealer) is excellent. She has made many repairs for us, including reweaving to fix a moth hole in a sport coat -- a job so good we can't even tell where the hole had been! Shari Pfleeger shari@pfleeger.com April 2008

I use a woman named Oh at the dry cleaners next to York Flowers. She fixes everything for me. Marjorie Dick Stuart mdickstuart@hagner.com December 2008

Jennifer Kim at Uptown Cleaners is the best seamstress I have ever been to. She is located across from the Uptown Theater close to the Cleveland Park metro.  Her work is perfect and the price is comparable to others in the area (she may cost a dollar or a bit more per piece but it is totally worth is). Julia Pergola Julia_pergola@yahoo.com December 2008

I highly recommend the seamstress (as well as the cleaners) at Presidential Valet cleaners on Wisconsin Ave in our neighborhood, right next to the demolished movie theater. I never had good luck with the Zips cleaners on Connecticut. Beth Haile INK "mailto:Elizabeth_haile@hotmail.com" Elizabeth_haile@hotmail.com December 2008

Teresa Campanaro on Connecticut right near the Zips Cleaners is reliable, reasonable and fast. No appointment necessary. Don't know if she does curtains, but she's good at the basic stuff. 4444 Connecticut Avenue, entrance on Albemarle. 244-8669 Her husband, Tony, has a one-man barber shop in front, she's in back. Dianne Fiumara Dianne@mindspring.com December 2008

They keep a list of local seamstresses at G Street Fabrics. Suggest you contact them. Kathy Smith ksmith1804@starpower.net December 2008


I highly recommend Bradley Ralph. He's excellent! You can reach him at 301/980-2852. Bari Biern Sedar biernmail@aol.com February 2009


I would like to recommend Joe Castle of Castle Home Improvements for any tile work; bathroom or kitchen remodels. He also does larger and more complex projects finishing off basements or adding additions. He is very reasonable and a craftsman. He is local, honest and a very hard working family man. He did work for both my mother in VA and my home in DC. His number is 240-620-8884. Jeff Phelps geekxport@gmail.com October 2009

My contractor, Mike Smith, is an excellent tile  craftsman.  He installed bathroom tile, a kitchen backsplash, and a  porcelain tile floor for me and put in a very extensive ceramic tile floor in my  friend's basement.  I
believe his prices are reasonable, and he is a  pleasure to work with in every way.  However, like every good contractor. He is very busy so you may have to be a little patient.  He's worth it. Contact him at 301 807 5240 or _woodsmith@frontiernet.net. Feel free to use my name.  Good luck, Lynne Heneson lheneson@aol.com October 2009

I used Silva Tile and Floors when we installed new tile in all three of our bathrooms. I found them meticulous, nice to deal with and reasonably priced. The co-owners name is Carlos Silva and the number is 240-375-9299. Cheers, Allyson diyfilms@gmail.com October 2009


We used Lindblad about 5 years ago. The response, arrangements, travel, sights, guides, ship, and fellow guests were outstanding. We also took the extension to Manchu Picchu which was equally great. Jack and Sylvia Benoit benoit@atlantech.net March 2008


We used Ace Tree Movers, 301-258-0008, to remove a 20 ft holly tree from our yard. They did an incredible job, very quick & cleaned up well. And, the best part is they did it for free, because they then turn around & sell the tree. Highly recommended. Karen & Dan Rosenthal kdrofwdc@mindspring.com

I want to thank all the folks who recommended tree service companies to take down our ash trees. Based on many suggestions, we ended up going with Anderson Tree Service, and they took down the trees on Monday and did a great job. The project got delayed by 40 days because we had to get a "Special Tree" permit from the city to cut down such old trees. The trees had to be assessed by an internationally certified arborist, who declared the trees a public safety hazard. Don Chen donchen@mac.com January 2007

Wayne Anderson at 301-926-6281. Laura Akgulian akgulian@ix.netcom.com

I recommend Rob Crangle for tree work and landscaping. He has worked for me and my next door neighbor many times. He is very reliable, thorough, competent, and polite and discusses the work carefully in
advance with a written reasonable estimate. I asked him to write the description of his service which is below:

CapRock Tree Service: Tree removal, pruning, fertilization, and establishment; landscaping services also available. ISA Certified Arborist. Licensed and insured. Available at 703-899-7577 or
trees@arborcare.org (www.arborcare.org). INK "mailto:pegsterdc@aol.com?Subject=%20Re%3Arecommendation%20for%20tree%20work%20and%20landscapingg" \o "mailto:pegsterdc@aol.com?Subject= Re:recommendation for tree work and landscapingg" pegsterdc@aol.com April 2007

It is spring and we are finally paying attention to our yard. Others of you may be doing the same, so I thought it might be helpful for me to let you know that for the past 5 years, I have used Economy Tree Care for tree trimming and removal. When I initially got estimates from multiple companies, Economy was by far the lowest. They have been reliable and their prices have remained reasonable. They can do basic landscaping as well such as planting trees and shrubs (they put down some sod for us and it has done beautifully). Economy Tree Care can be reached at: 301-654-5480 or 703-497-6588. I have worked with Olvidio, the owner. If you have any questions about them, feel free to contact me. Catherine Sheehan Bruno wbbruno@yahoo.com April 2007

I had a good experience with L&L Tree Service run by Kenny Lantinga 1-540-825-2164 or 1-540-825-4194. I did some background checking and had him get me copies of his insurance and bonding documents. It all checked out and his insurance was enough that if the tree had fallen and destroyed my house, it would be covered. Once the contract was signed and set, the crew arrived two minutes early and promptly did the job for slightly more than half the estimate of a well-known tree company that I had earlier considered. John Watson jwatson@american.edu

I no longer recommend L&L Tree Service (Kenny Lantinga). I was so unhappy with work he did for me that I reported him to the Better Business Bureau. Jeanine Black foamette@starpower.net January 2007

For anyone whose trees need work or removal, I recommend M&M Tree Service, owned by David Merritt, Jr. His rates are reasonable, his work is professional, he and his crew are polite and punctual. Phone free 877-520-1515. Kay McClenon kayandpaul@erols.com

We and our neighbors just split the cost of having their tree (which was very much overhanging our yard) trimmed. I highly recommend Tony Smith of Smitty's Tree Service. He was very tolerant of the frequent scheduling changes that were necessitated by working around four peoples' schedules and his work was quick and tidy. His number is 1-800-406-7147. amybnhoang@aol.com - May 2004

The best & most reasonable tree man that I've used for many years [I have a bunch of trees on a double lot and many friends & neighbors who use him] is Tony Smith of "Smitty's Tree Service." His number is 1-800-406-7147. He's insured and all that stuff, and his prices are great. Richard Bienvenue ourhous@bellatlantic.net

I have found that Woodacres does excellent work at very reasonable prices. Telephone 301-949-4100. Lesley Shneier Lshneier@worldbank.org

I just wanted to mention to the neighborhood that we had a huge tree removed from our back yard today and they did a superb job. It was Ferro's Tree Service. They also do stump removal, lot clearing, pruning and cabling. The number is 240-372-7177. Cell: 240-876-4560. Wendy Maiorana wendymaiorana@rcn.com December 2007

Paul Wolfe of integrated plant care, 301-881-8130. Jeffrey Fox 202-686-4155 jeffandf@aol.com July 2008


Here is a great recommendation for a tutor. Does your student need help with math, reading, study skills, homework and more? Certified teacher with Masters in Education can help. Full Time classroom teacher working with children who have learning disabilities. Travel included in cost of tutoring. $40.00 an hour. Call Colleen at 202-399-0041. Jennifer Rose jenrose1@yahoo.com

If anyone in the community is in need of a terrific tutor for their child, I would highly recommend Krayna Feinberg. She is an accomplished special-ed teacher who is available for tutoring sessions with kids in K-3 who are having difficulty keeping up in the classroom or who need a little more guidance outside the classroom. She has a Master's degree in special education, and has used a variety of reading programs, including

Phono-Graphix and Orton-Gillingham. She will tailor reading and math programs to the individual needs of the child and can work with your child's teacher/school to address specific issues. Krayna sees students during the

school year and can do intensive summer work as well. Her contact info is kraynaf@gmail.com. Carol Lynn Calomiris ccalomiris@calomirislaw.com May 2008


Yi's Custom Upholstery in Rockville - 301-770-3687, 12200 Parklawn Drive. Absolutely recommended - we have used 3 times, referred people - always happy. Has warehouse with tons of rolls of fabric, in addition to swatch books. Very good prices. Fast turn around, pickup & delivery when they say they will. Katherine Mitchell katherine.mitchell@USPTO.GOV June 2004

I recommend Rod Parson's Upholstery. 202-364-8522. He does a great job. Jenrose1@yahoo.com April 2009

I strongly recommend Yi's in Rockville for upholstering. They've done a number of chairs for me and I am very pleased with their work. They have an impressive selection of fabrics. Their phone number is 301-770-3687. They'll also pick up and deliver. Kathy Smith ksmith1804@starpower.net April 2009

I have also used Rod for a challenging upholstery job using two fabrics and he did a fabulous job! He wasn't fast, but he was meticulous-a real craftsman. Kate McLynn kdmclynn@starpower.net May 2009

We have used Yi Upholstery in Rockville for an antique couch. The only other experience I have had with re-upholstery was in Philadelphia and the people did a terrible job. It wasn't done on time and I had to send it back. No problems like this with Yi. Sarah Morse morsekathan@gmail.com May 2009

We have used Rod Parson a few years ago. We very pleased. he is very good and very professional. Good luck. Britton and Alfred Chahine chahine1@mac.com May 2009

I saw a fellow list member mentioned Yi's, and I wanted to give another perspective. I used Yi's and although some of their work was good, they do not make it right when they make a mistake. When chair cushions they made were to the wrong size (they simply removed some of the stuffing to "fix" it, which did not work.) Also, they did not return cushions I provided as an example of the size/style I wanted in a different fabric, even though we specifically said we needed the cushions back. They became irate when I asked them to replace the missing cushions and, without provocation, basically said to sue them. I would never use them again - their work is uneven and they do not stand behind their work. - Elizabeth girlxdc@yahoo.com May 2009

I too, had a very bad experience with Yi's....but didn't respond last week b/c of the old phrase, "if you can't say anything good, then don't say anything at all". However, since Elizabeth has weighed in, I felt I should also do so. I brought 4 antique dining chairs to Yi's about 2 years ago, for re-upholstery of the seats and backs. They gouged and scratched the wood all over when they stapled in the new fabric.  When I complained, they were quite harsh and accusatory with me, saying the chair scratches were there to begin with. When I showed them pictures that I had taken from the auction (when I bought them) without the scratches, this still did not persuade them, and they wanted another $200 per chair to refinish them. Nothing seemed to convince them to "make this right". I'm in the design field, so fellow designer recommended "Spicer's" in Alexandria. They touched up all the scratches, for less than Yi's price, and my chairs now look great. My recourse was to give Yi's a scathingly bad review in "checkbook.org" and vow never to use them again. S. Aaron svia1111@yahoo.com May 2009


We used Aquaguard, and they did a good job. They were not the least expensive, but, they seemed to know their stuff. I don't recall the exact details of the warranty, but it was as good as or better than others. Before the waterproofing, we had LOTS of water in our small basement. We haven't had any since. deborahlynne89@yahoo.com May 2005

Check out B-DRY also. We used this company and were satisfied. Many of our neighbors have also used B-Dry. Constantia Dedoulis dedoulis@law.edu May 2005

I wanted to recommend AquaGuard for anyone looking for a professional firm to assess a wet basement. Their representative came to my house for a free and thorough assessment; identified my problem; told me that the "fix" wouldn't require his services (which start at $3,500), and made an excellent referral for someone who could do the work at a much, much smaller price. br.hurley@verizon.net November 2005

We've been in our house in Tenleytown for 23 years. 20 years ago we hired B-Dry to help us with a wet basement and it has been dry ever since. They installed a French drain system, put in a new sump pump as

I recall and guaranteed the work for the life of the company which is still going strong. We would hire them again if necessary, but so far it hasn't been. You can check them out online under B-Dry Systems or

Basement Waterproofing systems. Kay Springwater rkspringwater@starpower.net July 2009

Before you have work down inside the house, I strongly recommend that you have a qualified company look at what's happening outside your house. I had good luck several years ago, when I had a wet basement problem, with Turf Center Lawns in Spencerville, MD; telephone: 301-384-9300. Despite their name, they looked at where the water from my roof and my neighbor's roof was going, how the land around the house sloped, etc. They fixed my problem by putting in a few window wells so that they could build up the soil immediately around the house. They covered the new soil with turf and made sure that the roof water ended up farther away from the walls of the house. It wasn't all that expensive and it did the trick. Kathy Smith ksmith1804@starpower.net December 2008


Try Blaine's Windows in Silver Spring. The phone number is on this list. Kathy Smith ksmith1804@starpower.net April 2007

RE: Blaine Window Repair - Perhaps they are OK for replacement, but I used them for a repair, and I was extremely disappointed. jodygoodman@tenleytown@yahoogroups.com January 2007

I highly recommend Blaine Windows - they are in Silver Spring. They service and replaced my windows in my old house and they installed new basement windows in my new house as well as putting in a screen door with a cat door. Stacey Marien@tenleytown@yahoogroups.com October 2005

We had windows installed by Capital Investments/Improvements 301-699-6161 and were very pleased. Work was completed on six windows in a matter of hours and the windows work beautifully. The cost was reasonable. JenNielsen007@aol.com

I want to thank you all for the numerous recommendations for fixing our 1918-era double-hung windows. I'm happy to report that our windows now slide up (and stay up) and down, complete with counterweight chains instead of broken cords. We finally went with Chevy Chase Repairs, 301 951 6138. Amari, the magician who did the work, quoted $70 per window (both sides, lower sash) inclusive of everything. I call him a magician because it is impossible for me to even detect whether he had to remove the molding (I wasn't home at the
time). The job was perfect. No repainting needed. He responded promptly, came when he said he would, and charged what he said he would. Needless to say, he has a new fan. Steve Ray May 2007

We had our windows replaced by Pella/KC Windows in Bethesda. The sales person was Yetta Rushford 240-508-7203. They did a good job. Gail Rebhan grebhan@starpower.net

I'd recommend getting window replacements through PEPCO. They're a bit expensive, but they're fast and extremely professional, and the windows are wonderful and high-quality and look wonderful. Josh Mendelsohn Josh@ElliMend.com October 2004

I heartily recommend Quality Windows and Doors, Inc. Unlike the three other firms we contacted, the salesman put on no pressure, answered questions honestly and readily, the price was the best of the four, and the workers did the job well and replaced all the windows in our house (13 of them!) in one day. - Boris Weintraub December 2005

We used Renewal by Anderson for window replacements. The people who installed them were amazingly efficient, able, quick and tidy - a tremendous contrast to many of our home maintenance experiences. And we really like our windows. Email me if you'd like to take a look. Johanna Turner joturner@speakeasy.net July 2004

Try Jose Vallejo 966-4771. dbedc@aol.com - November 2004

Window Bars: I sell windows for Pella and always have my customers use a guy named Tom Earing who works for Federal City Iron. You can reach Tom at 202-438-3237. Michael Weisberg 202-285-8798

mweisberg@kc-pella.com February 2007

You should call Hallmark Windows - 1-888-658-3574 or www.hallmarkwindows.com. They did 2 houses for us and we were very pleased - so pleased, in fact, that my father in law now works for them selling windows, gutters, siding, etc! Their prices are reasonable and the products are excellent. Good luck! Mimi Dennis mimidennis@yahoo.com December 2007

I had an excellent experience with Richard Sledz at Thermo Prime Co. (703)642-8855. Cell: (703) 626 - 2244. He replaced about 18 windows in my house about two years ago and everything has been great. I thought the price was fair and the workmanship was excellent. And he took the time to explain the different options. Feel free to mention my name. Joel Rappoport joelrapp@yahoo.com December 2007

We just replaced 25 original (1910) double hung windows with Pella windows and it's wonderfully snug and good looking. Not cheap, but the service was excellent. Our salesman, with whom we were VERY pleased is:

Michael Weisberg, Replacement Sales Specialist, 2005 and 2006 Presidents Club National Award Winner, Pella Windows and Doors, KC Company, Inc., 7613 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda, MD 20814, 202-285-8798, 301-654-9795 - Fax; mweisberg@kc-pella.com; www.kc-pella.com Pamela Nash pnash@aacc.org December 2007

I can HIGHLY recommend All Four Seasons Col. They just replaced all our ancient windows with new energy-efficient double-hung windows and they did a great job at a sensational price. The house is already warmer and quieter! The gentleman who handled our contract is Phil Zlotnick. His number is 301-580-9399.

Please give him a call. You won't be disappointed. Bari Sedar sedarmail@aol.com December 2007

We just replaced 22 original windows. We looked at all sorts of types, brands of windows including Marvin, Pella and a number of vinyl windows. There are lots of windows at various prices - some of the less-expensive vinyl ones are not finished very well, seem flimsy. We eventually went with the Anderson Renewal line, which are not vinyl but a recycled material. Anderson is advertising this line heavily (see coupon with TV section in Post on Sundays - Post Home section on Thursdays. To see a selection of manufacturers and styles, try Wheaton Window and Door or The Window Man in Fairfax. When replacing windows, also consider having the exterior trim "cladded:" with aluminum - never paint again. Finally, be sure the installer will remove the pulleys over which the ropes/chains run, then open up the pockets on the original windows which give access to the iron weights, remove the weights and stuff the pocket with insulation, before installing the new windows. The Anderson installation installed our 22 windows in one day including the exterior cladding. We haven't had these in long enough to determine the extent of fuel savings, but the house is much quieter, there are no old storm windows rattling and the house seems to hold heat longer. In late 2005 we had done a total replacement (frame and all) of two big windows in our den (equivalent of five double hung windows). There we used Marvin - custom built to size and installed by their mechanics. Those have made a substantial difference in comfort and heat retention. Jim Greene, Windom Place jpgreene@erol.com December 2007

We just used Rockville Windows to replace old windows in our house. We were very pleased with the workmanship. Jo Levine joannelevine@earthlink.net June 2008

Chevy Chase Window Repair (Mr. Fathi Amari) does beautiful work. Just replaced 32 sash cords in our 68-year-old house and did the job so meticulously that you would never know he had been there. And at a very

reasonable price. He can be reached at 301-951-6138 or 240-413-4207 (cell). Tom Bethell tombethell@gmail.com October 2008

I can HIGHLY recommend All Four Seasons. They replaced all our windows and also did the siding and shutters on our house. The price was great and the work was excellent. The gentleman who handled our contract is Phil Zlotnick. His number is 301-580-9399. Please give him a call. You won't be disappointed. Bari Sedar biernmail@aol.com May 2009

I had my 1926 windows replaced by Anderson Renewal about 4 years ago and they are great. Wood, like Pella, eventually warps. Vinyl, like Pepco, look and are cheap. Anderson renewal are made of a wood composite that looks like wood and can be drilled and painted like wood. Hope this helps. Don Vater dvater4547@aol.com August 2009


I use "We do Windows," at 301 946-3697. Willie Schatz willie@his.com

I would like to recommend Kirk Weaver at 301-762-5496 or 301-774-7258. Wanda Avila wavila@synpub.com

Window Washers at 337-0351. Fred and Betty Bullock fabullock@erols.com

I've used Old Dominion for years. They do an excellent job and they're punctual. 703-569-2000 Janet Bachman jbachman47@gmail.com March 2008

We've used I&J Services, 301 933-2598. They are also excellent for roof gutter cleaning - reliable service and reasonable prices. Andrew Strasfogel squasher@starpower.net March 2008

For window washers we have used Window Washers Etc. for several annual window cleanings and have found them excellent, efficient, courteous, and reasonably priced. You can reach them at 202-337-0351 or 301-493-8239. Ron Springwater rkspringwater@starpower.net March 2008

A fellow singer in my chorus (a Tenor!) is in the window-washing business. Although he's based in Takoma Park, he likes working in Tenleytown. His name is Philip Bregstone of Dr. Glass Window Washing. Nice guy, and if his window washing is half as good as his singing, our windows will sparkle! His telephone is

301-588-6533; email is Philip@DocGlass.Com Ann Ingram anningram@mac.com May 2008

We have used I&J Services Inc to clean our windows for several years. I found them thru this listserv. They are quick, do a nice job, don't make a mess and are reliable. We have been in the house when they are here. Their phone number is 301.933.2598 lenkind@mail.nih.gov July 2008

Mark Dosch of Wizard Window Washers has always done a great job for us on window washing and also gutter cleaning. I recommend him highly. His number is 202-462-3103. Mary Ann Ryan maryannryan@starpower.net July 2008

I&J have done very good work for us at a reasonable price. Their phone is 301-933-2598. John_a_mccarthy@yahoo.com July 2008

I can recommend Mark Haynes for window washing. He has been cleaning the windows on my house for many years. He comes promptly and does a good job. His phone number is 301-294-3353. hbogorad@comcast.net July 2008

I have had wonderful success with windows with Carlos Medina at 240-277-0561. Barbara Dinsmore barbaradinsmore@msn.com July 2008